Top 10 Solutions to Bellsouth.Net Email Not Working Error

Like any other popular and well-known email domain, Bellsouth webmail service also encounters various types of issues be it Bellsouth login not working, Bellsouth not able to send emails, Bellsouth not able to receive emails, Bellsouth email not loading and so on.  So, despite being an outstanding email service that aims to provide a hassle-free experience to all its users (scattered all across the globe), it becomes challenging at times.

Thus, today we’ve thought to cater this blog particularly on how the Bellsouth users can effectively deal with the ‘Bellsouth.Net Email Not Workingproblems that include the above-said type of major issues.  Therefore, instead of just wondering what happened to my email, just buckle up and give it a shot to the following below-mentioned solutions otherwise this wide range of ‘Bellsouth not working’ issues can really hamper your work.

Note: Below you’ll notice that this troubleshooting guide is according to AT&T email but let us tell you that they’re completely applicable for Bellsouth email. It is because AT&T Inc. has acquired Bellsouth and thus, Bellsouth email service is now a part of AT&T email.

However, before moving on to the solution guide, look at these prerequisites that you need to fulfill in advance:

  • First and foremost, ensure that all the latest system updates are installed properly in your device
  • Then, make sure that your device is connected with a strong internet connection. 
  • After that, run a scan for your system to verify that it is not infected with any virus or malware.
  • In continuation, make sure there is no issue in your browser that you mostly used to access your Bellsouth email.
  • Also, free-up some space on your device, if it is running out of the same.
  • Last but not least, if using ‘Email app’ to access your Bellsouth email, make sure it is up to date.

Now, you’re completely prepared to perform the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to get rid of the ‘ email not working issue. So, let’s get started:

Troubleshoot Bellsouth Email Not Working Issues With These 10 Common Solutions

Solution 1: Check Server

This is a prerequisite that you must check your ATT Bellsouth email service server in the first place to know whether a server is a culprit or not. Most probably, in the ‘Bellsouth email not loading issue’ server outage plays a crucial role. Thus, check the server of your Bellsouth email by visiting websites like ‘’ and searching for Bellsouth email using its search bar. 

After that, the website will let you know whether the Bellsouth Mail account server is down or not. However, if it is down then, visit another site ‘’ to let yourself know whether it is just for you or for everyone else because if the email server is down for everybody then, you have to just wait till Bellsouth itself resolves its server issue.

Solution 2:  Turn off Security Programs

There are chances that your real-time protection antivirus and your Windows Firewall might be blocking or interfering with the process of sending and receiving ATT Bellsouth emails. Therefore, to stop their blockade or interference, it is a recommended solution that you should disable them on a temporary basis from your device. 

Solution 3: Remove Browser Add-Ons

It can be possible that some computer programs like the ‘Browser add-ons’ might prevent your ‘ATT Bellsouth text toolbar’ from working leading to problems related to not sending and receiving Bellsouth emails. Thus, it is necessary to remove the program interference error to fix the ‘not able to send Bellsouth emails’ issue by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies via ‘Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear data.’  After that, login into your Bellsouth email account to check whether you’ll now be able to send emails or not. 

(Note: To know in detail, refer to our previous blog)

Solution 4: Recover Bellsouth User ID and Password

Not only due to some technical glitch, but you can also face the ‘Bellsouth login not working’ issue due to the possibility that someone has hacked your account and changed its login credentials. Thus, you might be able to solve the ‘Bellsouth email login not working’ problem simply by recovering your password and User ID.

  • Visit the official ‘AT&T Sign-in Page’ using this link
  • There, click on the ‘Forgot User ID’ link to open a ‘recovery page.’
  • On the page, you need to select the option of ‘User ID and Password.’
  • Then, enter your contact email/recovery email as well as the ‘Captcha code’ as in the required fields.
  • To continue, hit the ‘Continue’ button and choose a convenient option from the available options to receive the ‘Bellsouth User ID.’
  • After that, enter the received ‘User ID’ in the specified column to further move on to choose the option to ‘Reset Bellsouth Password.’

(Note: To know how to reset Password with all the options, refer to our previous blog that completely deals with all the possible Bellsouth login issues)

  • Then, login to your Bellsouth account with the password that you’ve recently changed.
  • That’s it! Once the recovery of your ‘User ID and Password’ is complete, you no longer will be facing ‘BellSouth email login not working’ issue.

Solution 5: Check Browser Compatibility

 Sometimes, the reason behind not able to exchange emails can be the incompatibility issue of your browser with your email account. Thus, it is suggested that you must check the compatibility of your browser and Bellsouth by accessing your email account on another browser. If on that browser, your email account starts receiving emails then, you need to update your previous browser from where you mostly access your Bellsouth email.

Solution 6: Check Block List

In case, compatibility is not an issue and the problem of not receiving as well sending Bellsouth emails still exists then, what best you can do is verify whether a user is unknowingly blocked by you or not. If yes, unblock it via ‘Junk Mail > Block Sender tab > Remove.’

Solution 7: Check Spam Folder

In case of not receiving emails, check your Bellsouth email inbox and try to find out whether the spam folder of your account is getting the mail instead of or not. If yes then, go to your email filter from Bellsouth email ‘Settings’ and simply delete such unnecessary filters that you’ve mistakenly created to solve the ‘Not receiving Bellsouth emails.’

Solution 8: Check for Space

Few a time, insufficient space can also lead to the Bellsouth email issue of not being able to exchange emails. So, to avoid this possibility as well, what you can do is delete all the unnecessary emails from your Bellsouth email account to free up some space.

Solution 9: Check Settings

It is also necessary to go through the ‘Forwarding’ settings of your Bellsouth account to make sure that they’re disabled. It is because, if they’re enabled then, the received Bellsouth emails were being forwarded to other email addresses.

Solution 10: Configure Bellsouth in Third-party Email Program

If nothing works and your Bellsouth account is still facing not working issues then, the last option left with you is to configure your account in any third-party email client program like Outlook and Thunderbird, etc. These programs are able to save you from various errors and issues that you might be facing while accessing your account on webmail. Therefore, to use your Bellsouth account without any hassle, configure the using its POP/IMAP server settings (refer to our previous blog). 

(Note: For better and smoother experience, configure only using IMAP server settings as it is highly recommendable by many due to the fact that it is considered an ideal way of retrieving webmail emails in third-party programs.)
That’s all! These 10 basic solutions will help you all in completely resolving the encountered ‘Bellsouth email not working’ issue that includes many major issues inside itself. 


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