Which Email Client to Choose in 2023

  • Updated on January 6, 2023
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Earlier, people thought that emails would be unnecessary as soon as the world actively started using messengers. It happened, but we still can’t refuse to have emails. If you think that email is an inconvenient way of communication, you are using the wrong apps. You can communicate with your friend using Telegram, Instagram, and other social media or messengers. But submitting assignments to your teachers and sending reports to colleagues at work should be done by email. That’s why there’s no point in stating that you don’t need email. We recommend you to check the information below and register 2-3 accounts at once. Use one for personal and promo emails, another will be your work mail, and the third just in case. 

Having an email for studying is very convenient because the risk that you’ll lose an important mail from the teacher is low. Moreover, we know that students use academic assistance to tackle difficult assignments. Usually, these websites communicate with clients and send final papers by email. Those who search for free samples of essays may check free journalistic essay samples and get a better idea of what to write. Free physics research papers samples can’t be downloaded so better check them on the website.

1. Outlook

It’s a perfect choice for Windows OS users. Even though this app was released in 2012, it’s still widely used by people both for personal and business purposes. The main reason why people started to install it is that it’s free. However, no one thought Outlook would be so easy to use and convenient.  Outlook lets you add several emails, easily switch between them. Moreover, it filters spam messages, and these filters work well. If you need some premium functions, such as better encryption, customer support, and the absence of ads, you may purchase a premium Microsoft 365 plan. 

2. Gmail

Gmail is rightfully the most popular email client worldwide. We recommend those people who actively use Google services (documents, sheets, and hangouts) use Gmail as the main email platform in 2023. This free client has everything good email clients should have. All messages are sorted according to the categories, spam emails go to a certain folder,  you see a notification about all changes people make in your documents. Moreover, you won’t lose any message — the search will find it wherever it is. Gmail is available both for Android and iOS devices. The users note it works well in any operating system.

3. Dispatch

This client was created with one aim — to make using email and managing letters easier. The in-built IOS email client is usual; it has no significant drawbacks and advantages as well. Those who tried Dispatch at least once don’t want to try any other app. Developers state that it suits those people who get and send huge amounts of information every day. Dispatch allows saving fast answers and uses them to respond to the letters quickly. This app integrates with 30 others you may need to write an answer.

4. Thunderbird

Do you know that Mozilla developed its own email client and released it in 2004? Thunderbird is one of the best products of this company. It’s a desktop client with a nice and simple design. And the key advantage is that it’s free. The inbuilt functions are enough to set each element and detail of the client to fit you. In addition, Thunderbird has good security measures, so you may not worry about your safety or the safety of your personal information. Those who want to customize the app as much as possible may install extensions to change the way it looks and create folders to make the app automatically send letters to them. 

5. eMClient

The users of macOS and Windows often use this email client because it was designed for these operating systems. If you have two accounts and don’t plan to register more, eMClient will be enough for you. Adding three and more accounts is available only in a premium subscription. eMClient lets you translate the incoming messages, set a specific time when your message will be sent, add messages to favorites, and set a backup. eMClient is more than just an email client. It also has such features as chat, calendar, contact list,  and notes. 

6. ProtonMail

This client focuses on security and successfully does it. The company is based in Switzerland, so this country’s privacy laws are responsible for ensuring privacy. It was launched not so long ago, in 2014. ProtonMail users are pleased by the security level, and there were no scandals regarding any safety issues. Those who send letters with confidential information must care about security because the frauds never rest. ProtonMail doesn’t ask you to submit personal information when signing up to the platform; all messages are encrypted by end-to-end encryption. The free version is good, but if you need more storage space and certain functions, such as custom domains, choose a premium plan.


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