Top PPC Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Your Ads Right Now

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your PPC efforts. Improving your PPC campaigns through optimization or Ads is one of the best ways to drive sales for your business. Once you get familiar with the basics, it’s time to ramp things up and start implementing some of the advanced tips below from digital marketing experts like this company

Place More Focus on Your Mobile PPC Efforts

Mobile search is easily one of the main things you want to focus on given how often mobile phones are used in everyday life. More and more people are using their mobile phones to search for products and services. In fact, according to Google, over 50% of total searches in 2015 were done from a mobile device. Therefore, you can expect mobile search to be a big part of digital marketing going forward. This number is only likely to continue to grow. There are also a lot of shifts to voice search across mobile devices which is another important trend to embrace as a business owner. 

Mobile PPC advertising is a fantastic way to connect with prospective customers. It’s a good way to connect with them in what’s known as “micro-moments.” These are moments when a prospective customer is in the middle of their buying process. Typically, they’ll be looking for a restaurant nearby or a company that offers a particular service. 

To effectively improve your campaigns for mobile, you need to look at how people are using their phones and adapt your strategies accordingly. Here are a few essential tips you can use:

Mobile Responsive Website

First things first, you need to ensure your site is mobile responsive. Wherever you are sending your PPC traffic needs to be optimized for various sized mobile devices. While your entire website should be easy to navigate across all mobile devices, the site you are sending them to must be highly optimized. Many people browsing the Internet are doing so using their favorite mobile devices whether it be phones or tablets. Therefore, you need to improve their user experience by giving them a well-optimized experience.

Have a Call To Action (CTA) 

You need to activate the “Call To Action” feature across all of your PPC advertisements. You want this because it will guide the user to complete a specific task. This could be buying your product or service or entering their information in your lead generation form. Regardless, you want a CTA that appears on their mobile device to better your chances of converting them.

Include All Relevant Locations

You need to include all of the relevant locations and directions to make it easier for anyone using mobile devices to find you. 

Top Load the Ad

You will want to try to top-load your mobile ad because the second line won’t show up on mobile devices. Google offers ad extensions instead. 

Consider Your User’s Intent

You’ll want to consider the user’s intent when optimizing your mobile ads. A mobile user may have a different intent than someone viewing on a traditional desktop PC. They are likely more often than not outside of their home. Therefore, you want to think about where they are in their buying process as it could be completely different.

Focus on Social Media

You want to do your best not to ignore and overlook social media. A lot of people do the bulk of their social media browsing and activities when they are on their mobile devices.

Check Geolocation Settings

You’ll want to check your Geolocation settings to ensure you are leveraging it as much as possible. 

Anyone that doesn’t pay crystal clear attention to their mobile marketing efforts is missing the boat. They are bound to fail because of how important mobile has become to digital marketing. Your PPC campaign can be made or broken based on your attention to the mobile segment of users.

Use Remarketing to Reduce Cost

One of the best ways to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your PPC ad campaign is by using remarketing. Remarketing is such an effective way to reduce cost because you are targeting those that already showed some type of interest in your product or service. You will be targeting those that have already been to your website. If someone browses your site, your remarketing ads will target them based on their shopping behavior. Often, a prospective customer needs to see your offer multiple times before converting. The more times you can get your offer in front of them, the better your chances of converting.

Luckily, remarketing has been made much easier thanks to marketing automation. Not only is it easy to implement, but it can save you boatloads of money because you will be advertising to people that have already shown interest in what you are offering.

Some of the best ways to retarget are by using social media PPC advertisements. That way, you can leverage all of the demographics and other data they have to target the most likely to convert prospects.

Improve Your Quality Score

Improving your Quality Score is one of the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. A lot of marketers fail to do this. Business owners don’t fully comprehend what a Quality Score is. The key is understanding the metric so you know how to improve it. Google incorporates a lot of key data in this metric. This data includes:

  • Is your ad relevant? 
  • Does your ad make sense? 
  • Do you have high-quality ad copy?
  • Is your ad copy engaging?

Google will come up with a score based on all of this information. That score will dictate how effective your ad is likely to be. Improving your score will involve many things including optimizing your keyword usage, adjusting your ad colors, and more.

You will want to leverage buying keywords in your ad copy. This can help to improve your expected click-through rate. While it may seem rather obvious, it’s a good way to get more conversions.

However, you need these keywords to be relevant. Try to include relevant keywords and phrases on your landing page and your ad copy. You’ll want to pitch your offer to the interested prospect. Follow the tips and you can maximize the relevance of your ad copy.

Another excellent PPC tip for improving your small business marketing success is to avoid baiting and switching at all costs. You don’t want to trick prospects with your ads. For instance, if you have users clicking on your advertisement for blue raincoats, they will be extremely disappointed if you’re only selling green shorts on your site. You want to ensure you are leveraging personalized ads and using targeted landing pages so you deliver your prospect what the ad was selling. This will ensure you get the best conversion rate possible with your ads.


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