How Has TV Changed in Recent Years

  • Updated on November 11, 2022
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The TV manufacturing industry has done a brilliant job over the past years. In fact, the recent advancement in the television industry is jaw-dropping compared to the other tech field. In the early 90s, we are happy to have the box-set television. Now, we can enjoy HD pictures on thin bezel-less monitors. It’s not about the picture quality, things have changed in every aspect. For instance, you don’t have to watch movies with dull sound as you can easily enjoy Dolby Atmos sound from your TV set. We can even connect our TVs to modern sound systems and take things to the next level.

The things that are being changed over the past years clearly demonstrate how well this industry is doing well. To make you better understand, we are going to highlight some of the key features that we are getting in our modern TV set. Without any delay, let’s get into the details.

Quality of the Picture

The first thing that we need to consider is the quality of the picture. With the help of a smart TV, we can enjoy premium quality pictures and make our home look like a theater. In fact, we are not only limited to HD video content. We have premium displays that can give us ultra HD which is more like seeing actions in life. In the past, the cost of such TVs was very high but thanks to modern technology they have managed to come up with a cheaper product without compromising the quality. In fact, we are getting better products every year that we pass with the same or less price.

Comfort of Eyes

Some people might be thinking that modern TVs are not that good for the eyes. In fact, modern TVs are built considering the comfort of our eyes. We can watch TV for hours without having any impact on our eyes. Even the kids can watch TV without having any eye irritation. But we should be very careful while watching large TVs since we need to maintain the minimum watching distance. Maintaining the minimum watching distance will not only help with your eyes but will also give the best experience in terms of sound and video quality.

Streaming Service

Nowadays, people are buying smart TVs with tons of features. Usually, people don’t have any issues with smart TVs but we strongly suggest they use a VPN when they are using premium subscriptions. In fact, most smart TVs can run VPN software as the manufacturers already know that hackers will try to get critical information from these TVs. If necessary, you can even use the free VPN and reinforce your security. Some of you might be thinking that the use of a VPN will slow down your internet connection. However, if you use a premium VPN service, instead of facing slow internet speed, you might experience better speed while streaming the videos. So, we strongly suggest getting a reliable VPN for a better experience and security.

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Better Connectivity

In the past, TVs were more like a plug and play devices. But modern TVs have better connectivity with so many advanced features. You can plug in play station or even use it as an additional monitor for your workstation. Along with that, the TVs can be equipped with streaming devices that will help you to stream live videos. Now let’s speak about the internet connectivity of TVs. You don’t have to rely on the Ethernet cable to hook up your system to the network. You connect your TVs to your home router and stream the most popular content without any hassle. However, when you buy modern TVs, make sure they can connect to the 5GHz network.


Some people think that the advancement in technology for the TV industry has slowed down over the past years. To find the actual progress in the TV industry, we need to focus on the technical specs. For instance, analyze the contrast ratio, refresh rate, response time, etc. A slight improvement on this factor can greatly improve the user experience. So, never think that we need a big change in numbers to see a massive improvement.


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