Quick Workarounds to Fix ‘Bellsouth.Net Not Working with Outlook’ Issue

In spite of that, you’ve recently configured your Bellsouth email account in the Outlook email client, if you’re experiencing  ‘not working’ issues and are wondering about ‘How to make Bellsouth Email work with Outlook’ then, stop thinking and read out this entire blog to get the answer to the same.

To begin, let’s have a look at the reasons/factors that lead to the occurrence of the “Bellsouth.Net Not Working with Outlook” issue that we’re specifically discussing today in this blog. 

Top-5 Reasons behind Outlook Not Working with Bellsouth Email

Well, you’re likely to experience ‘Outlook Not Working with Bellsouth Email’ or ‘Bellsouth.Net Not Working with Outlook’ due to the following main 5 reasons—

  • You might have configured your Bellsouth.net email account using its incorrect ‘IMAP/ POP and SMTP’ server settings for Outlook. So, you need to set up Bellsouth email on Outlook again.
  • Maybe the server of Bellsouth email service is down.
  • The installed third-party antivirus and its firewall settings might be obstructing or interfering either with the Bellsouth email server or with the Outlook client.
  • Similarly, some extensions or add-ons also might be creating hindrances in the smooth function of your Outlook software.
  • Last but not least, if you’ve wrongly executed the steps of configuring your Bellsouth.net email in Outlook email client then, also such an issue occurs!

Now, taking these reasons into account, below we’ve mentioned the solutions for each listed reason or factor behind the “Bellsouth.Net Not Working with Outlook” issue. So, concentrate here to get the solution for that particular reason due to which you may have encountered the discussed issue—

Solution 1: Verify the Bellsouth Email Settings for Outlook 

Server settings of an email service play an important role in setting up an account in third-party email clients. With due respect to this fact, if you have encountered this ‘Bellsouth.net email account not working with Outlook’ problem then, there is probably a problem with your Bellsouth email account’s settings.  So, the first solution that you should try is to match whether you’ve entered the correct server settings during the configuration of your Bellsouth email account in Outlook or not with the one we’ve mentioned below: 

  • If you’ve selected the POP3 option from the ‘Account-type’ drop down menu during the configuration of your Bellsouth.net in Outlook then, match the ‘Bellsouth POP3 Settings’ with the following correct settings—
Incoming Mail Server SettingsOutgoing Mail Server Settings
Incoming Server Host Name: Enter pop.mail.att.netOutgoing Mail Server Host Name: Enter smtp.mail.att.net
Incoming Mail server port: Enter 995Outgoing Mail server port: Enter 465
Use SSL: YesUse SSL: Yes
  • Similarly, if you’ve selected the IMAP option while you’ve configured your Bellsouth.net email in Outlook then, match the ‘Bellsouth IMAP Settings’ with the following correct settings—
Incoming Mail Server SettingsOutgoing Mail Server Settings
Incoming Server Host Name: Enter  imap.mail.att.netOutgoing Mail Server Host Name: Enter smtp.mail.att.net
Incoming Mail server port: Enter 993Outgoing Mail server port: Enter 465
Use SSL: YesUse SSL: Yes

After matching the server settings that you’ve entered with the one given here, do the needful changes (in case if required) and then, check whether you’ve successfully resolved the encountered issue or not. If not, consider using Outlook in Safe Window mode.

Solution 2: Use Outlook in Safe-Window Mode

Running MS Outlook in Safe Window mode is definitely a way to deal effectively with the given issue of ‘Bellsouth email not working on Outlook.’ It is so because, in safe mode, no extension or add-on that you’ve enabled on your device will be able to interfere with the smooth functioning of the program. So, simply run Outlook in safe window mode with the following steps to possibly get rid of the issue.

  • In order to run MS Outlook in Safe window mode, first and foremost press both ‘Windows + R’ keys shortcut together.
  • By doing so, a ‘Windows Run Dialog Box’ will pop up on the screen right in front of you.
  • Now, what all you have to do is, enter ‘Outlook/SafeMode’ in the given space available inside that particular dialog box. 
  • Once you’re finished entering the same, hit the ‘Enter’ button to let your command execute successfully.

Well, now you’re all set to use Outlook in Safe Window Mode. So, without any delay, launch Outlook to ensure whether you still encounter any kind of ‘Outlook and Bellsouth Email Problems’ or not.

Unfortunately if yes then, maybe your Outlook client is unable to connect to the Bellsouth email server because it’s down. However, to ensure this ‘Outlook Cannot Connect to Bellsouth Email Server’ reason, move onto the next solution.

Solution 3: Check Status of Bellsouth Email Server

Server outage of an email service is very common and hence, it can be considered as one of the prominent reasons why the Outlook program cannot be able to connect with the server of Bellsouth email service.  So, in order to ensure whether Bellsouth down server is the actual culprit behind the ‘Bellsouth email not working in Outlook client’ issue or not, visit either of the following server-status checking websites— “‘Downdetector.in, or Outage.Report.”

From the status, if the server of Bellsouth email service seems to be down then, you need to further visit Isitdownforeveryoneorjustme.com website. This will show you whether the server is down for everybody, or it is just your area or locality where the Bellsouth email server is down. Well, in the former case, you’ve to just wait until and unless Bellsouth itself resolves its server issue. However, in the latter case, you’ve to contact your local network administrator for help in fixing the same.

Solution 4: Temporarily Disable Your Installed Third-Party Antivirus

You should check the antivirus that you’ve installed or that is by default available on your device to ensure that the same is not blocking or interfering with your Outlook application. Well, because at times, antivirus programs can interfere with other software programs. So, if that’s the case then, disable it on a temporary basis. This way the antivirus that you’ve installed on your device will stop interfering or creating hindrance in the smooth working of your Bellsouth email account in the Outlook program.

Solution 5: Remove and Re-Add Bellsouth Email Account in Outlook

Well, if none of the above-discussed solutions works in your favor then, try this effective method of removing and then, re-configuring your Bellsouth email account in Outlook.

Remove Bellsouth Email Account from OutlookRe-Add Bellsouth Email Account in Outlook
To do so, open the Outlook program on your respective device.Open its ‘Account Settings’
Then, click on its ‘File’ section to expand the filegroup.Click on the ‘Email Tab.’
From that select the option of ‘Account Settings.’ Select the “Manual setup or additional server types” checkbox from
‘Add New Account’ wizard box.
Inside the account settings section, click on the ‘Manage Profiles’ option.Hit the ‘Next’ button; reach onto the ‘Choose Service’ page. 
From the same, locate the ‘Show Profiles’ option and click on it to open the same.Click on the ‘Internet Email’ radio button. 
Under the show profiles section, select your ‘Bellsouth.net email account.’Again hit the ‘Next’ button, open the ‘Internet E-mail Settings’ window.
After doing so, click right on your Bellsouth email account.Enter the above-mentioned ‘Bellsouth Email Server Settings ‘
And, simply click on the ‘Remove’ button from the available contextual menu that appears on the screen. Click on ‘Test Account Settings 
So, this is how you have to remove your configured Bellsouth email account from the MS Outlook email client.
Now, move onto the adjacent section to learn about how you can correctly ‘Setup Bellsouth Email on Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, or 2010 versions’ in the right manner.
And, in the end, hit ‘Done.’

[Note: If you want to know the ‘Setup Bellsouth Email on Outlook’ process in more detail then, click on this link and visit another blog of ours.]

By doing so, all the minor glitches that may be stopping your Bellsouth email account from working properly in the Outlook email client will be fixed, and you’ll be able to use your Bellsouth account in Outlook without any further inconvenience while Log-in to your Bellsouth email account.

That’s it! With these workarounds, you can easily fix the ‘Bellsouth.Net Not Working with Outlook’ issue that you have encountered right after you ‘configured your Bellsouth email account with Outlook.’ 
Moreover, note that you can also consider applying these solutions even when you experience other issues like ‘Outlook Not Receiving Bellsouth Emails.’ Quite possibly, with these basic workarounds, you can get rid of that as well. 


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