How to Build a Live Streaming App in 2023

  • Updated on January 5, 2023
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The live streaming market is increasing. Many companies and content producers now use mobile live streaming applications for anything from news station updates to marketers showing items on IGTV. Live streaming applications are effective tools for marketers and company owners because they enable viewers to engage with material live and constantly. The most well-known video streaming websites of the present day are Twitch, YouTube, and Periscope.

The market is ripe for expansion by new competitors, which is fantastic news. Since live streaming can broaden organizations’ client bases and increase customer loyalty, the market reach $70 billion by 2021. Not to add, a recent survey claims that 82% of media consumers prefer viewing live videos over reading blogs and 80% prefer it over regular social media postings.

Live streaming app development might seem overwhelming given the abundance of video streaming app manufacturers. You must develop a live streaming application with the right infrastructure in place before you can begin. There are various ways to create a live streaming application. We’ll outline the top 4 simplest methods to create a live streaming app, including services like MAZ that let you create your apps and hire specialized developers.

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Here are 4 methods to build your video streaming application:

Step 1: MAZ

MAZ is the top streaming app builder for companies worldwide, however, we may be biased. MAZ customers range from Fortune 500 organizations like Forbes and Conde Nast to media start-ups. MAZ’s user-friendly features and reasonable prices have earned it the moniker “Squarespace of streaming applications.” A gorgeous live streaming app may be created by using one of the many lovely layouts. And the greatest part? No prior coding or design knowledge is necessary. This means you can have your live stream applications up and running on any major app store in just a few weeks using MAZ.

MAZ is the pioneer in developing live streaming applications, offering top-notch technology at a competitive price.

Step:2 Appy Pie

For startups or one-person teams, Appy Pie is an affordable and simple solution. You may build a simple, pre-made live streaming app with Appy Pie. Their drag-and-drop platform has a limited variety of design and feature choices for an $ 18-a-month subscription. Additionally, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, and LinkedIn are all easily integrated into live streaming apps created using the Appy Pie platform.

Appy Pie can assist you in getting going if you are thinking about trying to launch a live streaming company. Eventually, as your business grows, you’ll want a new system with more robust capabilities. However, Appy Pie might be a great place to start for teams with little resources.

Step 3: Muvi

Event coverage can be done well using Muvi Live Server. The live streaming of events like conferences, business meetings, festivals, etc. is the main emphasis of this toolkit. Muvi guarantees consumers a dependable international connection, which is essential for carrying out and making money from your streaming content. The platform also provides capabilities including simultaneous streaming of numerous channels, satellite feeds, and streaming from a laptop or mobile device.

The monthly starting price for Muvi’s enterprise plans is $3,900, which is a tad expensive given the services it provides. They are safe and rather simple to use, however. Muvi is a good option if you don’t mind paying a little more and want a plug-and-play solution.

Step 4: Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay has a live streaming feature, however, it is mostly recognized for its VOD selections. This solution serves a broad range of sectors, including the entertainment and public sector. In addition, Contus Play provides live streaming users with analytics monitoring capabilities that can be used to fine-tune and monitor your company as it expands. Other advantages include an easy-to-update interface and the opportunity for users to download and enjoy the live offline after it has finished. Additionally, the platform does need a one-time payment of $15,000.00 even though it doesn’t charge an ongoing price to host your live streaming app.

The potential applications for living broadcasting apps are almost limitless. While Facebook and Twitch may now be in charge, other companies might join the video streaming market. Live streaming apps are a great way to get your material in front of a large audience.

MAZ can develop you a live streaming app. We’ve collaborated with thousands of businesses and released countless applications. We are eager to assist you in creating your own.


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