A Must-Read Guide on SFTP Server In 2023

Secure File Transfer Protocol is one of the secure and in-demand methods of transferring files online. There were other options before this innovative technology, but they were not reliable and secure in the longer run. However, SFTP protocols come with built-in encryptions and protocols that used to be add-ons for another service. The server is suitable for all business types, but the federal government has benefited the most. The security provided by an SFTP for sensitive and significant data is unmatched by any server other than MFT. Visit https://www.goanywhere.com/managed-file-transfer/file-server/sftp-server to learn more about the SFTP server. If you want to employ an SFTP server in your organization, then the following guide will help you understand how it works and why it’s necessary. 

What is an SFTP?

SFTP is an upgrade of the FTP. The system was introduced to make the FTP more secure and reliable. Like an FTP server, the user can upload and transfer the files to a secure server, and the receiver can download and view them after accessing them through a unique password. However, SFTP is secured by Secure Shell (SSH), which isn’t the case with an FTP. Additionally, the server has built-in encryptions and protocols, which make it more secure and reliable. 


The server is primarily used for sharing and storing information and files of a business. SFTP is excellent at managing large files and offers customizable bandwidth to enhance the experience. Apart from storing files and documents, the server can also be used to back up a company website. Moreover, you have more control over your data and can make changes on the go, which isn’t possible on a couple of other servers. 

Best for Business

The SFTP server is considered the best for businesses due to its security and ease of use. Following are a couple of reasons why it might be best for your business.

High-Level Encryption

It is encrypted when the data is uploaded to the server. This means it’s tough to exploit and hack the server. In an FTP server, it’s easy to crack the username and password; however, SFTP requires multi-factor authentication. This allows for a greater check and balance for the higher management. 


SFTP server offers cross-platform support, making it a desirable option for any business. Unfortunately, not everyone upgrades to SFTP; some still use FTP servers. However, a person with FTP can also access the SFTP server without any add-ons or installing special features. 

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SFTP server is great at integrating with your local computer. This helps you retrieve files quickly and manage accounts effortlessly. The server is also excellent at maintaining user data, meaning you can view the number of users, how much time a particular user spent on the server, and the information considered. 

The choice of server greatly depends on your usage and finances. However, choosing an SFTP server is never a wrong decision. It offers users excellent security and reliability, which is all they want in an online file-sharing platform.


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