5 Best Parental Control Applications for Kids’ Smartphones

Whether you are an IT professional, a parent, or just looking for something to monitor your kids’ online activities, parental controls prove to be one of the best solutions. Though many companies provide these products and services, keeping in touch with today’s technology is no easy task. Here we list 5 top applications that will help you monitor your children’s activities from anywhere.

What are Parental Control Apps?

These applications enable parents to monitor their children’s movement on mobile devices & set restrictions for when they can use these devices; all of which can be done remotely from any location that has Internet access. No matter how many restrictions a parent places on a child’s mobile device, it will never compare to having an open dialogue about responsible phone usage with them. Parents who want to keep their kids safe online should require them to share their passwords & account names so they can see what sites they visit and give them freedom based on trust and respect instead of restricting their interactions outright. 

The List of Best Parental Control Applications 

1) Mobilimeet

A comprehensive application with a rewarding interface, this application is at the number 1 spot on our list. Its security features work together to keep your kids safe online 24/7 and its dashboard gives a detailed overview of how they spend their time over their mobile devices.

2) Qustodio Parental Control

The second on our list, Qustodio gives parents insight into where their kids are online and what they’re doing there. It also allows them to block certain websites & apps that don’t comply with parental guidelines.

3) Kids Place

This app goes beyond just tracking the internet activity of your wards by letting you manage device screen time & set usage limits. Tracking web history is only the tip of the iceberg, as Kids Place also allows you to control which apps kids can use and even determine whether or not they are allowed to make in-app purchases.

4) Norton Family

The security features on this app are top-notch, with its ability to track Kids’ location & monitor messaging being just a few examples. It also automatically blocks inappropriate material online by filtering websites that aren’t child-friendly according to their age group.

5) OurPact

This is yet another option for parents who want more control over how their children spend their time on mobile devices. By allowing them to set screen time allowances, OurPact lets them decide at what times of the day they will need to get off their devices. It also allows parents to block in-app purchases and incoming phone calls while they’re away from their phones.

The Future of Parental Control Apps

While parental control apps are a great tool for parents to use, parents mustn’t take these tools out of proportion. Instead, they should urge children that the world is bigger than mobile devices and encourage them to participate in other activities that promote development both academically & socially. The ability to place restrictions on how children use mobile devices will always be there but as long as parents make an effort to support their kids’ physical & mental well-being, there won’t be any need for overly restrictive measures.


For parents who are struggling to figure out where they should draw the line on their children’s mobile device usage, there is no clear-cut answer. Any efforts you put in to control the situation will be beneficial and appreciated by your children but it’s up to you to restrict them in a way that doesn’t hurt your kids’ mental health or social lives.

You now know the benefits of parental control applications and understand what kind of role they play in modern parenting, but you now need to make a choice on what app is best for your family. 

Good luck!


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