5G and Its Impact on the World

Remember when you used to visualize the future, all that came to your mind was a hyper-connected world? A world where self-driving cars, smart home IoT, chess-playing artificial intelligence, and telemedicine bots communicate wirelessly over the cloud, closing the gap between space and time, and completing tasks in the blink of an eye. Well, that time is almost here and what’s making all these wonders possible is none other than the most awaited 5G technology.

5G stands for ‘fifth generation’. It is the latest iteration of wireless internet that saw a limited deployment back in 2019. What makes 5G technology changed the world from previous standards is the fact that it can bring around 10 Gig speed straight to your smartphone. 

This is a revolutionary move for any cellular network. 5G speed is 600x faster than 4G, which is already prevalent across the world. Not only that, but 5G has also surpassed Google Fiber, which enables you to download 4K quality movies in less than a minute, by ten times.

Multiple US carriers have already started bringing 5G to our doorsteps. This took a huge investment in wireless infrastructure, the erection of beamforming towers across major localities, and a whole new batch of 5G-friendly devices. This is why the common availability of a 5G network is still an issue in many areas. For now, mobile companies and internet providers are beginning the supply with urban areas. 

One of the most prominent names in the industry of 5G carriers is AT&T. With AT&T Wireless specials, consumers get 5G access with all its unlimited plans without any additional cost. However, you will need to have a 5G compatible device to get the maximum benefit of this technology and check the coverage before signing up as the availability of this relatively new technology is still limited.

Now that you know where to get your hands on its latest technology, let’s discuss how 5G will impact the world around us:

1. Improved Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

5G technology’s impact on IIoT will result in form of reduced latency, high data rates, energy savings, higher system capacity, and reduced costs. Its unique ability to capture more data from connected devices and remote sensors and then transfer it to vast data centers that use machine learning and artificial intelligence will change the whole charge of businesses. Industries incorporating 5G sensors will be able to take faster and more informed business decisions.

2. Advanced Health Care

5G technology will enable hospitals and medical centers to not only diagnose patients remotely but also enable them to carry out surgeries and various procedures using digital personifications. The super-fast network will enable quicker transferring of large medical files, using Virtual Reality-based wearable devices for real-time monitoring, and offering 24/7 support and treatment information to patients. 

3. Smart Buildings

5G is all about advanced, hyper-connectivity so we’re expecting to see more smart buildings in which IoT sensors will monitor and control every system from lighting, security, fire, water supply HVAC, and a lot more. These buildings will be completely controlled using multiple structures that will be formed by combining data and 5G will act as a backbone to support all these operations.

4. Greener Environment

5G network reassures the safer radiation emission and is expected to build a greener environment as it reduces energy use. Connected devices will transfer data related to chemical levels, cost management, waste reduction, weather condition, crop health, etc., and allow the government to take precautionary measures in time before any hazard or calamity.

5. Smart Cities

5G enables IoT sensors to be the next big thing. They will monitor and gather data regarding everything, from air quality to traffic patterns. Will the help of artificial technology 5G will help devices to analyze all the data and use it to automate systems on their own that are done by humans currently.

There are several features in 5G technology that will positively impact smart cities. The biggest and most prominent feature is the lowest latency rate that will enable multiple connected devices to function at the same time.

6. Business Revolution

As business and technology are not two separate things, the 5G revolution is likely to play a huge role in the evolution of businesses around the world too. It will create new possibilities and create new opportunities to expand businesses as it’s likely to increase the productivity levels of the employees. 

Handling lethargic, monotonous, and repetitive jobs, 5G-enabled machines will allow human minds to focus on bigger and better things. It can facilitate global connections by offering blazing-fast speeds for secure messaging as well as video conferencing.

There is nothing bigger for businesses than security. We all know that the better encrypted the network is, the more security it guarantees. This is why businesses have great expectations from 5G technology to offer a secure network like never before.

Wrapping Up

5G is meant to be big; therefore, it is expected to impact every human activity. Immense positive expectations are attached to it. The only drawback related to 5G so far is its limited availability and with the increasing demand, it looks like it will soon not be an issue anymore. Safe to say we will see more connected communities shortly and 5G will become a backbone of it.


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