How does Email Marketing Help in Re-Engaging Inactive Subscribers?

Email marketing is the best marketing channel and the number one asset, but in due course, the subscribers are prone to lose the energy of their own accord. Naturally, your email list will lose a bit of vitality after a while. But the sad part of email marketing campaigns in 2022 is that too many email marketers do not even have a plan to re-engage their subscriber base. While they have tirelessly built their email list with the help of high-value lead magnets and persuasive email capture forms, they now have a massive problem. Their email list is dead, meaning many of the list’s subscribers are “dead” email subscribers. It is a matter of concern, but there’s ample room to improve your engagement rates.

Although, reaching out to one of the best email marketing agencies can help your firm by giving you a rich experience with your emails. However, to curb this disturbing trend, we have some encouraging news for all as we have listed some of the practical tips to re-engage your inactive subscribers.

Revisit Your Content

It’s time to up your game and refresh specific content. Communicate effectively with new subscribers and invite them to sign up for your newsletter. Make them feel good and as a good host, send a welcome series of emails and then, post-purchase, send follow-up emails to give subscribers less space to go dormant. Ensure you have a better average email open rate with every change.

Make Sure Your Emails Apply to Them

Revamp your emails with relevant or engaging content. Instead of using the traditional approach to engage email leads, use this opportunity to grab their attention with relevant information. Providing great content can make a difference in your success rate.

Define Inactive Subscribers

Check for your type of inactive subscribers. Ensure to find out why this lead has not responded or acted on any email sent. Considering the reason for their inactiveness can help you fill the loop in your email marketing strategy and help you engage your new subscribers, thus saving massive losses in engagement and revenue.

Trim your Email List

After analyzing your inactive email list, it is time to come to a conclusion and trim your email list. Instead of wasting money and resources on inactive people, develop new plans to target new ones and get better open rates. Send an email first and ask if they are interested in staying subscribed, and after receiving the responses, delete the rest from the list who don’t care.

Rebuild the Relationship

To engage email subscribers, come up with multiple lists and segment your subscribers as per their location, interests, age, or sex. Send an information email for every list and rebuild the relationship with your inactive subscribers. You can also send a personalized sales pitch to join your business.

Include Calls to Action

Including a call-to-action button is an effective strategy to help your email marketing efforts. It pushes the isolated subscribers to change their email preferences and forces them to click on the links to continue receiving your emails. A simple, clear call to action will help your disengaged subscribers be back on board.

Give Subscribers Options and Ask Them about Their Preferences

A series of re-engagement emails allow your subscribers to decide for themselves if they want to stay connected with your emails. Please share all the options and ask them about their preferences in signing up for mobile or social media updates. With these tactics, you will get surprised with the engagement results and provide your emails with most of the clicks.

Ask Customers to Update Their Email Addresses

A brilliant way to re-engage inactive subscribers is by asking them to update their email information. For that, you can use the options to share breaking news or send information on the latest tech gadgets. In this way, you can get to know your loyal subscribers and delete the rest who don’t update. Moreover, you can even create a custom survey to reconnect with your subscribers and incentivize them to respond.

Re-energize Them with a Targeted Email Series

Once your subscriber list is divided, target them with planned email marketing campaign management that includes a series of targeted emails. Check their engagement history, devise a plan to engage them, and push them to your offers relatively. You can tap into their content preferences and find the blockers preventing your subscribers from


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