How to Find Reel Drafts on Instagram

  • Updated on February 9, 2023
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Want to know how to use a handy application that lets you create video clips efficiently? Dreaming of being able to save multiple video clips created from find reel drafts and begin a new clip? Have you ever wondered where draft clips are stored and which ones can be used to create a new clip? So here, we’ll learn how to use draft clips in the app in detail. Advanced users can read the brief tutorial on this issue at the end of this article. 

Learning How to Work with Reel Drafts

You can use one of two methods to create a rough clip. Once you have recorded a clip, you need to click the cross (X) button at the top of the screen to register more clips — Select Save as Draft from the menu. Alternatively, go to the last screen, the Share screen, where you can specify a title and select a thumbnail of the clips. Here, you need to click Save as Draft at the bottom. Unfortunately, there is no sync across devices in the find reel drafts. 

If you’re logging into your app account from multiple devices, you’ll see different find reel drafts on each device, depending on where they were created. But the creative process is the same as when you prepare a post for publication. However, instead of publishing, you click the “Return” option rather than the “Publish” option. 

If you don’t get a finished image, it will be saved in a draft. In principle, everything is simple enough. However, that does not prevent the possibility of difficulties arising with the most basic operations. It can be caused by problems with your device or application that occur at the most inopportune times. 

Of course, it rarely happens, but we thought it would be necessary to warn you about all possible problems and offer a simple solution. So when something goes wrong, feel free to contact the Instagram help center, which is available on the Howly website. It allows you to resolve the issue within the shortest possible time frame with the help of qualified technicians available 24/7. 

Detection and Testing

Now we come to the critical point: how to view and restore the find reel drafts application. There are two different methods of how to do this. First, it would help if you went to the clip creation screen to create a clip. Next, add a button (-) or the gallery icon at the bottom of the monitor. Then, if you want to see all the reel drafts of your clip, click “Drafts.” The second way is to open your profile and click on find reel drafts. 

The next box with the name “Drafts” is at the top of the screen. All the videos you have made in the process are in this collection. You can do different things with your find reel drafts and even record them. However, nothing unusual about this post-it is standard, prepared earlier for publication on the site. Furthermore, it is simple enough to do and does not require you to have any special knowledge in this area.

How to Edit a Clip Project

To edit a draft clip before publishing it, navigate to the “Draft clips” folder using one of the above methods. To edit, click the video clip you want to edit. Then, at the top of the page, click the edit icon. With the Edit Editor, you can add music or text to your drum and put your stickers on it. 

You can edit and customize the drum. You will need to click the “Publish” button and only make changes to the draft. You will need to do your best to complete the process of making changes to your text, so make all edits before you finish. Otherwise, you will have to delete the entire post and upload it again.

Complementing Sound or Musical Accompaniment

After that, open the draft clip in edit mode, as shown above. Then, use the music icon to edit the text created in the edit screen. Finally, to add your sound, click on Microphone and record the sound.

How to Cut

Alas, you will not be able to cut the rough coil directly. But there are two workarounds. First, you will need to download and edit a video clip from the Instagram reel drafts clip uploaded to the phone gallery on this site. Then upload it as a new clip from the gallery to your clip, as if you were adding a photo.

Before adding a clip, clicking the little arrow in the lower right corner of the screen takes you back to the clip editing screen below. So the left edge is the beginning of the video, and the right end is the end. Again, you can use a third-party find reel drafts editing application, such as VPN, which will allow you to trim the video.

How to Attach a Clip to a Draft

Unfortunately, you cannot merge a clip with your draft clip. Therefore, in creating a new clip, you will first need to upload a draft clip, create a new clip, and add multiple clips to it, including the uploaded draft clip.

How to Keep the Galleries in Memory

To download a draft clip from the publishing app, go to the Draft folder and click on the clip to watch it. After you share the link to the clip, it will appear in the Share broadcast. After that, click on Edit. Next, you need to click on “Upload.” You can get what you want with this method, but if it doesn’t work, share the link to your video with your friends and click the upload button in the story to download the video. But to do that, you need to create a list of close friends and share your reels with them.

What to Do if Reel Drafts Disappear

Many users complain that the Instagram reel drafts disappear from their profiles. This process can happen when you sign out of your account or have precise data on your Android phone. And one more point: only reel drafts created on this device and not on another can be used as an example. Therefore, you must download the find reel drafts video to your mobile device, not save it as a draft.

How to Publish Draft Videos

Click the clip you want to publish and select the “Draft Clips” folder. After you share the link to the video, it will appear in the Share broadcast. To post a video to your profile, click the share button below by clicking the Share button. To view and edit your video, click Edit.

How to Remove Reel Drafts

You can delete reel drafts when you create something new but don’t want or don’t need it. In some cases, deleting reel drafts is unnecessary, and you can do without deleting images, which can be confusing when searching for an image to publish. When deleting a project on your Android device, follow the steps below:

  1. Then, open Instagram and select the “+” icon to add a post.
  2. Select reel drafts and choose Manage.
  3. Select Edit in the upper right corner.
  4. Select the draft you want to delete and select Done.
  5. Choose Discard.

The app will delete the draft from your gallery, and you’re done. Unfortunately, Android has no trash or recycle waste like Mac or Windows. So when you click “Delete” in Android, you must select the correct draft before you delete it!

What about Post-Drafts

Find reel drafts on Instagram, and using them is pretty straightforward. When you’re ready to create the final find reel drafts, you can add disappearing text to the video. Creating posts ahead gives you more flexibility when you don’t have time to invest in the perfect publication. A common question on this topic is: where can you find reel drafts on Instagram drafts on Android? 

It’s all very well to prepare them ahead of time, but what’s the point if you can’t find them to publish? Reel drafts have been one of Instagram’s most requested features. Social media marketers and regular users alike wanted to prepare posts in advance. So the feature was finally introduced in 2016 and has been popular ever since.

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Brief Tutorial for Busy People 

Suppose you’re an advanced social media user, so you don’t have time to read the whole article to figure out how to find reel drafts on Instagram. So especially for you, we’ve prepared an extract of the information on this topic in a handy table form that solves your question and saves time. If at any stage you have difficulties, the full text of this blog post and Howly experts are at your service. 

Operating System Steps
Android iOS
Launch the app on your phone.
Go to the bottom right of the device’s screen and tap your profile picture.
Tap the Reels icon in the center of your profile page.
Tap on Drafts
View your Reel drafts.
From here, you can easily share or delete your Reels drafts.

And finally, let’s remind you that if you’re determined and don’t want to take the time to figure out the settings, you can quit the Instagram app or delete it. It is a cardinal method by which you can get rid of the reel drafts forever. And it also has the right to exist. 


After the app has been tested, we can conclude that it is easy to use. A draft is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend time developing a social media marketing platform. It’s also helpful if you commute to school or study and have the opportunity to spend some quality time. You can write a post in advance and then publish it if necessary. 

A draft will not always be displayed in the case of specific actions. For example, quitting the application will cause the drafts to be deleted. If you delete the application, it will disappear. If you want to change something in the app or make adjustments to existing information, prepare to lose your reel drafts. However, you don’t need to download drafts because they are stored in your phone’s gallery and can be uploaded there using the gallery. 

It guarantees that you will be able to recover your post later. A critical survival mechanism is using the app as a marketing strategy to promote new products and services and find reel drafts of innovative ways to do more in less time. When you don’t have much time to write an article or don’t have the desire to do it, the draft feature can be essential to you.


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