5 Best Free Web Proxies for Safe and Anonymous Surfing

With the internet becoming more common over the years, the threats to online security have increased as well. Hacking and identity theft instances are on the rise because of the information available about someone over the internet.

 In order to avoid such attacks and be safe over the internet, it’s a good idea to use a web proxy server that basically masks your real identity over the internet. The best way to do it is to change your IP address when connected to the internet.

To do this, you’ll have to use either free web proxies or switch to a premium plan for a VPN. The free proxy servers simply change your IP address when connecting to the internet while a VPN encrypts all

Once you’re using a proxy server or a VPN, it is advised to always check your IP information and whether it’s actually changed or not.

How Does a Web Proxy Work?

A web proxy masks your IP address, or your online identity, making you anonymous and hence safer. This is done by letting the users connect to the internet via an encryption tunnel that changes your IP. The encryption tunnel is basically an alternate route to accessing the internet. You first connect to a server and then connect to the internet via that server.

With the use of a proxy, both paid and free, you’ll be anonymous on the internet, have a considerable amount of privacy, and will be rid of government restrictions on content. However, it must be kept in mind that using a free proxy will only hide your IP address. Your data won’t be encrypted and will be subject to monitoring by your ISP and even by your proxy servers. While when you use a VPN, you’ll have much better privacy, your data will be entirely encrypted enhancing the security of your data exponentially.

Top Free Web Proxies in 2021

Over time, web proxy providers have improved and new features have been added. There are various server locations available, some even in foreign languages.

There are certain drawbacks to free proxy servers as well. For one, they really slow down the internet speed, are often full of ads, and sometimes don’t work on smartphones. Also, since your data isn’t entirely encrypted, it’s advised to not use credit cards or access important websites while using a free web proxy.  

There is always a risk of malware associated with a free web proxy, hence we had to come up with this list of relatively reliable free proxies.

#1 Securefor.com

Amongst the oldest free web proxies out there, securefor.com has always been amongst the more reliable proxy servers out there. You’ll simply have to enter the URL you want to access and voila – you’ve accessed previously locked content.

#2 Hidemyass.com

Based in the UK, hidemyass.com has both a VPN service and a free web proxy as well. You’ll have an address bar on the main screen where you can put in the URL you want to access. They have been known and reliable for a very long time and also provide SSL along with other more advanced add-ons.


Another great free service, NewIPNow helps you choose the IP you want to use. You can view your IP address when it’s not changed and monitor it in real-time so you can be sure your IP is actually changed. However, you won’t have options to disable cookies.

#4 AnonyMouse

Though this doesn’t have a flashy interface as the others on this list, it can surely do what it’s supposed to. You can write the URL in the address bar and you can then access any content you want to.

#5 ProxySite

Hosted on a giant network of servers, ProxySite offers great speed amongst the free web proxy services. The service allows encryption of URL, enabling or disabling cookies and you can also remove scripts and objects with ProxySite.


Although you will be able to access blocked content in your region using a free web proxy, you won’t be as secure. A free proxy server can easily monitor your activity online, and can also keep logs of it. However, on the upside, if you’re just looking at accessing some simple content on the internet, a free web proxy will do the trick.

If you’re looking at security on the internet, using a VPN should be your priority over using a free web proxy server. A reliable VPN makes sure that your data logs aren’t saved, and you are completely anonymous on the internet. All of your internet traffic is encrypted using a VPN. This all-encompassing encryption is what makes a VPN much better than a free proxy.


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