Top 5 SaaS Email Marketing Tips That Bring Sales

  • Updated on January 9, 2023
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Email marketing is the most underrated yet one of the most effective strategies for building anticipation and authority among your target audience. With an ROI of $36 on the expenditure of $1, email marketing can revolutionize your marketing strategy.

But email marketing can be quite arduous. You focus not only on engaging your audience but also oversee other marketing processes. And when it comes to the SaaS industry, it becomes more challenging as people are already aware of marketing ploys. A good way to ace it is to learn email marketing techniques and to leverage paid and free marketing automation tools.

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Let’s discuss the top 5 SaaS email marketing tips that bring sales and build your credibility!

5 Best Email Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies

Make Your Onboarding Emails Stand Out

Your onboarding emails must be unique so that you can make a strong impression from the beginning. If you are using the usual copy-pasted or cliched welcome emails, you will miss the opportunity of making a statement about your brand. There are a few ways you can make your onboarding emails stand out.

One thing you can do to make them distinctive and attention-grabbing is by using SaaS email templates. Look for the ones that have visuals and where your content will look neat and organized. Nowadays, you can find lots of high-quality options designed specifically for different niches, e.g., photographer email templates, real estate agent email templates, etc. Also, you can provide the audience with freebies or offer them discounts for using your software for a certain period.

Your goal should be to provide as much useful content as possible. Therefore, you can give them a guide or share some tips or techniques for using your application. In addition, throughout your onboarding email sequences, make sure to use an empathic and friendly tone.

Benefits Over Features

One mistake most marketers make while describing their products or services is focusing more on the features or specifications. However, buyers are never interested in such details. On the contrary, they want to know how it will benefit them and solve their specific problem.

But for showing the benefits of a SaaS product, it is essential to create demand for the product. Since the SaaS products are usually based on new concepts, you would need to present them focusing on what problem they will solve. Through this, you will be able to position your product and gain a competitive edge in the market.

You must also identify when you have to focus more on the benefits. Because a customer who has already bought your idea would now be interested in knowing its details before making the final decision of purchasing it. Therefore, it is better to present the benefits first and then move on to the features.

Automate SaaS email marketing

If you want to scale your overall marketing strategy and drive more sales, automation of your email marketing strategy is essential. Email automation will allow you to manage the increasing leads and would make sure that your business’s growth does not get affected.

Moreover, for automating email marketing, it is necessary to choose an apt tool that provides more features. For SaaS businesses, it is better to use specific SaaS marketing automation tools. These types of tools will allow you to manage large email lists without compromising on the personalization of emails.

Besides, it will give you many advanced options through which you will be able to target different segments of your audience. Moreover, you can also identify the behavior of the users on your site and create emails according to it. Other features include setting welcome email sequences, drip marketing campaigns, reminder emails for subscription expiry, auto-responders, enhanced personalization, and various other features.

Always do the A/B Test

For getting a better conversion rate, it is essential to make A/B split testing a permanent part of your email marketing strategy. A/B testing will allow you to track the performance of every email. It will help you in assessing which strategies work best for improving click-through rate and conversion rate. 

Through this, you can test your subject lines, descriptions, and the entire content of the email to check if it will work or not. Therefore, you should always create multiple versions of emails. It is essential because you will get to test them beforehand and know where improvements are required. 

Revise the Campaign Emails Regularly

Most of the time, after creating an email sequence for a specific campaign, marketers forget it completely. They use the same sequence for a long period for different users and at different times. Because of this, the content might seem outdated to the new subscribers, and it will affect the click-through rate and conversion rate.

Therefore, to avoid these consequences, it is crucial to regularly update and revise the emails. Look for the statistics and the information you provided previously. Also, it is possible that what strategy worked for you last year would not be as effective because of the rapid changes in the industry. Therefore, you might also have to consider revitalizing your email marketing strategy.  

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is often overshadowed by some of the popular marketing strategies like SEO or social media. Though email marketing is challenging and time-consuming, the ROI it provides is incomparable.

Having a definite email marketing strategy is also vital for SaaS companies. And here we discussed the top 5 ways to nail it. The foremost thing is to have a distinctive onboarding email campaign in place that makes an imposing image in the user’s mind. Secondly, you would always need to focus more on the benefits of your products rather than the features. Then you must also need to automate the email marketing strategy using SaaS-specific tools.

Besides, it is crucial to perform the A/B split test so that you know which strategy will bring more sales. Lastly, you would need to make sure that all your previous email campaigns are up to date and give desired results. 


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