How to Find Someone’s Email With Only a Phone Number

  • Updated on January 30, 2024
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It’s never been easier to find someone’s email address. Many people have them attached to social media profiles or listed on a business card. That said, some are harder to find than others. 

We’re here to show you 5 quick ways to run an email lookup by phone number.

5 Ways to Find Someone’s Email With a Phone Number

Several methods will help you find someone’s phone number with an email address. Unfortunately, many methods will waste your time. To help you, we list the top five methods to look up an email by phone number.

  1. Reverse phone lookup
  2. Social media
  3. Google
  4. Search the company
  5. Text or call the number

Reverse Phone Lookup 

The best way to find someone’s email with a phone number is to use a reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookups are clever tools that comb through public records databases to help you find someone. These tools will help you learn about their name, email address, criminal background, sex offender status, and more.

Reverse phone lookup tools are also easy to use when you choose the right tool. Let’s use’s reverse phone lookup tool as an example.’s tool only requires someone’s phone number. When you run a phone lookup to find an email address, all you have to do is enter the phone number in the search bar and click “search” to see the full results.

In many cases, the person you’re looking for will be the first search result. From there, simply open the full report to learn more about the person. When you open the full report you’ll gain access to the following information:

  • Dating profiles
  • Social media accounts
  • Email addresses
  • Alternate phone numbers
  • Criminal background 
  • Traffic violations
  • Open court cases
  • Sex offender status
  • Spouses
  • Marriages

These are only some of the things you’ll find when you do a reverse phone lookup with Ultimately, these tools are the best because of how fast you get results and the amount of information you get.

Social Media 

Social media is another great way to find someone’s email with a phone number. On some social media platforms, people connect their email addresses. This is more common on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms are the most common because many people use them for business, influencing, or other types of work.

The steps to look up an email using a phone number on social media are similar to using a people search engine. First, visit the social media website and then enter their phone number into the search bar. People who have their phone numbers attached to the account will appear in the search results. From there, visit the account and search for their email.

As a tip, most people will have their email listed in their bio. There may also be links to websites where you’ll find their email and other information. Keep in mind that some social media platforms like LinkedIn notify users when they’re being searched. To remain anonymous, use a people search engine like instead.


Google searches are effective for finding someone’s email with a phone number. People who have GBA (Google Business Accounts) will have their phone number or website listed on Google. So, when you enter their phone number into the search results, there’s a good chance that the person will show up.

That said, the drawback of Google is that not everyone has a GBA account. Furthermore, people who don’t have a large online presence won’t be found. Instead, we recommend using a people search engine. They’re more efficient and fine-tuned for finding people.

Search the Company 

When the person you’re looking for works for a company or gives you a business card, it’s easy to find their email address. Simply enter the name of the company into Google’s search tool to find the company. Then visit the website, look for the “About” page, and locate the person you’re looking for. Some businesses incorporate QR codes on their business cards, enabling a quick and effortless scan to directly access their websites or social media profiles.

Another way to look for a company to find someone is to enter the company’s phone number into a social media search bar. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are all great choices. 

When you enter the phone number, the company will show up, and you can locate the person you’re looking for. Then, visit their profile for their email address.

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Text or Call the Phone Number 

As a last resort, you can text or call the phone number. If it’s someone you know, there’s a great chance that they’ll tell you their email address. When reaching out to someone this way, ensure you’re polite and respectful. Also, don’t push the issue if they don’t want to tell you their email address.

Feel free to text or call the number depending on how close you are to the person. If it’s a phone number from a business card you should have no problem getting their email address.

Find Someone’s Email Today! 

Running an email lookup by phone number is not challenging when you use a reliable people search tool like Plus, you’ll learn a lot more than just their email address.


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