Static Residential IP Proxy: Usage, Benefits, and more

Web proxy servers are the most famous instance of the internet world. These not only provide security while browsing or downloading the content available on the internet but also help in accessing the blocked websites across the world wide web. One of the main benefits of proxy is that it provides a mask over the IP address, as a result of which it becomes difficult to trace the IP address of a computer system.

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What is a Static Residential IP Proxy?

When it comes to static residential proxies, these are the most advanced versions of the proxies (discussed earlier), as it is a combination of two things, one is legitimacy and the other is speed? 

Static Residential IP Proxies are block-free and do not fall under the trap of rules violation. Also, it is backed with datacenter proxies which are much faster than the traditional proxies. The word “Static” implies that you are allowed to work as a resident by changing the IP address.

These are assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) through contract. In comparison with the traditional proxies, static residential are never flagged as inappropriate, there are very few chances of the same as a result the user does not face any hindrance while accessing the world wide web.

Benefits of Static Residential Proxy

Static proxies are well trusted by the users as these do not create hindrance to the seamless working and provide positive results to the user. Some of the benefits of the same are given below, have a look.


Since the static residential proxy is packed with the fast performing datacenter proxies, this provides very good performance and hence it is the most famous aspect of the same.

Highly Anonymous

Usage of static residential proxy allows complete anonymity to the user. As a result, the privacy stays under checked and does not let others know any related details.


Static Residential proxies are highly reliable as these are not assigned randomly and are given by the most authentic ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you are wondering whether you should go for it or not, I would urge you not to get hesitant and simply go for it.

High Uptime

Unlike other proxies, Static Residential Proxies are known to have high uptime which makes them more trustworthy. There is no record found about the low uptime of the same and also in the coming future, the chances are very less.


Usage of Static Residential Proxies is fully secured as these are provided by the most authentic source i.e. ISP (Internet Service Provider). So, without any doubt, you must go for it.

So these were some benefits of Static Residential Proxy. On the basis of these, you can easily reach the conclusion, whether you should opt for it or not.

Usage of Static Residential Proxy

As the name suggests it provides a static IP address which is of great importance as rotating IP addresses are much prone to blockage and are usually debarred from the service. So, it is completely dependent on the requirement. On the basis of it, you may easily decide which one you should use. 

For example, if you are browsing any eCommerce portal, paying the fee online, accessing any social media platform, etc, and while browsing, you are using dynamic IP, in this case, there are very high chances of being banned. But on the same side, if you are using static residential IP, the chance of being blocked is very rare as the source of it is quite authentic which is not the case with dynamic IP.

Static Residential proxy is known to provide high-speed access to the company as a result the brand value gets a positive impact which is beneficial in a way.

How to Choose the Right Proxy?

There are several factors on the basis of which an individual can decide which proxy service is beneficial for him and which is not. These are speed, price, performance, support, etc. So, by considering these factors one can easily reach the conclusion of buying the right proxy for himself.

So, if you are looking for a proxy that can provide complete anonymity along with the speed of data center proxies, the Static Residential proxy is best suitable for you. 


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