SPC Flooring Machine from Boyu Attends at Plast Eurasia Istanbul

  • Updated on February 9, 2024
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From November 23rd to 26th, as a worldwide praised SPC flooring machine supplier, Boyu will attend the Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2022 held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Turkey. To attract more potential partners, Boyu will showcase exclusive SPC flooring machines and other advanced extrusion machines to the audience at booth 407BE during the fair.

As the largest plastic industry fair held annually in Europe, Plast Eurasia Istanbul is a comprehensive platform for different plastic extrusion machinery suppliers to showcase their distinctive products and services. In addition, being an indispensable window for finding SPC, PVC, LVT, and other plastic solution providers, Plast Eurasia Istanbul has attracted exhibitors from different countries to develop their business, and Boyu is not an exception. 

What Boyu Wants to Showcase at Plast Eurasia Istanbul?

To let more visitors taste the charm of plastic extrusion machines, Boyu will not only offer top-tier SPC flooring machines but also invite audiences to experience its unique services and products. Therefore, Boyu is sure to provide the best to the audience, which includes:

Display Advanced SPC Flooring Machines

The biggest purpose of participating in Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2022 is to show the leading SPC flooring machines and popularize plastic extrusion solutions to allure more potential partners. For instance, the SPC flooring machine and its solution showcased in the fair emphasize 2 factors that buyers are concerned about most: performance and cost.

On the one hand, SPC flooring machines from Boyu are high-performance and very resistant to wear and abrasion while still maintaining high productivity in bulk production. On the other hand, Boyu SPC flooring machines and their solutions are cost-effective choices that can be used for a long time without much maintenance.

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Offer Professional Guidance to the Audience

Being a leading pioneer for automatic and integrated plastic extrusion machine solutions, Boyu is committed to incorporating its talented ideas into the latest technologies and providing its progressive SPC flooring machines to users. Therefore, Boyu will offer professional guidance to operate each plastic extrusion machine and detailed explanations to help visitors understand SPC flooring machines comprehensively. 

Enhance Brand Awareness by Showing Excellent Products

Another essential factor that makes Boyu merrily participate in this fair is to boost its brand awareness through qualified SPC flooring machines and other plastic extrusion solutions. The one-on-one interaction and communication at the fair will allow Boyu to attract plenty of international business people, which will strongly increase the brand image while creating an excellent platform to develop long-term cooperative relationships with more partners. 

About Boyu

Established in 1998, Boyu is the leading forerunner of efficient, reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly plastic extrusion solutions, including LVT, PVC, WPC, SPC, and other well-known plastic extrusion machinery. Over the past two decades, Boyu has been constantly dedicated to innovating and upgrading existing products with rigorous tests and experiments. In addition, the evidence has shown that these plastic machine solutions win worldwide appreciation and help customers to gain preposterous profits.

All in all, Boyu is glad to participate in Plast Eurasia Istanbul with its exclusive plastic extrusion machine solutions at reasonable prices. If you are finding the best supplier for plastic extrusion machines, please check Boyu’s performance at Plast Eurasia Istanbul.


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