Learn Step-by-Step How to Troubleshoot BellSouth Email Not Working on iPhone Issue

Have you configured your Bellsouth email account on your iPhone with having two motives in mind i.e., to avoid Bellsouth webmail issues (especially related to logging in) and to get access to your Bellsouth emails on one click but, instead of what you have thought, if your Bellsouth email is not working at all in your iPhone then, this is the guide that you all need right now to fix the same with the blink of an eye!

So, if you’re wondering why my Bellsouth email is not working on my iPhone then, let us tell you that the reason behind the occurrence of not working errorin your Bellsouth email is either due to the issue with your Apple device or with your Bellsouth account.

Thus, considering the same fact in mind, we’ve come out with this blog to present an effective guide in front of you that not only enlightens you about how to deal with your Apple device issues but at the same time how you can deal with your Bellsouth account issues as well. So, without wasting any further second, let’s get started to troubleshoot both of them—

List of Reasons for Apple Device Issues

If the problem is with your Apple device then, these are the list of reasons that might be hampering the working of Bellsouth email service:

  1. You’re using an older or corrupted version of your iOS device.
  2. Your iPhone may not be connected properly with strong or stable internet connection.
  3. Any third-party apps available on your iPhone may be interfering/blocking your Bellsouth email account effectively.
  4. You could be running out of storage space for Bellsouth emails on your iPhone. 
  5. Or, you might have added Bellsouth on the iPhone with some wrong account details.

List of Reasons for Bellsouth Account Issues

On the contrary, if the problem is with your Bellsouth account itself then, the following is the list of reasons that might be creating the problem in the rightful working of the Bellsouth email service:

  1. You may be using incorrect or wrongly-typed username and password combinations while signing in to your Bellsouth email account.
  2. Your Bellsouth account might have got compromised completely.
  3. You have forgotten your Bellsouth login credentials due to your busy or hectic schedule.
  4. Maybe the server of your Bellsouth email service is down.
  5. Or you might have configured Bellsouth on the iPhone with wrong server settings.

Now, as you’ve got enough understanding of the possible factors/reasons that lead to the ‘Bellsouth not working on iPhone’ error, the time has come to immediately get rid of these above-listed ill-factors for the main motive of troubleshooting ‘Bellsouth.net not working on iPhone’ error:

Troubleshoot Apple Device Issues

Solution for Reason 1: Update iOS System

To update your iPhone system what you need to do is navigate from the ‘Settings’ option and ‘General Tab’ to the ‘Software Update’ section. Inside it, simply tap on the ‘Download and Install’ option to update your iPhone with the latest version. However, if you suspect that your system is malfunctioning then, before applying the above-listed steps, repair all your system’s errors by using this recommended tool ‘iMyFone Fix Ppo.’

Solution for Reason 2: Enable Cellular Network

It is necessary to let your Bellsouth Mail use the cellular network of your iPhone because you never know when your Wi-Fi disconnects from your phone. Thus, enable cellular network data access for your Bellsouth Mail via ‘Settings > Cellular > Mail.’ Inside the ‘Mail Tab’ check if the slider is turned to green or not and if not, then enable the same to avoid issues of lost internet connectivity.

Solution for Reason 3: Disable/Uninstall Third-Party Apps (if any)

First and foremost disable any third-party available program/ application on your iPhone for the time being that might be blocking or interfering with your Bellsouth email and then, with the help of an antivirus application, simply get the malware and virus removed (if any) from your iOS system.

Solution for Reason 4: Fee-up Some Space

To clear up some space on your iPhone, you need to remove the unwanted cache via ‘Settings > General Tab > iPhone Storage.’ Inside the iPhone storage tab, scroll down to the list of apps available on your iPhone and tap on ‘Mail App’ along with ‘Offload App’ to finally clear these apps’ caches. 

Solution for Reason 5: Remove and Re-add Bellsouth Email Account

Simply, remove and re-add the account via ‘Settings > Mail, Calendar & Contacts > Accounts > List of Accounts.’ From the list of accounts, tap on the Bellsouth account, choose the ‘Remove’ button, and then add the account again. To do so, tap on the ‘Add Mail Account’ option from the ‘Accounts’ option and just enter the details associated with your Bellsouth email account. (Precisely with the same steps that you used earlier.)

Troubleshoot Bellsouth Account Issues

Solution for Reason 1: Enter Password Carefully

It might be possible that, in a hurry, you’ve entered the password of your Bellsouth email account incorrectly. Therefore, take it as a recommendation that you should type your password slowly and steadily along with taking extra care of the ‘Upper and lowercase letters’ as all passwords are case-sensitive. Also, avoid copy-pasting your password because it ‘Space’ also gets copied in the beginning and in the end of your actual password.

Solution for Reason 2 & 3: Reset Bellsouth Account Password

No matter if you have forgotten your password or someone has hacked your account and changed it, you can apply the following steps in both cases—

  • To reset password, visit the official login page of AT&T (as AT&T Corporation is now the parent company of Bellsouth) from Safari browser.
  • There, tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ link.
  • Then, provide your Bellsouth ‘User ID’ as well as ‘Last Name’ in the required field and tap on ‘Continue.’
  • After that, select ‘Security Question’ as the method of password recovery and answer the same correctly.
  • In the end, enter (twice) a new password for your Bellsouth account and tap on ‘Save’ changes.
  • Now, go back to your iPhone’s Mail app and login to your Bellsouth account with the password that you’ve recently changed.

Solution for Reason 4:  Check Bellsouth Email Server

To know if the Bellsouth Mail server is down or not is simply by signing in to your Bellsouth email account from your iPhone web browser i.e., Safari. 

To be precise, if you can access your Bellsouth email account without any error then, there’s no server issue and if you received ‘500-error’ then, it is clear that the Bellsouth server is down. 

Solution for Reason 5:  Check the Bellsouth Email Configuration Settings

For the proper working of Bellsouth email on iPhone, cross-check the configuration settings that you’ve entered with the following below-given correct settings and if required navigate from ‘Settings > Mail Menu > Accounts > Bellsouth Email Account > Account Information’ to change the ‘recent 2019 Bellsouth email settings for iPhone’ accordingly—

Bellsouth IMAP Settings for iPhone
Incoming Mail Server SettingsOutgoing Mail Server Settings
Incoming Server Host Name:  imap.mail.att.netOutgoing Mail Server Host Name: smtp.mail.att.net
Incoming Mail server port: 993Outgoing Mail server port: 465
Use SSL: YesUse SSL: Yes
Bellsouth POP Settings for iPhone
Incoming Mail Server SettingsOutgoing Mail Server Settings
Incoming Server Host Name: pop.mail.att.netOutgoing Mail Server Host Name: smtp.mail.att.net
Incoming Mail server port: 995Outgoing Mail server port: 465
Use SSL: YesUse SSL: Yes

How to Fix If BellSouth is Not Working on Mac

When we are discussing the “Bellsouth not working” issue on Apple products, excluding the Mac devices would be injustice. Hence, if you are struggling to use Bellsouth email account on your mac devices, we have a complete recovery process for you, read on below.

Reasons why Bellsouth is not working on Mac device

  1. Poor or insufficient internet connection
  2. Your Mac’s operating system is outdated.
  3. Mac devices are affected by virus and malicious threats.
  4. Bellsouth email program is not configured properly.
  5. Your browser consists of cookies and cache.

Whether you are aware of the reason or not, finding a solution is necessary. Therefore, we are providing you with most-effective methods so that you can avoid inconvenience you are facing by troubleshooting the “Bellsouth is not working” issue.

Solutions to Bellsouth is not working on Mac

  1. Make sure that your device has a popper internet connection so that you can get adequate data supply.
  1. Check your browser for an issue and fix it by cleaning cache, cookies, history and other stored data. Then, restart your browser.
  1. Update your Mac OS to the updated version to fix Bellsouth email issues on Mac devices.
  1. Enable Java Script for the browser you are using on your Mac device.
  2. You can try switching between different browsers if your default one is creating issues.

That’s all! We hope that the above-mentioned solutions will help you get rid of the ‘Bellsouth.net email not working on iPhone’ issue completely.


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