Set Up a Company in the British Virgin Islands

Planning to establish an offshore company? Many good jurisdictions will fit the purpose, but in this post, we are going to look at a well-known destination in the offshore world, the British Virgin Islands (BVI). 

There is no difference between the local and international companies here at present: both types can take advantage of beneficial conditions for business, including tax incentives, a high level of personal data security, flexible conditions, and simplified accounting procedures. 

The BVI complies with all international requirements to remain on the white list of jurisdictions, including those related to substance: you are required to manage it from within the BVI, have a local office, and hire employees.

If you want to know more details, please visit this site. This is our portal where our experts write practical articles on the peculiarities of establishing companies in different jurisdictions, setting up offshore accounts, tax optimization, asset protection, investments, and so on. 

You can follow the link to schedule a free meeting with our consultant to discuss your business needs and preferences and find out the best-customized solution, taking into account all the circumstances. We will help you start a company in an offshore jurisdiction and open a bank account without much hassle at a reasonable fee.

A BVI Company Name

It is really important to choose a name for the BVI business. We will not be able to help you establish and draw up an invoice for our services until we reserve a name for the legal entity! 

Please discuss the goals of creation and a suitable business type with our expert, as the ending of the name is of great importance for establishment formation purposes.

Basic Company Incorporation Package

We offer a basic company incorporation package at US$ 2,550, and it includes the following:

  • Certified office (address)
  • Company registration
  • Delivery to any country by courier mail
  • One set of original associated documents
  • Payment of the state enrollment fee
  • Appointment of a director (within 30 days of registration)
  • Services provided by the registered agent in the British Virgin Islands

The original corporate file includes:

  • Memorandum
  • Director appointment letter
  • Share Certificate
  • A written record of Directors
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Register of Shareholders
  • Minutes of the First Director’s Appointment
  • Director Resolution in writing

You can also order a package of notarized and apostilled documents, as it will need them to open foreign bank accounts. In this case, the whole assistance will cost US$ 2,950, and we will need 8 working days to provide it.

If you want to open a corporate account for the BVI company in Hong Kong or Singapore, an apostilled Certificate of Incumbency will be required, and it comes at an additional fee. If you request our help in opening a bank account, we will tell you whether these papers are required, as we know the requirements of banks.

You will also need a seal, which can be ordered from us as well. It will be received by mail along with all the associated files, and it will cost US dollars 60. 

With the assistance of professional (nominee) directors in the British Virgin Islands, the cost of registration and maintenance will naturally increase. 

An Expanded Company Incorporation Package

The expanded package 1 includes the basic package, a set of apostilled documents, and a professional shareholder and costs US$ 5,850. It includes the following services:

  • State enrollment fee
  • Company registration
  • Registered office (address)
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Original copies of corporate documents with an apostille
  • Services provided by the certified agent in the British Virgin Islands
  • Original associated papers
  • Appointment of a director (to be made within 30 days of incorporation)
  • Delivery to any country by courier mail

The expanded package 2 includes the basic package, a set of apostilled documents, and a professional director and costs US$ 5,850 as well. It includes the following services:

  • State registration fee
  • Company enrollment
  • Registered office (address)
  • Power of Attorney (notarized and apostilled)
  • Original copies of corporate papers with an apostille
  • Services provided by the certified agent in the British Virgin Islands
  • Original associated documents
  • Appointment of a director (to be made within 30 days of incorporation)
  • Delivery to any country by courier mail

Annual Company Maintenance

The organization has to be renewed on an annual basis, and it will cost you US dollars 2,550. This amount covers:

  • Registered office (address)
  • Renewal state fee
  • Services provided by the certified agent in the BVI
  • Keeping the registers

If you use the assistance of a professional director (including the Power of Attorney with apostille certified by a notary), it will add USD 2,400 a year. The professional shareholder’s services cost US dollar 1,750 a year. 

Do You Know?
The British Virgin Islands are made up of about 50 islands, cays, rocky formations, and islets, with a total surface area of 59.3 square miles. 

How to Register a BVI Company

Let’s look at the steps you need to take to register:

  • Get in touch with our expert to discuss the services needed to successfully enroll and make sure this is the destination that will comply with the requirements (otherwise, we will offer other options to you). We recommend choosing a bank to open an account during this meeting as well as setting up a company and a bank account costs lower. 
  • Decide a name for the business with an appropriate ending (the most widespread ones are Corporation, Limited, or Incorporated). It can be in any language, provided that you use Latin letters. Avoid names similar to existing companies, or those that sound offensive. 
  • Send us a scanned copy of your international passport and the address and phone number for courier delivery.
  • We will check if the name you have selected is available and send an invoice if the answer is positive. We receive payment from every convenient method, from bank transfer to Bitcoin.
  • Complete and send us a scanned copy of the registered agent’s form.
  • Provide a recent utility bill with the name/address on it, as well as a bank reference or a lawyer’s recommendation.

Sounds complicated? Feel free to reach us using the above link and get a fully functional company in no time without much hassle.


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