Sceyt Review 

No one will argue that communication is one of the keys to success in any field. Communication enhances user experience and average time spent on a website and helps to gain trust. 

What can help improve communication without an available chat inside an app or a website? Here is where Sceyt comes to help. 

It is the ultimate tool for engagement, interaction, communication, customer support, and even sales. So, let’s understand what kind of software it is.

What is Sceyt

Sceyt is an in-app chat API created for easy integration into any app or website. It has the latest UI kits for fully customizing conversations. 

It can be used as a user engagement tool, providing communication between users and users/ businesses. The communication is secure; talks are manageable and organized. 

Besides, it has several helpful features for easy discussion customization and real-time messaging. All these features make Sceyt’s in-app chat suitable for various fields and businesses. 

Let’s understand the main features of it and how they can be used.

Sceyt Features

Sceyt Features

  • Easy to Use

    What does it mean? It requires minimal coding knowledge so that it can be utilized not only by developers but also by website owners, editors, and marketers. 

    How can you use it? Firstly, just sign up for Sceyt. Then, integrate software development kits (SDKs) and design your conversation your desired way.

  • Social Media-style Chats

    Social Media-style talks are a significant interaction for users these days. This tool allows the creation of Social Media-style conversations. 

    What will it let you do? Users will be able to communicate with various emojis, share images and videos, edit or delete videos, and show or hide user presence. 

  • Large Group Chats With Multiple Features

    The smallest and the largest group discussions are available with Sceyt. You can create one with thousands of users and tête-à-tête ones. 

    Every channel can have labels, and you can control access for members based on their roles within a channel. 

    Moreover, they can pin messages and use threaded replies for more accessible communication. 

  • Chat Integrations for iOS, Android, and Web

    Sceyt’s Chat API for Android and iOS allows light SDK and UI kit integrations to any app and even the web. Ultimately, you will get quick, effortless, and safe communication among various platforms. If you have apps intended for iOS, Android, and websites, It can be an all-in-one tool for you. 

  • Live-Chat Customer Support

    Another feature is that you can deliver customer support via Sceyt, ensuring immediate assistance and minimal delays. 

 average chatbot interaction

The graph depicts the average chatbot interaction rates for different yet typical use cases. 

You can integrate automated chatbots to accelerate your app’s improvement. That will help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Sceyt and Competitors

Numerous APIs are available, offering helpful solutions similar to Sceyt. Today, we will talk about three of them: GetStream, CometChat, and SendBird.

  • Sceyt VS GetStream

    If we talk about GetStream, noteworthy variances exist between the two platforms. 

    You can customize the discussion’s appearance to suit individual preferences, coupled with improved performance and contemporary UI kits. 

    Conversely, GetStream lacks Sceyt’s organizational conversation folders, which efficiently group interactions into distinct categories. 

    Further, they can share files without downloading them, facilitated by an on-device thumbnail creation feature yet to be integrated into GetStream.

  • Sceyt VS CometChat

    ​​When comparing Sceyt to CometChat, Sceyt presents several distinct features that outshine CometChat. For instance, it supports an unrestricted number of users in a single channel without additional charges. 

Do You Know?
 There are around 648 live websites that are utilizing CometChat and an additional 4,675 sites that used CometChat historically.

Additionally, it can define custom member roles, a feature not found in CometChat. Moreover, unlike CometChat, this tool introduces a message-forwarding function.

  • Sceyt VS SendBird

    Lastly, distinguishing Sceyt from SendBird reveals several exclusive functionalities. It prioritizes quicker text data transfer compared to SendBird. 

    Additionally, individuals can benefit from the ability to delete and retract messages, a necessary feature enhancing security and protecting sensitive data. Moreover, when both platforms support archiving, 

    Users can enjoy enhanced archiving features, such as varied data retention options and multi-level archiving capabilities.

Sceyt Pricing: How Much Does It Cost

Sceyt is a cost-effective software that offers a free trial before purchase. Here are the paid plans that Sceyt has:

StarterGrowth StandardEnterprise
$59 (monthly payment)$179 (monthly payment)$799 (monthly payment)Custom

If you want to keep using the service, just add a payment method in its console. If you don’t, the service will stop, and users won’t be able to use the platform or the API.

Pros and Cons

Considering all the features listed above, along with the affordable price, this tool has many pros and advantages over its competitors. 

It has different styles that allow easy integration and the creation of manageable conversations.

What about the cons? As a new chat, it is designed mainly for apps on Android or iOS. 

That is the reason that it can be seen as less trustworthy than the other software and tools that have already gained popularity. 

Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a free plan, but only a free trial. But it will not be a problem as long as the competitors also don’t have free plans to use. 

Main Rating

Are you seeking a dependable conversation API solution that’s swift and responds fast? 

I guess you have found your tool. Sceyt is the ideal alternative to other APIs. 

Considering the competitor analysis, you will understand one vital thing: each software has diverse in-app features to suit different requirements, yet it holds an edge in key areas.

This tool excels notably with its adaptable pricing, support for a larger number of simultaneous users, and outstanding data transfer performance, achieved through its exclusive, tailor-made binary messaging protocol.

Moreover, it goes the extra mile by presenting an extensive range of functions, improved privacy controls, and high-performing, multi-language UI Kits.

 It stands out for its user-friendly enhancements like customizable conversations, efficient file management, and streamlined contact handling. These unique traits distinctly set Sceyt apart as the favored API solution.

In essence, Sceyt’s technical excellence and user-centric features establish it as a comprehensive chat API solution ideal for businesses emphasizing customization, scalability, and a globally accessible approach.


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