The 3 Best Live TV Streaming Services

While we do not even watch quite enough Television like we once did, we nevertheless watch a lot—three hrs. per day on a median. It could appear that the cable companies will take a profit from it. No. Streaming is overtaking satellite and cable Television among several consumers than before. Nowadays, 69% of consumers prefer streaming above regular Television channels.

People crave to reduce expenses. Yet, 60% of consumers now subscribe to at least one streaming platform in addition to cable or satellite. Consumers want both their regular channels as well as the latest, most creative entertainment on video-on-demand (VoD) subscription platforms. If you’re new to the streaming arena, head on to and discover the best streaming platforms currently available in the UK market.

You can experience two distinct types of streaming via today’s modern streaming platforms, offering customers the greatest of both worlds. First is VoD, which is marketed by services including Prime Video and Netflix. 

Pairing live-TV streaming services include Sling Tv, Philo, and  YouTube TV, and free on-demand sites including Peacock, Pluto TV, and Crackle TV, you can access all their preferred channels together with trending movies for much less expensive than you’re spending your satellite or cable TV service.

Without any delay, let’s check the top 3 live TV streaming providers.

The Top 3 Providers for Streaming Live TV

Sling TV

Offers: 3 subscription alternatives/ Sports Network/ Streaming Compatibility with AirTV Mini and AirTV 2.

Sling TV distinguishes itself from its opponent’s thanks to its à la carte channel estimation, which further ranks it our highest-ranked choice. Sling TV provides 3 basic packages: Blue, Orange, Orange & Blue, as well as a variety of specialized plans which can bundle up to one dozen related stations, unlike the competition, which typically simply provides 1 or 2 two bundles. The reason we appreciate it is that you can indeed access the networks you choose.

Its Orange or Blue channel plans start from $35 / month. The  Sling Orange, which offers approximately 31 stations, & Sling Blue, which offers around 41 channels, both offer certain stations (TNT and TBS). 

Although Blue gives an NBC/Fox package, Orange is mainly a Disney/ESPN combo. If you desire a broad selection of channels, then the Orange & Blue bundle costing $50 is a better decision.

Regional CBS, PBS, and ABC networks are still not offered. Sling TV recommends using an over-the-air (OTA) transmitter for these. To simultaneously watch Sling TV & your cable stations, Sling TV uses its streaming hardware, namely AirTV Mini and AirTV 2.

Apart from basic services including Showtime stations, Sling TV’s plans vary in price between $6 – $10 a month. For example, the $11 Sports Extra package contains 15 stations, featuring NBA TV, NHL Network, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, and a handful of college athletics stations. In addition, Willow Cricket, a particular favorite, is accessible for $10 per month. Seven networks are part of the $6 Hollywood Extra, featuring Turner Classic Movies and Reelz, which are in my opinion necessary.

Sling TV does have a cloud DVR of 50 hours of storage space. For just an additional $5 a month, you can add a maximum of 200 hours of backup if you’d like. With this application, you may bypass ads.

Sling Blue lets you watch three channels simultaneously whilst Sling Orange simply permits 1. Four shows could be viewed at once if you buy the subscription which includes both.

Lastly, Sling TV is better than all the other services combined if you seek non-English programming. There are numerous choices both in European and Asian languages. Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese are also available.

Youtube TV

Offers: Over 85 stations/ Sports Bundle/ 4k streaming

It provides more of the most well-liked stations than its counterparts with over 85 stations. Moreover, it allows you to watch your regional PBS networks in combination with the native Fox, ABC, NBC, and Fox networks in 95% of regions.

The service recently launched its first $11 monthly Sports Plus bundle. This features Fox Soccer Plus, Fox College Sports, Nfl RedZone, and GolTV.

You can enjoy 4K live broadcasts and a narrow number of on-demand entertainment on this video streaming platform’s $20 monthly add-on, which doesn’t offer any additional channels. An unlimited amount of simultaneous streams also are introduced, previously which was only for 3 devices.

Undoubtedly, the greatest cloud DVR is available on YouTube TV. It offers extensive 9 months to view recordings with limitless storage. You can ignore the advertisements on your saved episodes too.



Offers: 65 stations/ Movie stations add-ons/ Limitless DVR storage

Limited financing? Not much of a sports fan? If it characterizes you, Philo is the service you deserve. You can enjoy 65 stations just for $25 monthly.

Sadly, no regional or sports channels are provided. But, Philo is unquestionably worth checking out if you love watching renowned leisure and lifestyle episodes combined with just enough facts. Cheddar News and BBC World News are offered to keep you updated.

Moreover, Philo has started to offer two movie channels: Starz at $9/month and Epix at $6 /month. The station is also starting to provide its exclusive shows.

The majority of the movies and TV shows on Philo’s stations are available on demand for 72 h after its first live telecast due to the company’s excellent DVR features. You do get endless DVR capacity. You’ll have one year to view recordings once they’ve been archived. You may jump ahead through episodes of your archived shows.

You can concurrently view 3 distinct streams due to the platform. The cost is outstanding, & Philo’s cloud DVR capabilities are unmatched. It may be adequate if you live in a location with many complimentary broadcasters that you can access using a transmitter. We appreciate Philo a lot due to what it serves.


In essence, the above-mentioned streaming services are categorized as the best live TV streaming platforms presently available in the market. If you’re tight on the budget we highly urge you to consider subscribing to Philo but if budget isn’t a worry for you Sling TV can be the optimal choice for you.


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