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  • Updated on March 8, 2024
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Looking at the statistics we can say that Christmas is considered to be one of the biggest spending periods in the whole world. Because of this, we can see a tendency for retailers to launch their Christmas campaigns earlier. As a reseller, you need to take this into account. According to the latest figures, email marketing accounts for approximately 25% of sales during this period. And that’s a huge number indeed.

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But if you sit back and hope that the festive season will push people to buy anyway, nothing good will come of it. You should take care of this period in advance and prepare your email marketing campaigns well. You need to come up with the most creative approaches to entice customers, and we’re here to help! If you use the ideas correctly, then you will have a successful and, most importantly, profitable result.

Christmas Email 

The point of starting is the first letter, which will be a kind of reminder of the upcoming holiday. A good time to send this type of email would be about three to four weeks before Christmas. Just about a month in advance, we have days to make good online purchases on Black Friday. A week after such a sale, it is a good time to start sending out Christmas emails already. Therefore, you can start communicating with clients by email much in advance. 

In the marketing letter, you can mention how convenient it is to prepare for the holiday, for example, on a sale weekend, how to use promo codes, choose the gifts, different articles, etc. But to keep up the intrigue, you should make a restrained letter. It should be simple and minimalist, with limited details about the upcoming sale. Sending a teaser email to your already interested customers will help create excitement and anticipation for the upcoming sale.

Holiday Gift Guide

Just a great idea that will delight your potential buyers would be gift guides. It is a perfect way to start your Christmas email marketing.

Above all, you will get the customers interested because they are waiting for useful and exciting gift ideas. It is also a very good opportunity to showcase the products you want and will promote.

Remember that it is quite an interesting idea to include examples of goods from different collections, whether they are graphic bundles or something else entirely. This will increase your chances and catch the attention of subscribers and customers.

Christmas Sale Announcement Email

Obviously, the most important point of your Christmas marketing campaign will be to announce the details of the sale. If you have completed the first points, your customers may likely have already been interested in some of the items they wish to purchase. At this stage, it is a good idea to offer some sort of attractive discount to the consumer. It is safe to say that the better your offer is, the more customers it will engage. A well-prepared design for the Christmas letters can also make a big difference.  

If you are not planning to send out any more letters, you should make sure that this one has already been sent out at least a week before the holiday. This way you will be guaranteed that the customers have not finished their Christmas shopping yet.

Personalized Offers to Loyal Customers

What is most important to your loyal customers, after the quality of the goods? That is right, it is essential for them to feel valued and appreciated. So, when sending out sales letters, it is worth spending a little time segmenting the email list into different groups of the target audience. It will allow these emails to include certain categories of goods that will appeal to regular customers. For example, you may offer them Christmas background images at an even higher discount than usual, this will definitely make everyone happy. It is also a great idea to add or replace the text in such letters so that they read something like, “As a thank you for being our long-time customer, we are offering you Christmas graphics at a brand-new price.”

Christmas Shipping Deadline Reminder

After the sale has been announced and about a week in advance, you will probably want to send some more letters reminding clients of the sale. The best solution, in this case, is to send a reminder to the customers to complete their purchase by a certain date to guarantee delivery before Christmas. You don’t want duplicate content in customer emails, do you?

Since you are running a Christmas sale, there is no reason not to repeat your offer in this letter. This email also allows you to create a sense of urgency, encouraging the subscribers to take action rather than putting off a purchase for later.

It’s Not Too Late

If your letter about the delivery deadline still hasn’t worked, the last option is a letter before “it’s too late”. Perhaps after that, some of your clients will decide to buy something after all. It is a simple email that you send almost at the very last minute so that customers can buy something in time for the holiday. Chances are that many of the audience have put off their Christmas shopping until the last minute. So, when they are stressed out trying to find something, they will thank you for throwing them a lifeline.

Post-Christmas Campaign

If Christmas has passed, it is not the end of your Christmas email marketing campaign. Don’t forget about a great event like Boxing Day. Boxing Day sales traditionally involve higher discounts than Christmas ones. It gives you the perfect opportunity to target those shoppers who have had their eye on a particular good but never bought it in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. For example, the Christmas Clipart and Funny Merry Christmas Gif are cheaper at this time than at the Christmas sale.


It is now clear that there are a really large number of ideas for Christmas email marketing. 

Firstly, your subject line must be of interest to the customer, otherwise, you simply won’t get a decent readability rate for these emails, even with good design.

Secondly, you should always consider where you are located, because not everyone celebrates Christmas. So, you should always keep an eye on the composition of the email list.

Finally, you should always remember that email marketing is about building a relationship with clients. Don’t use this festive period to cash in on your customers or simply flood them with emails. Remember to take the time to wish your subscribers a very Merry Christmas.


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