How to Track Your Kids’ Location with FamiSafe Parental Control App.

In the past, people had a lot of free time to spend with their kids at home. The reason being, very few people were in the workforce and most people were spending time in home-based activities. With the development of economies to industrialization, people aren’t getting time to keep an eye on their kids anymore. This has exposed our children to various risks including kidnapping and bullying.

With the technological advancement where almost every kid is using a phone, it has become easier to remotely track their live locations. It’s not like in the past when one would spend a lot paying caretakers. Some ended up frustrating you and being ineffective. You can leave them with your kids just to find them strolling in the streets.

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Thanks to Wondershare’s FamiSafe parental control app that parents can download on their phones to get the location of their children. You are required to download the app twice; on your phone and your kid’s phone. This amazing app allows you to be certain of your kid’s safety depending on their location.

Unlike some applications that are only developed for s specific operating system, the FamiSafe app is available for download on iPhone and Android devices. You can also download this app from the Amazon Store.

Features of FamiSafe.

Wondershare’s FamiSafe parental control app has several unique and useful features. Below are some that make it the best parental control application:

Detecting Harmful Content.

When your children are using a phone, they are likely to come across illicit content; videos, and photos. If this happens, this application will notify you to block the app that is receiving such content. Immediately you realize that you the kid have received such content on any social media app you are free to block the apps. Once you block the social media app, the kid cannot use the app or delete the messages with the illicit content.

Location and Browsing History.

With the FamiSafe parental control and mobile tracker app, you will see the various places that your children have visited. Additionally, you will see the websites they have accessed. If you suspect some websites, you can block them. This app gives you a free report of the visited sites as well as a “history map” that you can zoom in to see the specific places visited by tour kids.

A Live Location Feature.

If you are going to a place far from home or even outside the country, you can see your children’s location. Hence, you won’t be worried about their aimless movement. Assuming that your kids love to walk out of the compound, you will be sure of their location every minute. The app gives you the live location of your kids’ phones. By realizing they are moving to unsafe places, you can call them and tell them to go home.

Again, you can call the police if you fear for their safety. If you have a caretaker at home, you can also request him/her to go and pick them at a specific location. The good thing is that your child’s location appears on the homepage of the application when you open it. This location history feature on this application helps you to understand the kids’ movement patterns.

This app allows you to create a Geofence to keep your kids safe. A Geofence is a safe area that you identify as safe for your kids. This can be your home or even the school compound. Any time the kids move out of this area, you’ll be notified immediately.

Sometimes, kids go to their friends’ places and misplace their precious gadgets. Luckily, you can track a cell phone using Wondershare’s FamiSafe app.

Cost of FamiSafe.

Sometimes you might need the app for a day or two, this means you won’t pay to use it. Wondershare allows gives users a three-day free trial before they choose a preferred subscription. There are three subscriptions including monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription costs $9.99 which is best for short-term users of the app. Their quarterly subscription costs $6.66 per month while the amazing annual subscription costs $4.99/month. With the annual subscription, you can sync up to 30 gadgets. Quarterly and monthly subscriptions accept 10 and 5 gadgets respectively.


The use of modern apps and software to locate exact locations is gaining popularity every day. However, one should only use the most reliable phone tracker app – FamiSafe. It is outstanding due to its useful features that aren’t in most of the competitor apps. Again, the app is great because it has features with uses other than location tracking. If we compare the different apps and software used as location trackers, FamiSafe stands out as the best. It can never frustrate you and your kids will remain safe!


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