Why Choose Node.js For Web Application Development?

With the advancement of technology in modern times, the software development industry is growing rapidly. While there is an imminent need to develop new web applications for various business purposes, choosing the right framework for the job is not easy for app developers. 

There are numerous options available in the market, and choosing the right framework is complicated and depends upon a variety of factors. It is also agreeable that JavaScript has continued to be a standalone technology that has been a favorite in the industry when it comes to building high-end applications. Node.js is one such platform based on JavaScript and is a very popular choice for web application development. 

Take a look at the key reasons why Node.js is a great framework for web application development. From key benefits to why most web app developers prefer it, we have discussed it all in the next part of this article. 

Top Reasons Why Node.js Is Perfect for Web Application Development

You already know about the popularity of JavaScript, and a survey report shows that 67.7% of developers still prefer JavaScript for web app development. As fascinating as that sounds, Node.js has significant popularity in the market, with survey reports showing that 51.4% of respondents used Node.Js for web application development over other more powerful frameworks, libraries, and software development tools.

Here are the key reasons why Node.js is a favorite amongst web app developers all across the globe.

1. Speed

Node.js can compile JavaScript into fast machine code with the help of Google’s V8 engine. This makes it a preferred platform that can be used to speed up any framework. It helps developers build flexible and fast web applications with the ability to handle multiple parallel connections. All node.js developers providing companies make sure every project they build on Node has impeccable speed. 

2. Real-time Web Application-building

Node.js is preferred by developers who are looking to develop real-time applications like games and messenger apps. The platform makes the process simpler and more effective. It is perfect for web applications that need an event-driven and non-blocking server.

3. Common Codebase

Node.js has the capability of executing similar code on both the client-side and server-side. This feature enables developers to write JavaScript separately for the client and the server. This makes it a preferred option for web application developers.

4. Data Streaming Ability

Any successful web app development project essentially needs effective and efficient I/O processing. While most web frameworks generally treat HTTP0 requests and responses as complete data objects, Node.js can be useful. It handles I/O processes well and enables users to transcode media files during upload.

5. Seamless Web Browsing Experience

Node.js is constantly gaining more capabilities with the increasing speed of new feature adoptions. This can make for a simplified browsing experience for the user, making it useful for those involved in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services.

6. SEO-friendly

SEO continues to be on the top of the priority list when it comes to web application development. This is where Node.js can be useful. If the backend is rendered with Node.js, it will give better visibility to websites as search engines can optimize React projects.

It also offers higher speed, better performance, and improved user experience to enhance the SEO aspects of the web application.

7. Availability of Open-source Tools

Node.js offers a very versatile and interesting ecosystem that comes for free. All the essential tools developers need like Redux and Flux are available, along with Node.js running on the backend. A lot of Node.js development services also make use of open-source libraries for a variety of task-based activities. This makes it preferable amongst open-source developers.

8. Great Community Support

Originally developed by Facebook, Node.js maintains and supports the deep library and has more than 1,000 independent contributors, making for a helpful community and great support. 

Final Thoughts

Summing up, several reasons make Node.js the perfect option for web application development. The points here make it clear why it is a favorite amongst a majority of web app developers. Even in the presence of more powerful frameworks, it continues to retain its place as one of the most effective platforms for web application development across the globe.


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