Binge-Worthy TV Shows You Can Watch in 2023

  • Updated on January 6, 2023
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This year did not waste any time getting its TV act together. You must grab what you desire as it passes you by since the content carousel never stops whirling. In the first months of 2023, there was a bewildering selection of premium programs to choose from. ‘Ozark’ made a significant Netflix comeback, Amazon provided us a fascinating look into the lives of three autistic young adults, and ABC (yes, the network) delivered us the best comedy of the year. 

If this is any indication of the rest of the year, the question will not be whether there will be good television, but rather whether you will have enough time to see it all. We are sure most of our cable TV viewers are thinking we have just mentioned streaming services like Netflix at this point. Do not worry, since we have got you covered as well. 

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We have chosen a few series for you to add to your queue to stay ahead of the curve. With a Lord of the Rings spin-off in the works, the third season of Ted Lasso confirmed, and a new season of The Crown on the horizon, there is no time to waste. So far, in 2023, we have identified 9 projects that have grabbed our attention.


Netflix’s latest coming-of-age drama skips the snobbishness of premium television in favor of what appears to be in style: a straightforward happy story. The British drama follows a teenage LGBT student at an all-boys institution. He quickly finds an ally in the captain of the rugby team, only to discover that they are more alike than he initially assumed.


The period between the first and second seasons of Upload was ridiculously long. Despite this, the sci-fi series about the afterlife remains as inventive and thrilling as it was in season one. The new episodes are hilarious, but they also manage to weave in a story about wealth disparity and how it continues to damage the people of Upload’s universe after they have left.


Severance is the show that most accurately portrays the strange environment of 2022. It sounds like a brilliant corporate strategy to work in an office where your professional and personal memories are segregated at arrival and dismissal. The exhibition examines the various ways we split ourselves in two, focusing on the portions that refuse to stay put.


Despite the fact that just a single episode has been released, ask from the person who has already watched the entirety of the forthcoming season: Barry’s third season is incredible. The third season continues up when Gene discovers that Barry is the culprit behind Detective Moss’ death, forcing Gene and Barry to work side by side in the perilous circumstances.

Without giving anything away, Barry’s second season seems increasingly intense than the first. But, most significantly, how wonderful it is to see Noho back in action?

Under the Banner of Heaven

Under the Banner of Heaven is a terrifying look at religious crime, extremism, and faith tests, inspired by the insane killings of Brenda and Erica Lafferty. Andrew Garfield plays Jeb Pyre, a Mormon detective assigned to the murder case. More and more alarming information emerges as he dives farther into the radical margins of his religion.


Euphoria’s lovely, albeit stressful, return after a long hiatus reveals that the show is more than a one-season marvel. The Sam Levinson series, which continues up following Rue’s relapse in season one, has progressed at a breakneck pace, with Sydney Sweeney putting forth a stellar performance.

Someone Out There

It is difficult to put into words Somebody Somewhere. It is more like witnessing an event than viewing a movie. Bridgett Everett shines as a woman trying to find grace and acceptance in the face of adversity. The series is real and uncensored, part humor, part drama, and all too true for anybody who has ever dreamed of leaving their hometown.

The Dropout 

We are going to make an investment, so deepen your voice and don your turtleneck. The Dropout, a semi-fictionalized depiction of Elizabeth Holmes’ rise and fall as a notorious con artist who tricked a slew of high-profile investors into betting on her “innovative” medical venture, is now accessible on Hulu.

We Own This City

Baltimore, David Simon’s biggest inspiration, returns to HBO triumphantly. The fundamental content has not improved appreciably since his masterpiece, The Wire. The good news is that we are left with a powerful limited series about the Baltimore Police Department’s failing Gun Trace Task Force. It is full of corruption and doubts, giving it the perfect setting for one of Simon’s Baltimore character studies.

Final Words

If you are looking for some old TV shows to watch for hours on end, go no further than the shows listed above. These documentaries, miniseries, and fictional television shows will keep you captivated for hours, and we guarantee you will not realize how fast time passes.


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