Key Traits of Flutter as a Cross-Platform Application Development Framework

Key Traits of Flutter

Flutter has aided the creation of many applications that we use today including Google Ads. The benefits that Flutter offers will help in the accelerated growth of any app.  What others have done with Flutter often astounds developers who haven’t tried it yet. So if you are an app developer enthusiast or have an interesting idea in mind go and create your own app using Flutter.

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Some useful features of Flutter

1. Widgets: 

An important feature of Flutter is its widgets. Within the SDK of Flutter, widgets act as building blocks that cover all aspects of development. Flutter along with many ready-to-use widgets also offers you an option to customize the existing ones and give them a completely personal touch or else you can also create your own.

2. Testing toolkit: 

Flutter also includes automation testing tools for three types of tests: unit testing, widget testing, and integration testing. Google will provide you with tutorials for these tests. 

3. Debugging:

Flutter DevTools are used for debugging in the framework (also called Dart DevTools).

4. Simple and Effective Language: 

Dart is a modern object-oriented language that is very much similar to  Java or C++ with its syntax. it renders support to strong as well as weak typing styles and therefore is easy to pick up for beginners. An impressive advantage is that due to the direct compilation, it does not require an additional bridge to interact with the platform, which reduces startup time and overall speed.

5. A Community for Knowledge Sharing: 

Despite its short history Flutter has incredible community support which is also growing rapidly with time.  Stack Overflow conducted an annual study in which Flutter secured 3rd position for most loved and ranked 4th in the most wanted framework of 2020. One can find many Flutter fans on sites like Medium, Stack Overflow, Discord, Reddit,  and all the major social networks and so won’t leave you high and dry with any issues that may arise. Besides, Dart communities are also enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

6. Guarantee of Long-Term Support: 

Since Flutter is backed up by Google and  Google actually is a big user of this technology, one can rest assured that it will have continual assistance. All the bugs will be fixed surely and immediately and the product will keep progressing into the future.

7. Hot Reload Function: 

The hot reload tool is engraved into Flutter’s architecture and doesn’t require any plugins to work. It allows you to see instantly. if you come across an error while running a program, you can fix it right away without restarting the whole thing. Hot reload helps to increase programmers’ productivity, quick changes and allows for experiments without delays.

8. Internationalization and Accessibility: 

Google has been an advocate for inclusivity, diversity and thus provides built-in opportunities to make apps that can be accessed by a diverse range of users. Generally, if we want our app to run in different languages and in different regions the code needs to be prepared so it’s ready for localized content which is then created later- and this process is termed internationalization. Flutter provides built-in widgets based on the Dart intl package that makes this process very simple. Today it supports 78 languages and currencies and more.It’s no secret that Flutter has brought a lot of useful features with itself. But to leverage them to their full potential, you need a mobile app development company with skilled developers. TechAhead, a leading Product engineering company, has hundreds of experienced developers and designers who can help you build an app that perfectly caters to your business’s needs. Book a free session with TechAhead’s expert advisors and take a step closer to achieving your dream app!


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