How to Keep Someone from Tracking Your iPhone

  • Updated on March 23, 2023
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An iPhone is considered more secure than an Android smartphone, therefore people who bother a lot about their privacy prefer an iOS device over Android or Windows. However, it does not mean that owning an iPhone makes you immune to privacy breaches. Especially if you use a jailbroken iPhone because installing spyware is easy on a jailbroken device. 

But some spy apps can also track a non-jailbroken iPhone through iCloud without installing the app on it. So, you need to be more careful about it. 

In this article, I will try to share with you some tips using which you can keep someone from tracking your iPhone. 

What are the Signs of Someone Tracking Your iPhone? 

A tracking app also known as spyware is a secret app that stays hidden all the time while recording all your activities. It’s not possible to locate the app on your device if you do it the ordinary way. 

However, it does leave some footprint behind that allows you to know that someone is tracking your iPhone. Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

Real-Life Evidence

How is someone tracking my phone when I don’t let any stranger touch it, you may be thinking? Well, in most cases it’s not a stranger but someone you already know is tracking you like your parents, siblings, spouse, or partner. If you ever notice that they know everything about you like your secret and plans that you didn’t share with them then it is a sign that they might be keeping an eye on you. 

Poor Battery Performance

If you notice that suddenly your phone battery is getting discharged sooner than before then it can be because a spy app is installed on it. Spyware can affect your phone battery life since it is always working in the background without you knowing about it.

Phone Lags 

iPhone is known for providing a smooth and lag-free experience to its users but if you find that your phone has started acting weirdly or there is a lag in its performance then it’s a sign that your iPhone is maybe bugged.

Increased Data Charge

If there is a spy app installed on your device then you may see increased consumption of the internet on your iPhone. It is because a spy app needs the internet to sync your activity to the tracking device. So if you start receiving higher data charges then you need to be careful it may be due to a spy app.

Your iPhone Is Jailbroken 

As I told you earlier it’s not possible to install a spy app on an iPhone if it’s not jailbroken. So the person who is tracking you might have jailbroken your phone in your absence to install spyware on it. Check your phone for whether it is jailbroken or not, you can take help of this article for help. If your iPhone is jailbroken then there is a high chance that it is being recorded remotely.

How Do You Stop Someone From Tracking Your Phone

If you want to prevent spying on your iPhone then you need to be careful and follow these tips.

1. Never Leave Your Phone Alone

Most spy apps work only when you install them on the target device, to install such an app on your phone someone will need physical access to it. If you keep your phone with yourself all the time no one will be able to bug it.

For added security, you can always keep your phone password protected with a Pin, pattern, or fingerprint. This way even if someone gets access to your phone they won’t be able to install anything on it.

2. Disable the Wireless Connections

A spy app is pointless if the target phone is not connected to the internet because it can’t be able to transfer the recorded data to the monitoring device. So you can keep your WiFi off. Similarly, if the GPS is turned off on your phone it can’t share your location with someone. 

If you feel that someone is tracking your iPhone then you can put it on Airplane Mode as it will cut off all the network connections. Also, you can try switching off your phone as once the phone is switched off no one can track it.

3. Make Use of Anti Spy Apps

You should always keep anti-spyware on your iPhone if you are prone to be tracked by someone. An anti-spy app as the name suggests prevents spying on your iPhone by finding the hidden spy applications on your phone. 

You need to run a scan on your phone to find malicious apps on it and then you can easily delete them from it, hence eliminating the risk of being tracked by someone. Most anti-spy apps also come with real-time protection which automatically scans your device at regular intervals for spy apps hence providing complete peace of mind.

4. Reset Your Phone

Although the above-mentioned methods are sufficient to keep someone from tracking your iPhone. However, if you find them not working for you then the last resort to get rid of spy apps from your phone is to hard reset it. 

It’s an extreme step to reset your phone but it can surely delete any type of spyware from your device. Before you reset your phone don’t forget to backup your data so that you don’t lose your valuable stuff. 


When someone buys an iPhone they are quite sure that their privacy is intact but it’s not always like that because some spy apps can track your phone without you knowing about it. If you want to protect yourself from being exposed to spying then you need to take some majors like the one shared above in the article. 

The best thing you could do to stop someone from tracking your phone is to install an anti-spy app on your iPhone. It will take care of all your worries related to being remotely tracked by someone. 


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