How to Make Targeted Email Campaigns for Specific Demographics

  • Updated on October 26, 2021
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Email marketing is quite a nice strategy for small business owners to provide some of the most personalized customer experiences and take the business to the next level. But one needs to ensure that they provide the most authentic and relevant emails to their client base. Targeted email marketing is the latest addition to give your users a great way to embrace requirements and build a strong relationship with your customers.

It doesn’t matter which type of demographic you use; targeted email marketing campaigns can drive profits for small businesses. In simple ways, email marketing has evolved with the implementation of targeted marketing and has given strategically email the freedom to grow itself.

So, if you plan to take a targeted and tailored approach to it, we are listing some important steps to use targeted email campaigns. This aspect can be quite crucial for small businesses and can be used for all specific demographics.

Create Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns for Demographics

Target Emails Based on Customer Type

You can take your email targeting campaign to the next level by segmenting your customers into customer types. This specific demographic can help you give an overview of your customers and help you craft your email content likewise. Knowing what stage your customer is in your sales funnel can convince your new subscribers to make their first purchase. Segmenting your customers into Potential Customers, New Customers, Loyal Customers, and Inactive Customers can give you chances of getting repeat sales increases. Every subscriber on your list is at a specific stage of your funnel level and could fall in any category. So, you can email educational content to keep them updated with current trends for the specific category. You can offer discounts on your other products to add them to your marketing funnel for the newly added ones. You can lend valuable rewarding offers for your repeated customers as they regularly invest in your products/services. Lastly, you can keep in touch via email for your dormant customers by inviting them to online webinars about your product or service or sending surveys to check what is stopping them from making a purchase.

Target Emails Based on Interests

Using targeted email marketing services to attract new customers based on their interests is a great way to boost your response through email. When you segment your email list by interest, then accordingly, you can place the call to action in your email and gauge them at the beginning stage. Every subscriber may have unique goals connected to their specific circumstances, and by knowing their actual interests, you can share products or services they might be interested in. Ultimately it will improve your email conversion rate and save you from investing time and money into promoting your landing page. 

Target Emails Based on Location

Targeting emails by choosing the demographic of location can increase your email open rates. It helps design a personalized email based on real-time data that can save you from sending wrong information based on their location. It goes beyond personalization and pushes the recipient to open your emails and take action. If you are trending in your business with winter wear, then the geographical data in real-time must match the necessity of the given place. These sales and special offers go as per the time zones and can be effective if they are promoted properly through location-based targeted emails.

Target Emails Based on Engagement

Segmenting your contact list in the form of higher engagement or poor engagement levels can get you more subscribers to interact with your emails. While some may be a big fan of your emails and some might not, create targeted emails based on the type of subscriber activity and unleash new horizons for your email marketing. Your content can remain fresh and responsive towards your active subscribers, and in the case of dormant ones, you can try to keep them in the loop with periodic emails. Moreover, to understand your customer’s engagement level, you can reconfirm their subscription for your emails. If your readers don’t take any action in a week or two, then you can easily remove them from your email contact list.

Targeting by Gender

Creating emails by targeting gender demographics can also help you to understand your customer preferences. As a sportswear or a lingerie distributor, you precisely need to check multiple demographic attributes to target them appropriately. It is essential for you first to collect their data and then boost the relevancy of your email marketing by sending gender-targeted emails to your customers.


To take advantage of targeted email marketing may seem complicated at first, but with pre-built automation workflows, you can get results from your email marketing efforts. It is the missing piece of the puzzle which might enable a bigger return on investments and help you achieve your goals. If you want to try your hand at targeted email marketing, you can specifically use every demographic based on their characteristics and see magnificent results. So, apply the steps on how to move forward and leverage targeted email marketing at its best.


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