A Checklist That Needs To Be Ensured Before Moving Into Your Rental Flat

  • Updated on September 8, 2023
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Every individual wants to live in a house where he or she can sense satisfaction irrespective of the place being owned or rented. After all, a house is a place where beautiful memories are created. A person puts all his efforts into building his house of dreams; however, what if he is planning on taking a flat for rent or an apartments for rent in Boston. How can he make sure that the flat is in its best state? Well, the tenants are always seen worrying about being conned by the agents or landlords. From unfulfilled promises to legal conflicts, we have heard about a lot of cases in real estate.

The following content educates tenants about the checklist that needs to be ensured before taking possession of the rental flat. 

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The builders or the landlords often promise their tenants to provide amenities as per the rental agreement. So, there are chances that these facilities are not provided or in an inappropriate condition. Therefore, the tenant must make sure facilities such as parking, swimming pool, gym, etc., are provided as per the agreement. If not, then it should be discussed with the landlord so that he can fulfill his promise later.

Elevator and the Common Areas

If you have taken the rental flat on a higher floor, then the lifts and the common areas should be thoroughly checked. The elevators should be in proper working condition, and the common should have tiling and flooring on them. The common area should also have proper lighting. Usually, the landlord always makes sure that the elevator and the common area are in proper condition. However, if they are not, the tenant should not hesitate to take the matter to the landlord.


Another important thing that the tenant must check is the fittings of the entire flat. Fittings such as doorknobs, bathroom fittings, and electric switches board, etc., should be properly checked. The landlord usually makes sure that these fittings are proper and of a good brand. But if there is any shortfall, then the tenant can put this into the landlord’s notice.


Before taking the rental flat, the tenant must make sure if the walls of the flat are properly painted or not. The walls of the whole flat must have double coat paint without any patch. Apart from the walls, balconies, windows should also be painted and polished. The tenant should look after everything that needs to be painted before his arrival into the flat.


one of the biggest issues that the tenants face these days is the drainage system. To avoid such troubles in the future, it is recommended that the tenant must check if the drainage system is in working condition and not clogged. All the bathrooms, balconies, kitchen drainage outlets should be checked thoroughly.


The tenant is also responsible for checking if there are any cracks in the walls or ceiling of the rental flat; cracks near the electrical sockets must be thoroughly checked. Usually, cracks are normal in walls and ceiling as it occurs because of structural movements and soil expansion. However, if they are major, then they should be brought under the notice of the landlord so that he can take steps and get them fixed before you move into the flat.


Another important thing on the part of the tenant is that he must check if the taps and pipes are in proper working condition. He must check that the water does not leak when he opens or closes the tap. The installation of the kitchen sink is carefully ensured and checked if the water is not being leaked. The water leakages can create huge troubles in the future, so it is recommended that the tenant must go through everything and address the issue as soon as possible.

Plug Points and Switches

Next thing that the tenant must look after is whether plug points and switchboards are all connected to the main electrical supply. Also, ensure that are all plug points and the switchboards are in working conditions. In the case of power cuts, all these points are invertor connections or not. If you have demanded an extra socket or the switchboard, then the landlord has provided the same or not.            

After ensuring all the above points, the tenant is supposed to get all sets of keys from the different parties. Apart from the landlord, the keys are also given to the maintenance agency for repair and maintenance purposes. Before moving into the rental flat, it is the responsibility of the tenant to ask for all the keys to the flat so that his privacy stays maintained. These are certain points of the checklist that the tenant needs to ensure before moving into his 1 BHK flat on rent in Hyderabad.


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