Top 5 Free News APIs for Your Next Product

In today’s business world, competition is increasing day by day. Hence, businesses need to gather information on their competitors and market constantly to make informed decisions. They also need to ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date. In the past, businesses used to monitor multiple sources on the internet to collect and filter useful information. However, this process takes too much time. That’s why most businesses use news APIs.

A free news API helps collect industry-relevant news. It essentially enables you to connect your apps with online news sources, such as Google News. You can then use this up-to-date news data for different use cases, depending on your requirements.

In this article, we’ll show you the five best free news APIs so that it’s easy for you to choose the best one for your needs.

What Is A News API?

What Are Some Of The Best Free News APIs?

Zenserp Google News API

News API

NewsCatcher News API


Newsdata API

Which API Should You Integrate Into Your Apps?

What is a News API?

A news API is an application programming interface that allows you to connect online news sources to your apps. Businesses can use news APIs to collect valuable data automatically from different online news websites. Businesses can then use this information to enhance their current products or services, make better decisions, or create new products and services. Most news APIs allow you to scrape news data from Google search results and deliver data in easy-to-read JSON format.

Businesses can use Google News API to build their own news website or app and keep an eye on their competitors. A news API is also helpful in marker intelligence research.

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What are Some of the Best Free News APIs?

There are many news APIs available in the market, but not every API offers the features you need. However, there are also some great news APIs that provide up-to-date information and come with tons of other useful features.

Here are the five best free news APIs that you can use for your next project, depending on your requirements:

Zenserp Google News API

Zenserp is one of the leading free Google News APIs that allows you to scrape worldwide news and headlines from search result pages. The powerful API comes with tons of features that you can use for different use cases. In addition to the news search, Zenserp Google Search API can also scrape standard Google SERPs, images, and maps. It also offers a Google Trends API and a Youtube Search API.

Here are the key features of Zenserp Google News API that make it one of the best news APIs:

Up-To-Date News Data

The Zenserp API provides real-time news results to help you make informed decisions. Additionally, you can use the API to analyze specific industries, extract market trends, and track competitors and customers.

Historical News

Zenserp offers a data range filter that you can use to gather historical news data.


You can use Zenserp to extract a list of topic-relevant news articles. With Zenserp’s geo-targeted searches, you can scrape language-specific news search results. You can also filter by location or country. You can even select different Google domains.


With Zenserp News API, you can request up to 100 news search results using the num parameter. However, if you want more search results, you can use its pagination feature.


Zenserp is super easy-to-use and comes with extensive documentation to help you get started quickly. Its documentation explains each API endpoint, method, and event in detail, and has several coding examples. The API also provides an extensive request builder that instantly converts your requests into production-ready code snippets.

Here is an example PHP code for requesting all news results using Zenserp:

php code

Free Plan

The best thing about Zenserp is that it offers impressive features that you can use for free. The free plan gives you 50 requests per month. However, if you want more requests, Zenserp also has several other paid plans.

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News API

news api

News API is another great REST API for scraping worldwide news. The API returns results in a lightweight JSON format that is easy to understand. The API comes with two main endpoints. You can search through billions of articles from more than 80,000 news sources, small and large. Or you can use the top headlines endpoint to get real-time top and breaking headlines for a country.

Here are the key features of News API:

    • Real-time and historical news articles
    • Find all articles written in a specific language – News API supports 14 languages
    • Scrape worldwide news articles across 55 countries
    • Find all articles for a specific keyword or phrase, such as ‘Amazon’
    • Find all articles published on a specific date
    • Sort articles by date published, the popularity of source, or relevancy to search keyword
    • Find all articles published on a specific domain
    • Free plan for development and testing of projects

NewsCatcher News API

news catcher api

NewsCatcher News API allows you to search worldwide news articles for your apps or website. The REST API can find more than 1 million news articles from all around the world. It returns data in JSON format so that it’s easy to read and understand.

Here are the key features of the API:

    • Search articles by any topic or keyword
    • Find articles by a specific language, location, website, or publisher
    • Powerful algorithms that clean and normalize articles to a standard form
    • NLP (named entity recognition, entity disambiguation, and sentiment analysis) to gain actionable insights


media stack api

Mediastack is a simple and easy-to-use REST API for searching live news and blog articles. The powerful API is scalable and delivers worldwide news in JSON format. You can use the API to discover trends & headlines, access breaking news events worldwide, and monitor companies.

Here are the key features of Mediastack API:

    • Structured and readable news data
    • Real-time worldwide news, headlines, and blog articles
    • Historical news data
    • Supports more than 7,500 news sources, including international news publishers, and 50 countries
    • Built on apilayer’s scalable cloud infrastructure
    • Option to specify sources, categories, countries, languages, and keywords
    • Comes with a free plan

Newsdata API

newsdata api

Newsdata is another free news API for collecting news worldwide news data. The API supports JSON and Excel formats.

Here are the key features of the API:

    • Latest and breaking news for a country
    • News data for a specific domain
    • Historical news data from more than 3,000 sources
    • Analyze news data to get actionable insights
    • Track all news headlines related to a specific brand, product, or service

Which API Should You Integrate Into Your Apps?

All five free news APIs we’ve discussed in the article offer great features. However, Zenserp leads the pack with tons of features, high accuracy, ease of use, and detailed documentation.

Ready to get scrape real-time news data from all around the world? Head over to Zenserp Google news API and try its exciting features today!


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