Planning the Perfect Email Campaign for Boxing Day

Boxing Day is one of the most important sales days for any company. But with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas all coming beforehand, it can often be overlooked.

Just listening to the holly jolly tunes ringing all throughout November and December on the radio attracts us to spend more. In fact, according to AdWeek, Santa Claus Coming to Town and Jingle Bell Rock playing on loop for sixty days is a marketing tactic in itself – it increases spending big time!

So, when it comes to that one day after Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when all the gifts are unwrapped and money and gift cards are ready to burn, you better be ready with that carefully crafted offer in hand. Email marketing is perfect because it slips right into the inbox when your already loyal customers (hello, they opted in!) are seeking to spend the most, letting them know about that Best Deal of The Year waiting for them.

Here are some of our favorite recommendations on how to craft that converting email campaign for Boxing Day.

Clean Up Your Contact List

You’ve spent all year building up that list, the last thing that you want to do is come off as spam or have a high bounce rate when disseminating those emails. Start by deleting any emails that haven’t been active and really take note of what customers are resonating with.

Is there a certain product they are promoting the most? What is inciting the highest click-through rates? Are there certain followers that continue to follow your email newsletter but haven’t opened it in a while? These are all factors to take into consideration when thinking about the products that you are going to promote and how you are going to engage customers to buy, buy, buy.

Don’t forget to segment your list! But if you don’t have an email marketer on your team, segmentation isn’t a tactic for beginners. Fortunately, the internet is full of useful resources and this helpful guide from Constant Contact will set you right on your way.

Spotlight Your Deals

Ensure that your promotion is front and center. Now is not the time to have your customers go digging for the perfect sale. Nor is it the time to pitch your latest blog or some major company news like a merger that is coming in 2022. No one cares about that right now. The importance of Boxing Day lies in saving money while purchasing items that you wish were gifted to you.

You have inventory to clear out before the end of the fiscal year, to pitch it right from the jump. Better yet, do it with a beautiful image, leading us to our next point.

Create Stand Out Branded Graphics

You don’t even need to include a lot of copy in your boxing day email marketing campaign, as long as you have an image that showcases your products with your target market and the incredible deal in store for them.

Here is the perfect example of what we are talking about in a recent Boxing Day targeted email campaign by Canadian womenswear retailer, Reitmans.

Can you catch the celebratory vibe? Fortunately, the tools today make it easy-peasy to create graphics in a jiffy – even if you left that campaign to the last minute. PosterMyWall is an online graphic design and publishing tool with hundreds of email templates that have beautiful Boxing Day graphics at your disposal. But it goes beyond simple design – you can actually create and send emails here, too!

But don’t get caught up in the simplicity of the templates – they are totally customizable. Ensure that you implement your branding, including specific fonts, color scheme, and the feel that matches your audience to a tee.

Craft the Perfect Subject Line

Subject lines 70 characters or longer are known to increase click-through rates – so whatever you do, ensure that your subject lines are an appropriate length. Also, personalize them. People respond better to direct outreach. 

Once you craft your subject line and subsequent content, you don’t want it lost on deaf ears. It all comes down to the perfect timing. Normally, you can determine this information by looking at your analytics. While there are certain industry standards, there truly is not some one-size-fits-all strategy that works better than yours.

A/B Test to Various Segments of Your Audience

A/B testing means sending one version of your emails to half of your audience and another to the remaining half. The goal is to find out what type of content resonates the most. That way, you can optimize your next campaigns more efficiently to increase those sales.

With many email marketing tools, A/B testing is as easy as using an email builder to create two variations of the email and send it off to two separate audiences. No extra thinking or work is required!

Next Steps

Now, comes the time to send. When you plan ahead by cleaning up your contact list, spotlight the best deals available all year, create perfectly branded graphics, craft the perfect subject line, and the time your send appropriately, it is really hard to go wrong.

Good luck with your upcoming campaign.


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