100+ Trendy Greeting Ideas for Formal & Informal Emails 2023

  • Updated on March 1, 2023
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Seriously, guys, this article has been a great pain in the head! Only I know the brain-wracking research I have put behind finding the best of the best email greeting ideas and the number of co-workers I have annoyed in the process by going through their emails to get a better understanding. 

And, I can undoubtedly say that as much as it is important to check the readability of your email, it is also significant to keep a check on your email greetings, as they set the tone of the whole message. They convey the feeling that you want the reader to receive. 

Therefore, it is important that you choose your email greeting wisely to ensure that it is appropriately received what you are trying to convey.

Further, choosing the right email greeting and starting line depends on the person you are sending the email to. You cannot write “To whom it may concern.” to the CEO of the company; it can be disastrous 😬. 

In such a case, you have to acknowledge the person you are referring to, and maybe the better way to do that is given below, 

“Hi Anna, 

I’m reaching out about….”

So, consider what you are about to address in the message and to whom you are sending it, and accordingly, choose the informal or more professional email greetings.

I think this lecture about email greetings is enough, and now we should cut to the chase and see some useful email greetings and opening lines that you can use in your everyday life!

Bonus: The Right Way to Start a Professional Email

Whether you are writing the first professional email or the hundredth of the day, as your inbox is swamped with every day’s work emails, many individuals are mistaken while typing the email greetings. 

There’s a certain way that you should stick to while writing a formal email. To get an idea of what it is, look at the example below:

Hi Anna,

Hope you are doing great!

As we chatted yesterday, the sales report….

Notice something? Don’t worry, the following pointers will summarize it for you:

  • The first line of the email is your professional greeting.
  • A comma is mandatory after the greeting.
  • A blank like afterward.
  • The opening statement of your email with the first letter of the sentence in the capital.
  • Again, a blank line.
  • And, finally, your message.
    Correct way to start a formal email

Now that you know how to start writing any professional email, you can dive right into the email greeting suggestions given in the write-up below.

Greetings for a Professional or Business Email

The salutation used in emails is acceptable for formal emails. When you want to show respect for the recipient, you usually use professional email greetings, commonly utilized in cover letters, formal business letters, and other forms of communication.

While titles like “Mr.” and “Mrs.” were historically common, they run the danger of misrepresenting gender or assuming the reader is married. Using “Dear + Reader’s Name” is a much safer option, instead.

Further, in most emails pertaining to business, a casual “Hello” followed by a comma is appropriate as a greeting. 

You can also consider using, “Hi” if a somewhat more official tone is desired. Although this greeting is seen as casual, it also has a plain and cordial tone.

Refer to the list below to get an idea for formal email greetings, used in business or professional emails:

  1. Hi / Hey / Hello + Name
  1. Dear + Name
  1. Greetings,
  2. Recipient’s Name,
  1. To + Recipient’s Designation (E.g. To the Chief Marketing Officer) — when you don’t know their name

Email Greetings for Formal Group Emails

You have a few alternatives when sending an email to a group. The casual yet appropriate ways to address a group of individuals can be; “hello everyone,” or “hello + department name.”

In these types of greetings in email, refrain from addressing a group of people with pronouns like “Hello ladies,” “Hello guys,” or “Gentlemen,” as these pronouns may not appropriately characterize the receivers.

For better suggestions to address a bunch of people via email, go through the ideas given below

  1. Hi All / Everyone
  1. Hi + First Name 1, + First Name 2, + First Name 3, — Use when only addressing two or three people.
  1. Hi team,
  1. Hi, + Department Name + team,
  1. I am glad to announce that,

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Trendy, Yet Formal Greetings to Start an Email

If you abhor and are fed up with the use of evergreen ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, etc., words as your formal email greetings, then don’t worry, this section serves you just right. Listed here are some trendy email greetings that you can use to start your emails, all the while being sleek and professional.

These are good email greetings examples because they thank your reader right away and establish a nice connection with a coworker you already know or wish to do business with.

So, without further ado, jump straight into some of the best professional email greetings ideas:

  1. I hope this email finds you well.
  1. I hope you are doing well.
  1. I hope this email finds you in the pink of your health.
  1. Greetings of the day.
  1. I hope you are having a wonderful day/week.
  1. How have you been doing? / How are you?
  1. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend/vacation/etc.
  1. I hope your week is going smoothly.
  1. I am emailing you to…
  1. This email is to bring to your notice that…
  1. I am reaching out about…
  1. I would appreciate your input on the…
  1. This is to bring to your attention…
  1. I am hoping to get your input on…
  1. It’s my pleasure to inform you…
  1. Hope you are having a great week.
  1. I wanted to touch base with you about…

Formal Greetings to Open an Email Response

Almost every day in the work environment, you have got to send tons of emails in response to someone’s emails. And, most of the time, you may end up writing response emails that start with greetings like this one: “This is in response to your email…” It is our very own, and old-fashioned way to start an email. There’s nothing wrong with this professional email greeting, it’s just that it is as old as the word ‘old-fashioned’ itself!

While, on the other hand, It’s courteous and forthright to use greetings in emails, something like “I’m reaching out concerning…,” since it makes the communication’s goal clear. 

As there are hundreds of emails sent throughout a single workday, taking this method demonstrates your consideration for the recipient’s time by being concise.

Declaring your intentions also helps to eliminate misunderstandings or ambiguity regarding what you require from the reader.

So, for more ideas on how to start an email with greetings, that look good, all the while being formal, look into the list below:

  1. It’s great to hear from you.
  1. Thank you for reverting.
  1. Thanks for getting back.
  1.  Thanks for your email.
  1. Thank you for the quick response.
  1. Thanks for getting in touch.
  1. I appreciate your quick reply.
  1. I appreciate the update.
  1. Many thanks for your help.
  1.  I am writing to you in response to…
  1. I apologize for the delay. — Use this only when you have delayed sending the reply.

Opening Lines for a Follow-up Email

Want to know how to greet in an email for a follow-up? Then, this is the section for you.

Several circumstances call for or welcome an email follow-up. They can be challenging since they frequently require striking a balance between outreach and constraint. In this case, you should generally maintain your official demeanor and start your emails with some professional email greetings.

Curious to know what these are? Well, have a look at the list below:

  1. Just checking in…
  1. Just sending a recap of what we talked about today, 
  1. I wanted to follow up with you.
  1. As discussed in our last meeting…
  1. Following up on our meeting/last email…
  1. As promised…
  1. Could you please provide me with an update on…
  1. To follow up on our meeting…
  1. I wanted to get back to you about…
  1. Here’s more information on…
  1. It was great talking to you. 
  1. I am checking in on…
  1. Thank you for your time.
  1. I am getting back to you about…
  1. Are you still interested in…
  1. Here’s more information on…
  1. Per our phone call/conversation/email, etc…
  1. Sending the + document/task list/MoM/Follow-up Email + as promised,
  1. Here’s the + paper/article/research + I mentioned, 
  1. I am glad we got to touch base on + Topic,

Informal and Personal Ways to Start an Email

Though while writing an informal email to your loved ones or in general to anyone, you can use pretty much any warm greetings to start your email. However, if you couldn’t come up with anything appropriate, or your mind is cluttered with too many ideas, you can refer to some email greetings ideas below. 

The list further will provide you with greetings that you can use as such in your emails, or mix and match them together to come up with something of your own:

  1. Congratulations on + Accomplishments!
  1. Hey, how are the kids? I have been…
  1. I saw your post on + Social Media name.
  1. How was the trip/vacation/party/etc.?
  1. I have been thinking about you lately.
  1. It was great to meet you at the + event.
  1. I saw this + media (photo/video), and it reminded me of you.
  1. Third person’s name + suggested I get in touch with you!
  1. Sorry, it took me a while to get back to you.
  1. Hello from + Your Name, + I enjoyed talking with you about + Topic + at + The Place you Met — Use it with someone you just met.

Funny Email Greetings Ideas

Thinking of reaching out to your bestie with yet another email in a workday? You may be thinking of some funny email greetings suggestions to light up your friend’s mood. 

Well, as much as this line is boring to read when you can just look at the greetings below, I assure you the content below is not. These simple email opening lines will cheer up the mood of your friends, and will definitely accomplish the task of bringing a sweet smile to the reader’s face: 

  1. Yep, it’s me again!
  1. Hey, darla! (in place of old-fashioned, ‘darling’)
  1. X days until + Friday.
  1. It’s almost Friday!
  1. Don’t worry, I’ll keep this brief.
  1. Yet another message to bog down your inbox.
  1. Hope you are alive.
  1. Hopefully, you have had your coffee this morning.
  1. It was great catching up with you.
  1. Hope you have survived this week just fine.
  1. How are you surviving another workweek?
  1. I hope you are sitting down.
  1. Happy Fri-YAY!
  1. Find a chair before reading further.
  1. I was just laughing the other day about + Any inside joke.
  1. It won’t take you long to read yet another long message from me 😬!
  1. Happy Hump Day.
  1. How is it going?
  1. Long time no see.
  1. It’s been a while.
  1. Just what you were missing out on your day: My Email! 😉
  1. Funny GIFs, like this:

Greetings According to the Time of the Day

If you want to keep the email greeting short, crisp, and to the point, then nothing is better than starting the email with the greeting in accordance with the time of the day. Stated below are some of these:

  1. Good morning — Before Midday
  1. Good Afternoon — From Midday until 6 pm
  1. Good Evening – 6 pm and onwards
  1. G’day (primarily used in Australia)
  1. Greetings of the day — Use this to free yourself from the worry of time, and also when you have scheduled to send an email at any later time.

Greetings for Email Responses to an Event

You can frequently get away without starting an email with “Dear” or even “Hello” when something has prompted you to do so. Making the subject of your email the welcome itself is totally appropriate. For instance, it would be strange to write: “Congratulations! Contact Name, that you have received an award.” Thus, to avoid these types of embarrassment, you can use the following greetings in your emails:

  1. Congratulations on winning the top prize at… or any other good event.
  1. I hope you enjoyed your + event.
  1. I was just thinking about you.
  1. How did the + recent event + turn out?

Using Slang in Greetings

These days, slang is very popular. You may have not thought of starting an email with these types of words, but trust me, these are very catchy. They immediately draw the reader’s attention to what the sender has to say. You can use these email greetings in your newsletter emails to make the emails more interactive. And, of course, you can use the following slang in the opening line of any informal email:

  1. Yo!
  1. Howdy!
  1. Alright!
  1. Sup!

Email Openers to Avoid

Till now, we have talked about all the ways you can start formal as well as informal emails. But do you know there are certain greetings and mistakes that you can avoid, and doing just that, makes your email many times better?  

Listed below are some of these, and I think all of these are self-explanatory, as to why you shouldn’t use them as greetings in an email, but I have given a little explanation for some:

  1. Avoid Misspelling names
  1. Hey, + Nickname!
  1. To whom it may concern. — It is very cold, and immediately draws the line between you and the reader, and in most cases, you don’t want that.
  1. Dear Sir or Madam
  1. Happy Monday! — Ah, this is the most commonly used greeting that falls under that ‘greetings-that-shouldn’t-be-used’ category. Just don’t use this. MONDAYS CAN NEVER BE HAPPY for an employee going to the office after a tremendously needed and cheerful weekend. 
  1. Can you do me a favor? — Asking for a favor in the first line of the email! Ah, great! Email opening can’t be better than that. And, of course, I mean this in a sarcastic way. 
  1. I know you are busy, but… — Again, this is another way of asking for a favor. Stop doing this in the first line of the email.
  1. Let me introduce myself. —- When contacting a recipient for the first time, this email opener is frequently utilized. It’s like reciting your own introduction.  Would you utter this to an individual out loud? Although it seems definitive, it ultimately wastes time. Cut right to the chase rather.

That’s all from my side, hope you find this helpful, and your emails now don’t look the same every day!

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