7 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer sites

The internet is not a safe place anymore due to easy access to data. Social sites are full of fake accounts constantly looking for victims on the internet. However, the internet claims that their safety standards are upgraded and safe. The truth is that it is not 100% secure to use. So, due to security concerns, parents are worried for their kids. 

They want to track their profiles for their safety. However, today’s generation is too good with technology. The kids block their parents to hide their activity on social media platforms, like Instagram. Hey dear parents, you need not worry as we understand your care for your kids, so we offer you something incredible.

The young generation is addicted to Instagram. This is because its features allow them to share photos and videos that last 24 hours. An Instagram user can check the name of the person who has seen their story from their profile.

 Some of the Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer apps allow you to track other people’s profiles anonymously. That sounds awful but do not worry there is a trick, an easy one to watch Instagram stories anonymously. 

This article will tell you about the 7 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers. The list of these apps is given below.          

  1. InstaStories.watch 
  2. Storiesig.me
  3. Storiesdow
  4. insta-stories-viewer
  5. Storiesig
  6. Inflact
  7. Storistalker

All these tools enable Instagram users to watch Instagram stories from any account. Here we will explain the best Instagram Story Viewer apps.

How to View Instagram Stories Without Anyone’s Notice

Due to some privacy concerns, Instagram does not allow you to watch the stories of other users anonymously. However, there are third parties that have a solution to your problem. Yes, you can be an anonymous Instagram story viewer.

If the Instagram account is private, you can still view Instagram anonymously. There are many other cool features of Instagram like IGTV, Reels, etc., and you can watch all that by using these apps. 

Are you interested in watching your kids’ activities? Are you curious about your spouse or ex’s life? Then we have some incredible and life-changing apps for you.

This Instagram story highlights viewers and allows you to watch the Insta stories without any Instagram account. Moreover, you do not need an Instagram account to check the stories anonymously.

Why Couldn’t Instagram Users Watch IG Stories Anonymously?

You cannot watch IG stories anonymously because of the Instagram privacy policy. Fortunately, you can watch and download the stories and profile pictures of private accounts.

There are only two ways that you can use to watch the IG view Instagram without them knowing. Firstly, a fake account can give you access to the other Instagram account.

Secondly, there is the best way of tracking the Instagram account. The third-party app enables you to view Instagram stories without an Instagram account.

The Best IG Stories Viewer for PC, Android, and IOS

The best Instagram viewer apps allow users to watch IG stories for all devices.  

Do you have an android phone and wondering if you can check the other’s Instagram profile anonymously

or not?

The answer is yes. These apps allow you to check any private profile. In addition, this app works for PC and iPhones as well. So, whether you own a PC, Android, or IOS, you can use it. The login is not required for any of the devices.

What is an Instagram Stories Viewer?

Instagram stories viewer is a third-party app that enables people to check their Instagram private and public accounts Anonymously. The use of this app is very easy and convenient. This tool allows you to watch IG stories online without anyone noticing.


InstaStories.watch is a perfect app that everyone must have. This heavenly app allows its users to spy on any party using Instagram. InstaStories.watch is effortless in use, but the results are beyond your imagination. This app is available for Android, all types of PC, and IOS. With this app, people can download photos and videos of Instagram users. Moreover, this Insta story viewer brings everything to your access.


This app allows you the following features. This app enables anonymous browsing. Different lang versions of InstaStories make it simple to use. Moreover, no registration or Instagram account are needed for downloading Instagram Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in different formats like MP4, and JPEG. In addition, this app is 100% free to use for watching stories.

The use of Storiesig.me- Brief Guideline

The Instastories are very easy to use. It consists of the following steps.

  1. Open InstaStories.watch
anonymous instagram story viewer
  1. Enter the Instagram account name in the given box.
instagram account name
  1. Watch and download anything you want.
watch and download

Storiesig. me

This IG stories viewer is one of the seven apps app that everyone must download. Do you want to watch IG on a private account? Go and download the best Instagram story viewer name stories on IG.


This app enables its users to check on their partners using Instagram. Storiesig is free simple and basic to use. In addition, anonymously browsing is one of its characteristics. Moreover, users do not need to log in or sign up. This free-to-use app has different lang versions with the possibility of downloading Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Hand highlights in different formats – MP4 and JPEG. Moreover, you will get fast-loading speed downloading without any Instagram account.

 Steps for watching Instagram stories via StoriesIG.me

To use this app, follow the given steps.

  1. Open the app StoriesIG.me
  1. Write down the Instagram account name in the dialogue box.
  1. Watch the profile of any private and public account.


 With Storiesdow Instagram is fun to use. This app is to watch Instagram online without any difficulty. IG storydown is one of the top-used apps for Instagram stories.


Storiesdow allows people to download and share the IG anonymously, and you don’t need an Instagram account for that. In addition, with this free app, you can download, Share and remove any content from any Instagram blog. The mind-blowing fact about stories down is you do not need any Instagram for this.


Insta story viewer is magic for those who want to track their relative’s and friends’ Instagram accounts. Insta stories viewer is perfect for watching IG stories and reels.


Insta story viewer is free to use with so many features. Instagram story viewer

 allows the public to watch IG with 100% anonymity

and no Instagram account is needed for that. Moreover, Insta story viewer is

useful for Android, IOS, Windows, and MAC and

you can use it without any kind of sign-in. Instagram story viewer.


Are you sick of using fake accounts for watching IG? Use StoriesIG, this is one of the best IG viewer apps.


 that is simple and beautiful. The IGStories, an Instagram Highlights

Viewer Support can Download and save an amazing story for you. You can use this app to View the stories of a user anonymously. For using storiesig you do not need to install anything to view the stories of a user anonymously. StoriesIG is Simple and beautiful and this allows you to share stories on different social networks.


The inflact Instagram viewer is such a savior for many parents and partners who have an interest in the activities of their loved ones. With inflict ig, you can anonymously check anything from an Instagram profile without signing up. 


 With Inflact Instagram you have access to see Insta Stories of people who blocked you without them knowing, and for that, you do not need to create a fake Instagram account. Moreover, there is no requirement of downloading any third-party app. There is a premium offer as well, with the subscription you will be able to autosave any story.

For the Auto story, the subscription tariffs are 

3, profiles cost only $7 per month

10, profiles cost you only $19 per month

100, Profiles cost you only $99 a month

But remember that private Instagram can’t be added for tracking.


As we discuss earlier some reliable apps to watch Instagram stories, videos, and photos and share them anonymously, Storistalker.com is one of these apps. With Insta stalker, you have full access to the other’s Instagram profile.


 There are some amazing features of Storistalker, this app is free to use and allows you to view or delete stories, posts, likes, and subscribers anonymously. In addition, you can use this app for free on Android, all types of PC, and IOS.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and use these 7 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers. Go grab this opportunity.


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