How to Spy on Someone’s Cell Phone?

In modern times, Smartphones play a central role in every person’s life. They’re omnipresent with all to help them carry out their daily tasks like browsing the internet and social media applications for sending text messages, emails, voicemails, pictures as well as videos to friends, family, partners, and colleagues—the list might go on and on. So, cell phones are the only crucial gadget that everyone can entrust with all their sensitive and personal information.

Therefore, they’re also the only easy target for spying on someone. Yes! Fortunately and unfortunately, cell phones were not designed for privacy and security because they have got a GPS, a microphone, and a camera with you all the time that can turn them into a surveillance tool very easily.

Although, it is unethical and at the same time, illegal to spy on someone’s cell phone that can lend you in big trouble but, still, there’re many of you who may feel the need of spying on someone for the following below-mentioned purposes—

  • To Check Your Spouse Loyalty: If you have a partner who is showing you any of the following suspicious signs like ‘Working late all the time, avoiding spending time with you, not making eye contacts, answering calls in private and texting others all the time while with you’ etc. Then, to know who your spouse is secretly texting, calling, and if they are actually working late or not, you want to spy on your spouse’s cell phone.
  • To Keep an Eye on Your Elderly Parents: Some of you might have elderly parents who have common problems like memory loss or inability to remember everything. Therefore, to save your elderly parents from getting lost, you’re required to have a track on their phone location whenever they go out.
  • To Ensure Your Children’s Safety: Your children are one of the most important people in your life whose safety matters to you, therefore, in order to never let your children feel unsafe on the internet and not want to get them involved in inappropriate activities online, you feel the need of monitoring their online activity to ensure that they are safe online.
  • To Monitor Your Employees Activities in Working Hours: If you run a large business then, it can be difficult to trust your employees easily therefore, to track their work and their activities during working hours such as on their emails, text messages, social media activities, and their GPS location, you need to spy on them for a better work environment.

So, during the aforementioned emergencies, to make yourself sure about the safety of these most important people in your life who matter a lot to you, as well as their intentions towards you, if you want to spy on their phone activities then, luckily you’re at the right place today!

Here, in this post, we’ve tried to throw the spotlight on various effective ways/apps that can help you secretly to spy on someone’s cell phone without them knowing, and that too for free. So, continue reading this post to learn how you can spy on someone’s cell phone.

There are countless apps nowadays that offer phone monitoring services but to make it easier for you to choose the best, we’ve below-mentioned the top 3 apps that are considered the most effective to catch your cheating partner, to track your child’s whereabouts, to reduce the risks of infidelity, to know the well-being of your elderly parents and also to have information about your employees’ activities. So, have a look:

Top 3 Cellphone’s Spying Applications


This is one of the best spy apps that comes available on both Android and iOS versions with many effective features for you to use as well as explore. uMobix as a parental control solution works like a hidden ninja to get you all the data for instance the call logs, live location, key logs, and phone recordings of the target phone that you want especially your child’s phone activity.

How to Use it for Start Monitoring on iPhone and Android?

• Download the app from the Apple Store on your device and then, as soon as you finish the installation process, sign up on uMobix for free.

• After that, provide the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone whom you want to spy.

• Similarly, to use this app on the target’s Android device, you need to install the app on the same. However, do not worry about getting caught because the app icon will vanish immediately from the target’s phone app menu.

• In the end, login to your personal User Space and click on the ‘Start button to make yourself ready to monitor the activities on the target iOS or Android device. 

Mobile Tracker Free 

This spying application remains fully hidden and undetectable on the target device. So, this is the one app that you can definitely use to spy on your partner, children, and employee’s device without having the fear of getting caught. Using ‘Mobile Tracker Free’ is very easy as all you need is to have access to your target’s cell phone (only once) if they are using an Android device. It means if the targets have iOS devices then, no physical access to the target device is required. In fact, you can calmly monitor their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram’s incoming as well as outgoing messages, browsing history, and whereabouts after installing this app on your target’s cell phone for the fact that your target person won’t be able to detect this app on their cell phone.

How to use it on iPhone and Android?

• As mentioned above, download and install the app based on your target’s cell phone. So, if your targeted people have an iPhone then, install the app on your own device, and in case, if your targeted person is having an Android phone then, install the app on the target’s cell phone.

• After doing so, enter the iTunes credentials to monitor the target’s iPhone. Similarly, sign up after installing the app on the target’s Android device and that’s it, the rest of the process will be done automatically to letting you track the target’s cell phone easily.


This is one of the most advanced and super easy-to-use cell phone spy software that is compatible with use in iOS, Android, and Windows also. Where many other spying apps require you to jailbreak the device, Spybubblepro eliminates such need completely and that’s why it became one of the popular options in the spy apps list. So, similar to Spybubblepro, you can spy on any iOS cell phone without installing software on the target phone with Spybubblepro. Using Spybubblepro you can completely spy on your target, for instance, you can track the location, take screenshots, read all messages of all social media apps including the deleted ones and along with that, you can also view who the target person has been calling as well as interacting with.

How to Use it on iPhone and Android?

•  Navigate to the official Spybubblepro website and there, create an account on it,

• Then, select your target’s device whether it’s an iPhone or an Android.

• In continuation, enter its iCloud login details.

• After that, just log in to your Spybubblepro account that’s it, you can start now to spy on the iPhone to monitor all the information that you want from the dashboard of your control panel.

• On the other hand, if your target device is an Android phone then, install the Android app on the targeted device itself, and the rest of the process can be done remotely. That’s all! These above-mentioned are the top 3 spying applications that any of you can use to spy on someone’s cell phone during various emergency situations to see what someone is doing on their phone for free and that too without worrying about the fear of getting caught.


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