7 Impressive Benefits of CCM Software

With the industry becoming increasingly globalized and billions of potential leads flooding the internet globally, businesses are having to take new steps to stay organized. Gone are the days of recording leads on note cards. Today, companies lean on sophisticated communications software that enables them to engage prospects, keep them warm, and ensure their happiness.

Enter CCM software.

CCM software (customer communication management software) describes a class of SaaS applications that allow companies to centralize every aspect of the customer engagement journey.

If you’re unsure what adopting CCM software could mean for your organization, keep reading! In this post, our team breaks down the benefits you can expect to rake in.

1. Institutional Organization

When you’re engaging with customers, you’re not talking with them through a single channel. Some are calling you on the phone. Others are using your website’s contact form or sending you messages on Twitter.

Rather than scrambling to keep all of your communications organized in an omnichannel world, CCM software makes things easy. Combining it with ERP software will render maximum benefits.

Armed with a quality customer communication management tool, your communications will be pulled into a centralized location across each of your points of contact. That information will be funneled into customer files, allowing you to access information about buyers’ needs quickly.

2. Legal Compliance

When you reach out to customers, did you know there are regulatory matters you need to stay mindful of? For example, if you’re cold calling and a customer asks to be placed on a do not call list, you’ll need to ensure that your company does not engage them again.

Do you have a workflow in place that ensures mistakes won’t be made on that front or others that could result in steep fines?

CCM software is a solution that allows your team to bake in regulatory guard rails into your communication strategies, so no matter who you have working for you, you can rest easy knowing mistakes won’t be made.

3. More Leads

Your business is only as hot as its roster of prospective buyers. Building that roster takes marketing attention and CCM software loves enabling companies to market.

For example, several CCM tools have email marketing campaign features that allow you to keep databases of customers and strategically send them notes regarding promotions, offers, and more. You might also be able to engage customers via text message, depending on the CCM you buy into.

4. Heightened Conversions

A customer has shown repeated interest in your products by visiting your website 5 times in the last week. Is your team aware of that hot lead? Do you have a strategy in place to prioritize converting them?

CCM software increases the visibility groups have into leads and gives them the tools they need to quickly engage them so your most fervent browsers can turn into your most fervent buyers.

Nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts after putting several products in it. If your CCM tool could help you cut that down by just 10%, you could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of additional revenue per year.

5. Growing Feature Sets

When you buy into a CCM today, you can expect that features you’re enjoying at the moment will continue to improve as time goes on. Therein lies the value of the SaaS market.

Applications that exist in the cloud tend to charge a monthly or annual fee. In exchange for that fee, you can expect regular, free updates to your platform, which will continue to empower your ability to get the most out of your customer communications.

It means that investing in a quality CCM workflow means future-proofing your end-to-end communication strategies.

6. Deeper Collaboration

Collaboration means everything to a successful business. This is especially true when it comes to marketing and customer service.

If you have a team member that’s managing an upset customer, do you have the technical abilities for another team member to pick up that case days from now? Will they be able to continue helping that customer towards resolution seamlessly?

CCM software makes it simple for team members to share information. That shared information reduces redundancies when managing problems. It also keeps your customers progressing through their service and/or marketing journeys.

7. Happier Customers

Every investment you make in your business should, in some way, improve customer satisfaction. That’s because if you have happier customers, chances are, you’ll have more repeat shoppers.

At its core, CCM software is targeted at improving customer experiences. It allows you to personalize marketing. It lets you resolve conflicts. It keeps consumers informed on the products and services they love you for.

In our book, all of that is a value worth pursuing. So, consider investing in your customer satisfaction by taking the plunge into CCM technology today!

Your Next Steps Towards CCM Software

We hope to have sold you on the power of CCM software. If you’re energized to the point that you’re wondering what the next steps are, our advice is to start talking to CCM vendors and scheduling demos.

Not all CCM software is created equal. Test out a handful of products to see which tools might fit best into your workflows.

Once you’ve landed on 2 or 3 products you like, negotiate the price for licenses, understand what your vendor’s refund policies are, and roll out your favorite software across your organization.


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