Top 10 Free and Paid Magento 2 Extensions for Your Ecommerce Website

Magento occupies a leading position among all e-commerce platforms. It is two steps ahead of analogs, so it is used all over the world. In order not to leave Olympus, the platform is constantly being improved. But even if the choice of features available in Magento 2 is not always enough, it may be worth paying attention to the rapidly growing ecosystem of extensions, plugins, and modules or contacting a professional developer for Magento extension development services.

The Magento market is full of extensions and all of them serve different purposes and perform different functions. That’s why choosing the best Magento 2 extension for your online store is not an easy task. If you have been looking for a solution to this problem, then we are glad to inform you that in this article you will find a solution for yourself. Magento has all the qualities you need to build a successful online business. If your online store is looking to be successful and plans to scale, Magento is the way to go!

More and more online stores are switching from the old version to Magento 2, and although the new version has appeared relatively recently, many developers have already managed to adapt their extensions. To increase the performance and expand the capabilities of your online store, it is worth trying out various extensions, and today we have prepared a list of 10 plugins for you, both paid and free, so let’s get to know each other quickly. For convenience, we have divided all plugins into several categories.

Design and Content

It’s no secret that the design of an online store and the content provided (photos, images, videos, etc.) are the best way to increase your ranking in search results.

Mega Menu Pro by Amasty

This plugin is just what you need to improve the quality of customer purchases. It provides flexible and fast access to the pages of your online store. You can create an attractive and dynamic menu without the need for any technical skills. From the main features, you will get ready-made layouts for displaying menus, smooth navigation on mobile devices, custom icons, and animation effects. The extension comes in three versions:

  • Light — $139
  • Pro — $199
  • Premium – $239

Visual Merchandiser Extension by Amasty

With this extension, you will get a wide range of options to customize the list of products on category pages according to your business goals. This includes sorting by drag and drop for all categories, creating multiple order options, and applying various rules and conditions. You can pin and move products up the pages and automatically add products to virtual categories. The plugin is provided in 2 versions:

  • $239 – for the community
  • $539 – for the enterprise

Magic Zoom Plus Extension

This is a great scaling extension: easy to use, responsive, and optimized for mobile devices. Touch gestures and personalized behaviors allow users to enjoy your online store seamlessly from any device. In addition, this plugin provides automatic caching, image resizing, and SEO optimization for your Magento site. The cost of the plugin is $59.

Magento Marketing Customer support Plugins

Marketing strategy plays an important role, so you need to take care of it. We present to your attention several extensions.

SMTP Email Settings Extension by SendGrid

This extension is built to deliver your email securely. With it, you get high email deliverability, scalable infrastructure, customizable real-time analytics, and global support. The plugin logs all emails sent from your mailbox. The price for the plugin varies depending on the number of contacts and emails, but there is also a free version. Essential is $19.95/month and Pro is $89.95/month.

Zoho CRM

This is a cloud-based CRM service with which you can store and sort customer information into different groups. This way you can automate processes, campaigns, customer journeys, and more. Focus on business development, not software. There are 4 plugin versions:

  • Free – 3 users
  • Standard – $14 per user per month
  • Professional – $23 per user per month
  • Enterprise – $40 per user per month

Client support

It is very important to provide customers with decent support, otherwise, they will no longer return to the store to make more purchases.


This is a plugin for the fastest customer assistance. What can be faster than offering the buyer to solve all the questions in a chat right on the site? They will receive an answer earlier than by mail, and this is more efficient than waiting for a response by phone. The plugin provides a 14-day free trial and there are 4 pricing plans:

  • Entry level — $16 per month
  • Team — $33 per month
  • Business — $50 per month
  • Enterprise – contact the developers to discuss pricing

FAQ Extension

You will be able to create a dedicated FAQ page and all customer messages will be stored in one place. Add any number of FAQs, manage categories and edit at any time, add a detailed description, create a fully responsive design to match the Magento theme, and more. Another plus is that the extension is free.


To exclude the option of a buyer’s refusal due to problems with the impossibility of making payment for some reason, we are ready to introduce you to some extensions.

One Step Checkout by Amasty

With this plugin, you will increase the growth of your business with a fast and customizable checkout page. This way, you provide customers with a simple checkout process. Place all the required fields for placing an order on one page. The plugin is available in two forms:

  • $319 for the first year, then $195 annually for the community
  • $619 for the first year, then $375 annually for the community


You will be able to attract more buyers and increase conversions with this payment platform. You’ll get a modernized and streamlined payment interface, next-generation technology, streamlined business operations, data security, and more. It’s a free extension, which is a plus.

Delivery Management

Order Management

Very often order management becomes a huge problem, but luckily the Magento 2 plugin extends the platform’s default functionality to allow smooth order management, from smart preview to final order approval. Edit order details, add or remove products added to an order, change shipping and billing information, and more. The cost of the extension is $199.

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Last Thoughts

Of course, we have introduced you only to the tip of the iceberg, and if you do not find the necessary extension here, you can familiarize yourself with other products presented in Magento Makerspace. Plugins will not only help improve the performance of your online store but also simplify the work of managers, so don’t think too long – implement it soon!


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