Digital Marketing Trends to Get Ahead in 2023

In all probability, digital marketing will continue to rule the roost in 2023. It has been around for quite some time now, and it is likely to dominate the sales and marketing landscape this year. If anything, it will become stronger and more potent. Let’s look at some of the emerging tech trends that will solidify in 2023 and that you should know of and follow if you want to get ahead of the competition.

Short-form videos

Tik Tok has taken the world of social media by storm. It is the number 1 platform of choice for Gen-Z. It has popularized short-form videos, and the trend seems to have caught on as other social media outlets follow suit. Think of Instagram reels and YouTube shorts in this context. If you are a digital marketer, you better start using the concept of short-form videos intelligently in your campaigns across all social media channels if you want to stay relevant and popular.

Micro-Influencers Will be Significant

We all know of influencer marketing and its use. But, in this year, micro-influencers will steal the limelight. They can be anyone with a following in the range of 3000-50000 people. They are more connected with their community and have often specialized in a niche like fitness, cooking, makeup, etc. Companies will rely more on them because of their loyal following and better communication channels than a big influencer.

More Personalized Content

Marketers and advertisers will need to focus more on personalized campaigns. It is likely to give them quick results with a higher success ratio. Getting to know your audience’s demography and delivering them the right message at the right time will accrue more benefits. Also, trimming, tweaking, and pruning the content according to each social media will hold the key to success.

Interactive and Conversational Marketing

It is another way to connect with your audience at an immersive level. It has different dimensions like the use of questionnaires, polls, quizzes, 3D videos, augmented reality, virtual reality videos, interactive calculators, personalized messaging and emails, etc. are all going to gain more traction in 2023. The introduction of chatbots has also revolutionized the way companies talk to their clients. This trend is expected to grow further in 2023.

Eat Your Cookies

As Google has announced it will phase out third-party cookies by 2023, companies are increasingly looking toward other means of collecting clients’ data. The use of first-party cookies will gain prominence this year. Experts will use the data collected by such cookies and promise a more personalized service.

Voice-activated Commands

Slowly but surely, voice-activated is making its presence felt. This year, we will see it get more attention and register success with consumers. Voice commands could be anything from getting to know a product to order it. We are already using it in Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. We will see products like these getting a more mainstream role in the realm of digital marketing in this year and ahead. 

Virtual and Hybrid Events

Covid-induced pandemics paved the way for virtual events. The trend gained currency with users during that time and has lived on to this day. This year the trend of hybrid events will get a strong foothold in the market. A hybrid event is a mix of virtual and real-time footage. This combination is a potent mix, and that is why it will be significant this year.


It is nothing but a more advanced and sophisticated form of location-based marketing. It targets consumers subliminally as they go about their daily lives. It focuses on things or services that a user may be more interested in. As soon as a user enters the service area of a geofenced site, he will get a message prompting him to take action.

Eco-Friendly Marketing

It refers to the trend of taking part in actions and campaigns that ensure a green future for all of us. It seeks to integrate its products and services and highlight their sustainability and the so-called green initiatives. As studies show, environmental concerns weigh heavily on Gen-Z and millennials’ minds. A digital marketing agency Thailand can guide you in this regard.

Modern Web Apps

How does a website that has all the functionalities of a mobile phone app? It may include push notifications, off-line accessibility, quick load times, etc. The need of the hour as the number of mobile phone users continues to grow. Such modern or progressive web apps are likely to develop in a big way this year and others to come.

Security And Privacy

Like every year, safety and privacy will remain high on the users’ minds. Digital marketers need to be aware of that as well. They should design a website so that it appears safe and inviting to the user. Today’s user is very tech-savvy, and he can detect easily if the site is secure or not. Therefore, do not show any laxity in this regard.

Use of Emerging Technologies in Digital Marketing

This year we will see the prevalence of new technologies through various digital marketing methods. These technologies include artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse, and quantum computing. The wedding of these technologies with digital marketing will signal new and exciting features for the users who can use them to their benefit.

Content Curation

We all know how companies segment their clients based on their shared preferences, interests, demographics, etc. But now, it goes beyond that. It gives people the power to opt out of certain content and not receive it via email, message, etc. For example, if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, you will not be bombarded with messages containing special promotions tailored around this particular event.


So, these were some of the trends that are likely to prevail this year. We can add many more to this list, like using shoppable posts, developing a more humane and personal approach to selling stuff, SEO-based trends, automation, extensive use of live streaming, etc. We hope now you know of all the upcoming digital marketing trends. 


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