Enhance Social Media Experiences with These New Features

Social media has become a very important part of our daily lives. We all share so much on our phone because of them that we need to take its time. We all got into our phones for many reasons but bigger than that of communication.

Social Media and Social Life

Thanks to this new era of technology, we all now have a responsibility to work not only in our social network offline but also on one Internet. Social life online is very different from offline. Offline communication helps us to create sparks, connections, and bindings. Nowadays, however, we do not need to be brave, confident and keep an eye on our physical condition to function in society. We can do this through social media! All we need is word fencing and the use of emojis. We also need some stickers and GIFs. These stickers allow us to add fun and flavor to conversations. If you want to check out some great stickers in Bangla or Marathi then check out Bharat Keyboard like Bangla Keyboard.

New Features of Social Media Apps

Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc are all the most used social networking apps in India. These apps handle mass communication between office members, friends, relatives, and in some cases, thousands or millions of people.

All of these apps are always competing for the best. All of these apps are always trying to improve themselves in every aspect. From removing technical issues and improving user experience to adding new features.

Since there are a ton of apps available in the market, we will talk about some of the apps below:

1. Instagram

  • Disappearance Mode: Select the mode where visible messages have disappeared after seeing it or when you end a conversation.
  • Selfie Stickers: Create a series of boomerang stickers with your selfie that you can use in chat.
  • Conversation Colours: Personalize your conversations with beautiful color gradients.
  • Custom Emoji Response: Create a shortcut to your favorite emoji to quickly respond to messages from friends.
  • Forwarding: Easily share good content with up to five friends or groups.
  • Responses: Reply directly to a specific message in your conversation and keep the conversation flowing.
  • Animated Message Effects: Add visual effects to your message with animation sending results.
  • Messaging Controls: Decide who can send you a direct message, and who can send you a message.
  • Improved reporting and blocking updates: You can now report more full conversations in a single message on Instagram, and get effective blocking suggestions on Instagram and Messenger as a whole when you add your accounts to the new Accounts Centre.

2. WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp managed by Facebook will make major changes to its interface connector to make conversations and the chat experience more interactive and interesting. Recently, a screenshot was leaked showing how WhatsApp works with new chat variations and how the latest changes will strengthen the app continuously.
  • The WhatsApp message response feature is used to make conversations in the chat room more interactive as there are times when it can be very stressful to reply to everyone via text. This is similar to the Instagram feature of responding with emojis. The company is also working on its construction. This new version is currently only available for Android beta users.

3. Facebook

  • An update to Messenger ads that allows advertisers to select “all messaging platforms” as the option of how users can send messages after clicking the ad. Facebook automatically draws a chat option to an ad based on where the chat is most likely to occur to that particular user.
  • Brands and creators on Instagram will be able to add a click button to chat leading to WhatsApp from their Instagram profile
  • There is a new CTA page button called “Quote Request” that allows users to request a discount from the product via Messenger. This is currently being tested and will allow businesses to select four to five questions that they will ask customers before starting a conversation to give them an accurate rating when starting a conversation.
  • There are obscurely paid and live items announced on Instagram that will soon be tested, which should allow businesses to find and qualify to lead on Instagram. We will probably know more about this in the coming months

4. Discord

  • Find Frequently Asked Questions for Your Friends.
  • Screen FAQ.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Slash Commands.
  • Navigation FAQ Keyboard.
  • Video and Screen Updates – Multi-stream and more!
  • Tabs on Android.
  • Video calls.
  • Setting Reduced Movements.

5. Telegram

  • Move Phone Numbers, or Enter Second Number
  • Upload Multiple Profile Pictures to Telegram
  • Try Telegram private conversations
  • Customize the look of the Telegram
  • Use Telegram Bots
  • Enable Auto-Night Mode
  • Mute Group Contacts

So, those were the most popular apps in terms of communication. These apps are very popular among users and most of them support native languages. All you need to do is have the native language keyboard application installed, such as the Marathi keyboard.

Don’t hold back! Keep checking all of this and invite your friends to do the same. Participate in new activities, create new groups, connect with people at a deeper level and make new friends online. Play games with discord, share links on telegram, call video on WhatsApp, wish happy birthdays on Facebook and share reels on Instagram! Go crazy, be yourself and choose your favorite social networking app and enjoy this digital world!


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