How 5G Technology is Changing the Modern World

  • Updated on September 20, 2021
  • Internet

The world has seen great progress in wireless communication and how we connect. From analog voice calls to a global boom of 5G, we have indeed come a long way. Soon 5G will take the world by storm, its effects are already clear, and it won’t come as a surprise when the world changes forever.  

Even ten years ago, no one could have seen this coming. 5G is changing everything we know about mobile communication and connectivity. It promises high data transfer speeds, thus creating super internet deals for all. The prospects of this new age in technology are better than ever before, and only our imagination hinders the things we can do. 

Economic Impacts of 5G 

Economists have predicted a $12 trillion global impact by 2035 with 5G. The growth is massive even by the modern world standards, and we all need to brace for impact. 5G does not only change the way the world communicates but also changes how we do business.  

4G brought new business models based solely on mobile applications or the internet, e.g., Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. 5G is bound to bring a better and bigger change. Imagine a world where everything is connected. When a factory runs, all the machines know what the other is up to. In a hospital, the system connects all medical devices and nurses. Similarly, in a warehouse, robots are taking care of all jobs.  

All this may sound far in the future, but it is much closer than you’d imagine. Streamlined processes will make it easier and much more efficient for every business hence improving standards and revenue. 

Smart Cities Are a Reality 

The world has discussed smart cities forever due to their little to no environmental impact. The 5G era is when the idea of smart cities becomes a reality. We are already seeing some of the impacts as some cities in the US begin their journey towards it. The National League of Cities claims that 66% of US municipalities have already started investing in smart technologies.  

5G means that cities will be able to transform various departments fully. Full connectivity and the internet of things (IoT) will mean better control over traffic, power usage, water availability and storage, and a lot more. We will see which parts of a city need a resource more than the other and make it available in time. We can also modify machines to do multiple jobs at once. For example, in Pittsburgh, modified LED streetlights also detect changes in air quality.  

The Future is Artificial Intelligence 

AI is the new fad that has the potential to change the world. We will be able to fully take advantage of the advancements in artificial intelligence with 5G. Better free internet speeds and reliable connections will make it easier for us to overcome past hurdles.  

AI in robotics is the biggest expected change we can expect in the near future. These robots will be able to predict change and be ready to deal with it. We can program these robots to take up dangerous and dull jobs that humans find difficult to do. Robots are already working in nuclear power plants, toxic environments, and warehouses without risk to human life.  

AI can potentially change everything in our lives. We can program all household items to work when and how we want them to. For example, the lights will turn on when your phone alarm rings or the door automatically unlocks when your car pulls up in the driveway. Minor changes brought on by AI will make our lives more convenient. 

Faster Internet Connections Worldwide 

Many remote places in the world still struggle with internet speed and connectivity problems. 5G technology helps with internet speed and reduces signal losses. It will change things for many across the globe. Better connections mean people will be able to find better opportunities no matter where they are. The entire world will find new ways to stay connected, and distances will not matter anymore. Work and education opportunities will increase for everyone in the world. 

While there are still concerns over 5G affecting data privacy and control, the change is inevitable. The world of possibilities that opens up with 5G will impact every human life whether they like it or not. It is possibly the biggest global change since the boom of social media. Changes can be difficult to accept, and it will still take time for 5G to become widespread, but once we are there, we will never look back.


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