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  • Updated on December 28, 2022
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How Email Testing is Useful for Email Marketing

In the b2b marketing world, marketers are aware of lot amount problems an email campaign might face. That is why real professionals don`t let this vital process for a company go with the flow, so they tend to focus on fixing all delivery issues, improving all possible rates, and following required rules and recommendations. The secret is in implementing it with tools that true experts use systematically to improve email deliverability and increase the company`s profit. 

After reading this article you will find out the following:

  • Importance of systematic testing for your email deliverability;
  • Costless mail testers are available;
  • Get a thorough report of your email delivery process with the use of mail testers.

Let`s get diving into this topic deeper!

Importance of Systematic Testing for Your Email Deliverability

An email marketing campaign is a complex of well-tested and structured processes and actions that should be systematically monitored and improved. You might have a brilliant email and its rich containment of powerful sentences and act-in phrases, it won`t play a role unless your email delivery is failed. To have a successful e-campaign you have to be sure that each letter is delivered directly to the client`s mailbox. 

Regular testing of email delivery is crucial for a company because of the following main reasons. Firstly, during launching cold emailing, your campaign can stick with a variety of spam and delivery issues and it is extremely hard to identify them without additional software instruments. Secondly, when you test email delivery on a regular base, your reputation status grows since email service providers mark you as a caring and trustworthy sender. Besides, an effective marketing campaign means maintaining all indicators at the good and close to the perfection level. That is why such an email tester as Folderly is a great way to reveal those metrics suffering a lot, solve their issues, and keep others in a good state of work. 

But how can you understand that your email campaign needs extra attention and your time to sacrifice? When your engagement rate, email deliverability rate, sender’s reputation, and IP score are declining, at the same time you have a high bounce rate and spam score, they are loud signs that you have to implement to your campaign an email testing tool. The quicker you use the mail tester, the more chances you will have to save your email campaign. 

An updated digital email market nowadays suggests a variety of tools for solving lots of delivery issues. Email warming up, spam testing, delivery checking, cleansing email sending lists, analyzing the email template, and fixing spamming and blocking issues are considered the most frequent questions to marketers and software developers. The latter ones state that it is difficult to find a tool that can solve lots of issues at the same time. However, Folderly`s experts know how to do it with minimum time and effort. After exploring their site, you will be sure that these guys are professionals in systemizing marketing processes for email campaigns showing only brilliant and appealing results for the company’s development and its growing profit. Having known, that Folderly is a product of b2b sales lead generation company Belkins, there should be no place for hesitation and thoughts. They are true professionals with valuable experience in qualitative lead generation and improving email deliverability scores. 

Available Mail Testers 

As we mentioned before, there are lots of opportunities in choosing email testing tools. Some of them require an additional fee for use, and some of them suggest a free subscription or online service. Their prices depend on a range of opt-in functions, guarantee of cybersecurity, availability of client support, additional services, and individual recommendations.

But how can a business owner understand which tool is better? You should know that using cheap or free services might bring to you a pig in a poke. Sometimes it is better to pay a little bit more but you will know that not only your data is secured, but also your client`s private information is protected. Let`s have a look at the most well-known email testing tools.

Folderly`s email inbox tester instrument is one of the tools offering lots of services during one launched email campaign. Having subscribed on their free trial week, you will be able to get a thorough report about the state of all indicators, a detailed analysis of your email for having spam containment, screening and cleaning the client`s database, exploring and solving all spam/block issues your email delivery face. At the end of launching Folderly`s testing tool, you will get a guide of recommendations for improving your email deliverability and boosting clients. 

Another useful testing instrument is DMARCLY suggesting a qualitative analysis of your email template and sends you immediate feedback through email. After running a quick thorough exploring your emailing you will be aware of the issues your campaign face: what should be changed immediately and what should be improved. 

We have just figured out the main reasons for systematic testing and learned about two effective tools for improving it. Now let`s

Get Your Thorough Report of Your Email Delivery Process with the Use of Mail Testers

Getting a detailed analysis after launching an email test is crucial for an email campaign because it gives you an understanding of which measures you have to take in order to boost lead generation and sales. As we stated before, an email campaign involves a complex of processes and indicators which should be always controlled and improved. 

Now let`s explore more about what an email report should include:

IP Blacklists Research.

You cannot get high results from an e-campaign unless your IP address is blacklisted. Email service providers` main job is to identify suspicious senders and prevent receivers from getting junk mail. As quickly you will test your email, you will know whether your IP is blacklisted and the reasons for being blacklisted. Usually, email service providers mark senders with blacklisting because of the containment of spam in the email templates, lack of following rules and time guidelines, refusal of email testing, systematic warming up, and caring about email deliverability. So caring about all these metrics is a key factor in an effective campaign. Besides, don`t forget about systematic warming up your domain and IP since it helps not only identify blocking and spamming issues but also strengthens your sender`s score. 


Using email checkers you will be able to explore the conditions of such domain records like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. They indicate whether your domain faces any spam or block issues. The main tester gives you detailed research about it and provides you with ideas for solving them. 

Email Deliverability

After running a delivery test you will be aware of how good your deliverability of email is. If the rate is low, this is an alarm – you have to improve it immediately. Folderly`s email spam tester not only assesses your email deliverability score but also identifies the reasons for declining it and ways of solving its issues. This metric is one of the most important, because the better your email deliverability is, the higher results for the email marketing campaign you will get.

Spam Rate

This indicator shows whether your email is full of spammy content of your email. Even if your email is crystal from spam content, spam testers might find it in your template. Using loud words and phrases is very dangerous for your reputation, so testing is a crucial thing you have to consider before launching a campaign. So using testing instruments is essential to check your domain for the spam score.  

Finally, we have figured out how to use email testing instruments for email marketing campaigns considering their features and prices. Do not hesitate to start testing your cold emailing with the use of Folderly`s email spam tester. It is the pledge of high lead generation, improving email deliverability, and increasing sales, and profit for your company.


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