PDF Bear Guide: How to Use the 3 Handy Tools?

If we always handle PDF files, especially for work or school, there are times that we need to split, merge them, or delete some PDF pages. With those mentioned tools, you can use them with PDF Bear. This online software will provide those tools, and performing the process is easy. So here’s how to split PDF files, Delete PDF pages, and merge PDFs.

Split PDF

There are two choices of functions you can do with this Split PDF feature. Either the splitting of PDF pages and transform them into individual ones or choose particular pages and extract them from the original file. As mentioned that PDF Bear is a web-based software; it is an excellent tool or feature since it’s pretty hard to look for such a tool to help you immediately split your PDF files. 

It is quite good that you have something you can run into in times of need. It will help you extricate pages that you don’t need anymore. And the good thing is you can preview the pages in order for you not to get confused about which pages you need to remove. So here’s to use the split PDF free online tool:

  1. Select a file you want to split.
  2. Select the pages of the by clicking each page.
  3. After you select the pages you want to split, click it to refine the pages and export it to a separate PDf file.
  4. Watch and wait for the process to finish, and after that, your file is ready to download.

Delete Pages

If you don’t want other individuals to view some of your PDF pages and you want to remove them, this tool from PDF Bear will help you delete those unnecessary PDF pages in a few clicks for free. This tool will make your life more accessible when you try to delete PDF files pages. Users have to pick and upload the file and start removing those unwanted pages. You can easily use this feature by following this simple process:

  1. Choose the document and drag it to the site’s remove pages bar.
  2. Users can either select or enter the PDF pages that they need to delete and start pressing the “Delete” button.
  3. Apply the changes you made, and you can start using the updated document soon.
  4. Download or share the file with other people.

Merge PDF

Merging is the typical process if people want to handle multiple PDF files in one setup efficiently. With that, people can easily use this convenient PDF merging tool without any problem. This software’s service is not for combining PDF documents only because after you merge your files, you can also use its other function to protect, unlock, repair, convert, split pages, and add watermarks to your PDF data. 

With this tool, it will only take you under 30 seconds to merge all of your PDF documents, and after that, you can access the merged version of your files. This tool is the quickest and most convenient when it comes to merging or combining your documents into one PDF file. It will also provide an easy to follow instructions so that you won’t get confused when you try to merge all your data. It’s also among the best PDF convertor tools that people can easily access on the market. With that, here’s how to operate this PDF Bear function:

  1. Choose the documents that you need to merge using PDF Bear.
  2. The PDF merging tool will start the process after you modify your files.
  3. Modify the necessary files, and after that, press “Combine.”
  4. Download the file to your computer or share it anywhere.


PDF Bear is an excellent online tool that people can use to split PDF files easily, delete PDF pages, and merge your PDFs. You don’t have to search for other online tools because this software can provide you with all the needed tools to handle your PDF files.


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