Top 10 Best Outsourcing Companies Worldwide

Most thriving businesses nowadays are familiar with and closely engaged with the sphere of outsourcing. As this business area continues to grow, more different outsourcing enterprises appear. That’s why choosing a high-class customer service outsourcing company can be quite challenging.

What Makes a Great Outsourcing Company?

Before digging into all possible agencies you can work with, it’s advisable to establish some ground features that would be worth your attention:

  • Firstly, the best outsourcing companies usually have a worldwide presence, meaning they are experienced in working in the globalized market;
  • Secondly, top-notch outsourcers will know how to fit the most specialized business needs. Thus, they will provide a wide range of talent and a high level of operational expertise;
  • Lastly, they know how and will use a set of quantifiable KPIs to track your company’s progress in improving everyday operations.

These three indicators will help you select top outsourcing call center companies from the vast pool of choice. In addition, considering these features will make it much easier to decide whether the agency is a good fit for your business.

The List of Outsourcing Companies That Showed to be the Best on the Market

With such a great variety of choices, knowing where to start the hunt for the best outsourcing representatives would be hard. That’s why this list, which combines ten first-class outsourcing companies in US, Asia, and Europe, will be proven helpful in your search.

Wipro Technologies

Wipro is an IT outsourcing and consulting agency based in India. The company works across various industries, including retail, manufacturing, technology, media services, and communication. Wipro is a brilliant choice for those who seek help and support in the sphere of information technologies.


Next on the list of outsourcing companies is another Indian-based agency that offers IT and business consulting alongside various other BPO solutions. And if you were looking for outsourcing agents to help you with contract analysis, management, recruitment, or cloud infrastructure, then Infosys are your guy. 


As an HCL Enterprise subsidiary, this company provides top-notch IT and consulting services. They will handle anything from software services development to infrastructure services to help your business solve possible problems.


IBM is a global entity specializing in technology outsourcing. Based in New York, it operates in around 170 countries worldwide. Its biggest clients include Paypal, Amazon, and Volkswagen, and it gives a range of services, such as:

  • financial consulting, planning and analysis,
  • talent acquisition,
  • staff augmentation,
  • and others.


Accenture is an international top outsourcing company that is a part of the Fortune Global 500. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that most of their clients are Fortune Global 500 companies. With its headquarters located in Dublin, Accenture still manages to provide its international customers with BPO, application, infrastructure, and bundled outsourcing services.


A proven international outsourcing platform that provides top-notch customer support services. Having worked with various industries, from Saas to Fashion, WOW24-7 is an excellent pick for any business that strives to improve customer experience and loyalty.


This French IT, consulting, and outsourcing service enterprise mainly focuses on digital product and application development. With clients in over 36 countries, Capgemini’s goal is to provide them with the level of expertise that would ensure long-term sustainable growth for every business. 


A US-based international innovative consulting company, Cognizant provides a wide range of services, including advanced AI and digital engineering solutions.


It is one of the best companies in the USA that helps businesses of all sizes and from all kinds of industries, including but not limited to banking, retail, insurance, and finance.


Lastly, we have Sciencesoft—an IT consulting and software development company based in the US. They primarily work with mid-sized and large enterprises. Nestle, Walmart, and eBay are some of their most recognized global clients. The company is excellent for outsourcing IT desk help, software development, crisis management, and IT strategy projects. 


Hopefully, this list of outsourcing companies will ease the selection process. However, you should not forget to consider your business needs before deciding. Creating a list of selection criteria based on your business requirements would be helpful. You can also set up a small test project to show the performance level of your shortlisted outsourcing companies. If you’re confused, you can contact professionals to help figure this out.


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