How to Make Amazing Video Intros to Grab Attention?

  • Updated on February 9, 2024
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In this day and age where people are swiping left and right and scrolling up and down, it takes a catchy introduction to retain your target audience. Getting them to view the whole video and feel engaged is possible only if they are hooked on your video right from the start.

This means that it is imperative for you to make catchy introductions so that your viewers stick to the video and watch it all the way through. This will also help you create an audience with a niche interest in your content and develop a community for your brand.

There are some tips that every video content creator should be aware of. Regardless of whether you are a pro or a newbie just starting out, checking out these video editing tips can come in handy when you are looking to create a perfect video template.

Steps to Make Video Intros

Video intros will help you gain your customers’ interest and create a space for brand engagement. Here are a few steps that you can follow to make a video intro:


Pen Down Some Notes Before Filming

In order to understand what you should put in your video intro, go back to understanding ‘catchy introductions.’ They are nothing but a promise to deliver something your customers are genuinely interested in.

Let us say, for example, that if you are into the educational business, you make sure to inform your viewers what they will gain at the end of your video. This information will be seen with a lot of confidence if it comes across as a promise.

So, start your video with something that conveys: ‘I promise you will gain ABC at the end of this session.’ This way, you are giving a peek into your content but also developing a trust factor.

Another thing you can add to the script is the ‘knowledge of something new.’ Try finding unique ways of inculcating a surprise element in your script.

If you are going to make a promise that is just some facts or pieces of information, then you will find that your audience will not stay with you till the end. So, you need to find out a way to promise some information but in a very unique way.

Keep the script exciting and surprising. Use language that sends a message and piques the interest of your audience. 

Creatively Bring Yourself Into the Frame

Try to show as much of your personality in the short introduction. It is you who is on the screen, and the language you will use to convey details about yourself will help cultivate a trust factor in the audience.

Some other tips:

  • Let them see your experience in the subject matter. Add some funny quirks to your story.
  • If you are a simple person, just conveying your introduction will be enough. However, do not make it bland while trying to keep it simple. Also, don’t go overboard and don’t try to come across as anyone else.
  • Use your best tools and skills.
  • Have a firm voice, and maintain eye contact. This will create a gripping video for your audience. Also, don’t tiptoe around your skillsets. Your audience needs to know that you are an expert at what you do. Only then will they be willing to invest their time with you.
  • Leverage your persona and use it in the introduction. The first 10 seconds of your video can help you convince and engage with your audience. Besides that, several free intro maker online websites can come to your aid.

Add Storytelling Elements for the Rest of Your Video

Your introduction will set the tone for your entire video. Make sure that the background and visual elements you use at the beginning of the video remain static until the end. This doesn’t mean that you can’t creatively use a storytelling video around your speech. 

Also, use the change of background wisely. If you have used your logo or tagline for the introductory part of the video, then retain it for the rest of your video.

Create a video with a singular identity. This means you keep your logo, vision lines, or background design static, but you can add and reduce other storytelling videos and elements according to your script.

Make sure that the flow of the visuals throughout the video does not change. You can use various free intro makers online for this in case design is not your strong suit. 

The other option is to go outdoors and record a video with a live background. However, you will need to plan and shoot your footage thoroughly. See what suits the best with your content.

Add a Call to Action

A call to action for your introduction can encourage viewers to stay till the end of your video. To do this, you can use several hacks. As discussed earlier, you can convey the promise of sharing something useful till the end of your video.

The other way you can do this is by piquing your viewers’ interest. Tell them a story and leave out the interesting details to figure out by the end of the video.

You can also give a little sneak peek into the video’s interesting aspects at the beginning and leave the audience at a cliffhanger, only to have them figure it out by the end.

Finally, you can use the best free intro makers online and your creative muscle to create a compelling call to action.


Well, there you have it. Now for some final tips to make a great intro video. Make sure to use well-designed text in your introduction. Choose subtle music that does not supersede your speech. Most importantly, know your target audience well, as this is what will help you set up the objectives for your intro and video.


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