Troubleshoot 7 Bellsouth Email Login Issues With This Comprehensive Guide

Well-known for offering its wireless services, cable, and digital television as well as the internet and communication services to people in more than 18 countries, BellSouth is a renowned American firm. In relation to the same, what is mostly the talk of the town is none other than its popular webmail service that has all the latest features and functions that an ideal email service should have. 

This prominent company is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc. and because of this, the user interface of Bellsouth email has improved even more after collaborating with the AT&T telecom giant. But, despite all the awesome benefits, Bellsouth is far from being completely error-free. Every now and then, different errors can arise in ‘Bellsouth Email’ causing problems for the users such as ‘ email not working’ and the most prominent out of all is the issue related to log in.

So, if you’re one of the many users who are facing the Bellsouth mail login problems then, worry not as in this post, today we’ve discussed all the possible ways through which you can easily resolve login problems of your Bellsouth email account. However, before we begin, it’s vitally important for us to tell you for your understanding and help about the reasons behind why you’re encountering difficulties in login. Let’s take a look at the following below-mentioned reasons that cause Bellsouth email login issues:

Factors That Lead To BellSouth Email Login Issues

Reason 1: There might also be a possibility that your internet connection is slow which is causing the login issues.
Reason 2: The server of your Bellsouth email service might be down.
Reason 3: You might be typing the wrong password while login into the Bellsouth email.
Reason 4: Due to your busy and hectic schedule, you have forgotten your Bellsouth email account’s Password or someone has hacked your account and changed the password.
Reason 5: The web browser from where you’re trying to log in to your Bellsouth email account has gone out-dated or it contains a lot of cache and cookies.
Reason 6: Your Windows Firewall and Antivirus security settings are interfering or blocking with the Bellsouth email server.
Reason 7: Your in-properly configured Bellsouth email account is not letting your sign-in.

Though the numbers of reasons are endless, these aforementioned are the most common possibilities behind the occurrence of Bellsouth email login problems. Now, as you’ve got enough information about the Bellsouth login issue that you’ve encountered, let’s jump forward to the central objective of this blog which is “how to fix Bellsouth email login problems.” So, have all your attention right here:

Reason 1: Internet Connection Issue:

Solution: You need to make sure in advance whether your internet connection is steady and you’re getting the high internet speed or not. But, as you have already encountered the log in the issue you’re your Bellsouth email account therefore now, all you can do is, before any further login attempt checks about your internet connection and if required, disconnect your current network connection from Wi-Fi and try connecting it with another strong network. Also in this matter, try resetting the Internet and to do so—

  • Press the ‘Windows Start Menu’ button and from it, select the ‘Control Panel’ option in order to open it. Then, click on the ‘Internet’ option inside the control panel.
  • Further click on the ‘Advanced Tab’ to simply select the ‘Reset’ option and click on the ‘OK’ button to reset the internet connection that your computer is connected to.

Reason 2: Bellsouth Net Email Server Outage Issue:

Solution: It might be possible that when the server of your Bellsouth email domain is down, you find yourself unable to log in to your Bellsouth account. So, it is a prerequisite to check the server of Bellsouth email whenever there a problem with Bellsouth email, via these steps—

  • Open your web browser and from there, visit any of the below-given website:
  • Once you’ve reached either of the sites, look for ‘AT&T BellSouth Email Service’ name and click on it. Alternatively, you can type ‘AT&T Bellsouth.Net’ in the search box and hit the ‘Enter’ button to know the status of its server. 
  • That’s it! If it shows ‘Server is down’ then, contact the local administrator for help.’ Otherwise, move on to apply other solutions.

Reason 3: Entering Incorrect Login Credentials Issue:

Solution: If, in a hurry, you’ve entered the wrong or incorrect login credentials of your Bellsouth account then also, you find yourself unable to access your email account. So, for the time being, avoid this human tendency for making sure that—

  • You’re entering the right password of your Bellsouth account and that too slowly & steadily. 
  • You’re not simply copying and pasting your password as it can create the possibility of adding ‘Space’ in front and in the end of your password. 
  • Along with that, you should be wisely using the ‘capital letters, small letters and special symbols’ while typing your password.

Reason 4: Forgotten Your BellSouth Account’s Password or Account Got Hacked Issue:

Solution: The best instant solution to fix the Bellsouth login issue is to reset your password by performing the following steps—

  • Launch your web browser to open the Bellsouth (AT&T) sign-in page. You can open the same also by clicking here.
  • As soon as you reach the page, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link to further direct yourself on to the ‘Account Recovery Page.’
  • There, you will be asked to verify yourself as the rightful owner of the same Bellsouth email account that you’re trying to recover. Thus, for verification purposes, select the radio button which is next to the password option.
  • After doing so, what you need to do is enter the ‘User ID and Last Name’ that are associated with your Bellsouth email account, in the given space.
  • Note:  Avoid tick-marking on the ‘Save User ID’ option in case you’re not using a trusted device.
  • Now, you’ll be prompted to enter the ‘Captcha code’ in the required space and once you’re done entering the same, click on the ‘Continue’ button to reach to the next window.
  • There, you’ll get the following three options to choose from in front of you for resetting your Bellsouth account’s password
    1. I will answer my security question
    2. Send me a temporary password
    3. Send me a code on the registered phone number or email address.
  • To continue further, apply the steps as per the option that you’ve selected such as—
  • If you’ve selected the 1st option to answer your security question then, answer it correctly to simply reach on the ‘Password Reset Page.’ There, set a new password for your Bellsouth account.
  • If you wish to simply receive the temporary password then, select the 2nd option to receive the temporary password on your Bellsouth email ID. Copy-paste the temporary password to enter it on the ‘Password Reset Page.’
  • And, if you prefer option 3rd of receiving the code via SMS on your phone number then, select the same and copy the received code to paste in the given space to further navigate to the ‘Password Reset Page.’ There, enter a new password for your Bellsouth email account.
  • In the end, go back to the sign-in page of email i.e., AT&T Sign-in page and try login to your account with the password that you’ve recently set.

Reason 5: Web Browser Issues:

Solution: Sometimes web browsers play a key role in login issues with the emails services so do the best you can to optimize the obsolete web browser that you’re currently using such as—

  • Clear the Cache and Cookies of Your Web Browser: Until and unless your browser is not optimized, it will again and again create problems with the email client you access from it. Thus, optimize your browser which is full of ‘Cache and Cookies’ via ‘Browser’s Settings> Security and Privacy > Clear Browsing Data.’ In continuation, also reset your browser by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab from the browser’s settings and selecting the ‘Reset and Clean up’ button.
  • Update Your Web Browser: As suggested, always use the latest version of your web browser to login into Bellsouth email so that if there’s some malfunctioning in the web browser you’re using, the latest update ensures its proper functioning, again. So, in order to keep your system up to date—
  • Press the ‘Windows Logo Key’ and click on the ‘All Programs’ option.
  • From it, choose the ‘Windows Update’ option and then, select ‘Automatically download Windows Update’ option.
  • After selecting the same, your O.S. will itself download the latest update and prompt you to just follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest downloaded update.
  • And, Try Removing the Plugins and Extension from Your Web Browser:  They are often corrupted and thus, can corrupt your web browser as well. Thus, to fix this problem, try removing the same of your browser via these steps—
  • Open the ‘Menu’ of your browser and choose the option of ‘More Tools.’ Then, from the more tools, choose the ‘Extensions’ option to open the same.
  • There, check if there is a tick-mark in front of the ‘Enabled’ option or not.
  • If yes then, uncheck the ‘Enabled’ checkbox to disable the add-on extension. You can even click on the ‘Trash’ icon next to the extension which you want to delete.
  • After that, click on the ‘Disable’ link under the plugin that you want to disable.
  • Now, repeat the aforementioned step for other add-ons until and unless you disable the one which got an issue to ensure if this fixes the login issue of your Bellsouth account.
  • That’s it! In the end, leave that one disabled and enable the rest. 

Reason 6: Security Program Interrupting/Blocking Bellsouth.Net Email Issue:

Solution: Sometimes, your security programs like your Window Defender and the Windows Firewall settings can act as one of the culprits behind the log in issue. So, it’s better to turn them off till when you’re encountering a login issue with your email account, and to do so—

Temporary Disable Windows FirewallTemporary Disable Windows Defender
  • Click on the ‘Windows Start Menu’ to open the ‘Windows Control Panel.
  • ’ 
  • From control panel, select the ‘Windows Firewall’ option.

  • Under it, click on ‘Turn off Windows Firewall Setting’ option to disable the same from conflicting with BellSouth email.
  • From ‘Windows Settings’ head towards the ‘Update & Security’ option.
  • From update & security, select the ‘Windows Security’ option as well as the ‘Virus and Threat Protection’ option.
  • Under it, simply click on the ‘Toggle Switch’ to turn off the protection of the available antivirus from conflicting with BellSouth email.

Reason 7: Incorrect Configuration Issue:

Solution: Email problems can also arise in your email account that you’ve configured on third-party applications like Outlook, Mailbird, and Thunderbird, etc. It may be because you’ve wrongly configured your account on any of these apps. Thus, it is necessary to do the following—

  • Try opening your Bellsouth email account using a webmail browser as a test to know whether you’ve actually configured Bellsouth in a third-party app incorrectly or not. 
  • Configure your account again using ‘IMAP account type’ server settings of your Bellsouth email instead of using POP3 server settings.
Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:
Incoming Server Port Number: 993
Outgoing Server Port Number: 465 or 587

That’s all! We hope that one of the above-discussed solutions for troubleshooting the ‘Bellsouth Login Issues’ will definitely help you resolve the same completely.


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