Login to Verizon.Net with 3 Simple Steps

Verizon Email was a very famous product of Verizon Communications. It had a huge database of around 4.4 million clients with 2.5 active users. But in 2017, Verizon email addresses were shifted to AOL, a brand that is managed by Verizon and now used to offer email services to worldwide clients. Verizon services are highly rich in features thus its users decided to stick with it even after the migration of Verizon email accounts to AOL. This way Verizon offered its users to retain their email accounts and data stored in it by moving to AOL.

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The closure of email in 2017 was a step to shift the focus of the brand to its primary services namely Verizon cable TV, internet, and IPTV services.

Earlier, Verizon email accounts could be logged in from the official sign-in platforms. But, after the migration, few changes were made in the log-in process. 

So, let’s see how you can log in to Verizon’s email in 2020.

How to Sign-up for New Verizon Email Account

The migration of the data in 2017 brought many changes in the sign-up process of Verizon’s email. Users who shifted their data to AOL can still access their email accounts. Whereas, to create a new Verizon email account, users can sign-up at mail.aol.com or yahoo.com.

How to log-in to Verizon.net?

Though you can’t create a new email account with Verizon, you can access your already registered account with few simple steps. All old Verizon users need to use the AOL login page or Verizon Yahoo sign-in page to access their email accounts.

Steps to Sign-in to Verizon.net

  1. Go to any of the login pages mentioned above (AOL or Yahoo). 
  2. Type in your complete Verizon email address and hit Next
  3. Now, enter your Verizon email password and click “Login

Using these 3 simple steps you can easily access your Verizon email account. But make sure you are entering the correct details to avoid the Verizon login issues. Also, keep a check on Caps-lock because the password field is always case-sensitive. Only enable the Caps-lock key when it is required.

Verizon Settings for Third-Party Clients

If you want to use Verizon with other email platforms like Outlook, Android mail app, or iPhone mail, you need to configure Verizon sending and receiving settings for avoiding any issue while signing in. Here are the correct Verizon email settings:

ProtocolServer SettingsPort Settings
POP 3Incoming mail server (POP3): pop.verizon.netOutgoing mail server (SMTP):smtp.verizon.netPOP3-995-SSL SMTP-465-SSL 
IMAPIncoming mail server (IMAP): imap.aol.comOutgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.verizon.netIMAP-993-SSL SMTP-465-SSL

Important Note: Make sure you enter the complete Verizon email address including @verizon.net and enable the SSL encryption and incoming and outgoing emails. 

Fix Verizon.Net Login Issues 

There come instances when Verizon users feel it difficult to sign in. Multiple causes can trigger the sign-in problems with Verizon.net, therefore one needs to understand all the possible reasons before attempting troubleshooting. 

First thing first, no Verizon email login platform is available, so make sure that you are not trying to log in from Webmail.verizon.com and Verizon.net webpages. Only AOL and Yahoo are giving you the Verizon sign-in opportunities. 

However, for Verizon Wireless products, Verizon wireless account or My FIOS account services are available. You can sign to Wireless accounts from https://login.verizonwireless.com/vzauth/UI/Login 

But if you have Verizon email login issues, we suggest you try the below-given corrective measures.

  1. Make sure your internet connection is working fine. You can try restarting your router if there is a network connection error.
  2. Check your password thoroughly after entering.
  3. Try switching browsers or devices if you are unable to login.
  4. Use incognito mode to sign-in to Verizon’s email.
  5. Clear cache, cookies, and browser history before making the sign-in attempt.
  6. Temporarily disable the add-ons, plug-ins, and security software while signing-in to Verizon.

Contact the Verizon support platform for technical help.

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