How to Give an Effective Business Presentation

An effective and brilliantly crafted business presentation can make all the difference for that promotion, new product idea, or concept of organizational change you are after. However, that is easier said than done as an effective business presentation is about more than just content and requires many components to be captivating and memorable. Here is how you give a powerful and effective business presentation using all your existing strengths and adding some new skills into your arsenal and spreading your business

You Need a Framework

An effective business presentation is all about context and framework. If the investors, managers, or general audience cannot see why your ideas are effective and how they fit into an existing framework that they are already familiar with, they are unlikely to invest financially or emotionally. Use a well-devised conceptual framework and make sure you have incorporated relevant research and statistics wherever applicable. Narratives and narrative structures also work well within a business presentation especially if you are trying to convince people of the necessity of a new company or product. When framing your presentation use a timeline reference to show the beginning and end so the audience can chronologically follow your ideas. 

Smart Summarizing

Business presentations need to be somewhat concisely designed. If you want to give an effective business presentation you need to have short concise sentences that communicate a concept quickly rather than long paragraphs. You can also use diagrams and other visual aids to demonstrate a point rather than writing it out. Most people do not want to read paragraphs off a slide and would rather someone explain the ideas to them verbally in more or less simple language. 

When summarizing think of the key areas of your idea/research/concept/ pitch and highlight those in your presentation. Remember additional information can always be shared later in the form of handouts or even through a proper document for perusal. In a business presentation, you are aiming for effect and interest as well as adequately summarized pointers. Always use examples in your presentation rather than complicated terms or concepts because while many things may be obvious to you, the listener can be unfamiliar with those terms. Also giving a detailed generalized summary does not communicate to the audience what your contribution or new value addition is so be sure to focus on that in your presentation. 

Excellent Execution and Delivery

Once you have completed your business presentation by using some brilliant PowerPoint templates you will need to decide how to best deliver it. Many people use scripts, Teleprompters, flashcards, bullet points are written down on paper, or even complete memorization. What you choose depends on your own strengths but remember reading word for word from any source will only communicate doubt and lack of confidence to the audience. Always try to memorize at least part of the presentation and do a rehearsal or two beforehand so you can practice articulating your ideas in full before the big day. Lastly, always give a presentation as if you’re talking to yourself as that will keep the stress at bay.


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