How to Download MP3 from YouTube?


In 2021 video streaming is trending on Youtube and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Downloading mp3 from Youtube mp3 online via different media is also gaining in popularity these days. With the help of online tools, you can download Youtube videos directly and convert them to mp3 or many other formats. 

You probably want to use a free Youtube to mp3 downloader to download all your favorite music. So, you might search for such a platform that helps you download and directly convert videos to the computer in a wide variety of formats. 

There are several free Youtube to mp3 downloaders available on the internet. But the thing is, which one is very easy to use? Can you copy and paste the youtube URL into the online conversion tool and download it in seconds?

Here, in this, you will find some of the tools’ features, including the ability to download Youtube playlists, multi-threading for downloading multiple songs or playlists at one time, and many other free excellent features that are accessible to users online.

Top 5 MP3 Downloader Tools

Btclod is an online Youtube downloader that enables you to download anything you want to download from Youtube. Whether that is an audio Mp3 playlist or a video, you will get many benefits after using it.

Benefits of btclod

  • Lighting quick download
  • Youtube audio downloader
  • Youtube mp3 downloader
  • Btclod youtube video downloader
  • Youtube video to mp3
  • Youtube playlist downloader

This Youtube downloader interface is friendly enough for beginners to navigate without any problems. The downloading process takes only a few moments. It is a free tool to download all the video audio and music.

It doesn’t only download videos, but it also converts them to mp3 for easy storage. The feature of BTCLOD is optimal for downloading podcasts or other videos where the visuals are not so important.

This online downloader and converter tool support only four audio formats such as MP3 in MP3/WAV container, PCM audio in a WAV container, AAC in MOV container, and FLAC.

Youtube is a treasure trove of the best music, and a lot of music that is available there is not available for download through the common method.

Anything you can find on Youtube like music videos, sports highlighting, interesting documentaries, celebrity interviews, you can easily download as-is, convert them to any format of your choice by using this tool. If you want to download mp3 and some other audio formats, download them using this tool, it should make your life easier. 


Ontiva is designed for converting the video quality formats like mp3, and mp4. The technology is used to switch videos in the browser. No installation or download of any software plugin or membership is required. The main benefit of this site is that users can do unlimited downloads or conversions freely.

Ontiva software gives safe and secure downloading and conversion of Youtube videos. It does not disclose your personal information. You can comfortably use this platform to keep your personal data safe.


  • Youtube to MP4
  • Youtube downloader
  • Youtube to MP3
  • Convert youtube playlists
  • Youtube to converter
  • Youtube to WAV

Converting Youtube to mp4 format is one of the many services this tool provides. The users receive the highest and fastest converted quality. It provides up to 15 different file sizes and seven levels of video resolution for mp4 formats.

Generally, Youtube does not allow viewers to download all of the videos available on the site. The quality of your downloaded youtube video depends much on the internet speed services you use to convert.

You can easily convert your youtube playlist to mp3 files instantly after registering an account.

WAV file must be one of the simplest and most popular digital audio formats that set a standard in-studio recording.

Ythub is also one of the best and most popular tools to use. It is simple to use as an online converter. You can easily transfer or upload from your PC, smartphone, or MP3 player to continue your favorite playlists. 

  • Youtube video search
  • Youtube to mp3 converter
  • Youtube playlist to mp3
  • Video/audio cutter

This platform is not only a tool that converts youtube videos into download files, but it also converts download files into your desired format.

How to change over Youtube to MP3 by using Ythub.Cc? 

1. Make a tick on the blue inquiry, catch or tap the enter key. 

2. Pick one of these and consider the quality just as the document size. Click on the orange download catch of your #1 alternative 

3. Enter catchphrases identified with youtube recordings that you convert. You can glue the URL straightforwardly into the quest bar for quicker access.

MP3 downloader

This platform can convert youtube to mp3 with absolute ease. You can simply use the search function on mp3 download, and youtube videos are directly converted to mp3 or any other audio format.

Mp3 downloader also supports conversion to other formats such as WAV and FLAC. More than that, if you want to play and stream music online, the Mp3 downloader is the right place. This platform is an online free mp3 music downloader. Large software slowed down the PC thus, you do not need to stall the whole software for downloading a video. 

This platform supports a Youtube converter and provides downloading options as well. It is available for free of cost on the internet. This platform is convenient, fast, reliable, and helpful, especially for those who crave to watch videos offline. You can download videos and convert them to other formats as well.

  • Youtube to FLAC
  • Youtube video downloader
  • Youtube to mp3
  • Youtube playlist downloader
  • Youtube to OGG
  • Youtube converter


The above-mentioned Youtube mp3 downloaders help users download their favorite music in a simple way and short time span. There are a lot of downloading tools you will find over the internet that download videos, and audio and are easily converted to mp3juice. But all the platforms mentioned above have their own unique features and compatibility with all the devices.


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