ServiceNow, Workday, And Salesforce Are Driving Digital Transformation

This article is intended to share the experience of the business experts on leading the digital transformation with ServiceNow, Workday, and Salesforce. We will discuss how digital transformation assists organizations in implementing various business operations in decision-making. You can accredit this Workday Training course that assists you to comprehend the basic navigation concepts such as search, landing pages, business objects, slide-out tabs, related action menus, actionable reports, hyperlinks, single and multi-select prompt fields, and other navigation subjects, among others. You can also enroll in this online Servicenow Training course to become a ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS), which can help you transform your career. In this ServiceNow course, you will study and implement concepts such as fundamentals of ServiceNow cloud computing, defining CSS properties, creating gauges, applications, and modules, workflows, and sections.

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In today’s business world, digital transformation is the buzzword. Executives are increasingly being urged that they will need a “digital transformation” strategy — one that uses machine learning and AI — or else they’ll be left behind. Patricia Tourigny, senior vice president of human resources shared services at Magellan Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, had heard the rhetoric but wasn’t sure how it applied to HR. A more important issue confronted her. Her department was becoming overburdened with employee demands for information, ranging from payroll to benefits to compliance, as the fast-growing Fortune 1000 business swelled to 10,000 people. She had a team of people that worked around the clock, answering emails and taking calls. However, due to the high volume of calls, some employees were placed on hold for up to 30 minutes. Employees couldn’t acquire the information they required quickly or simply, and HR professionals couldn’t work on duties that would assist the organization reaches its strategic goals. Magellan HR, like many of the HR departments, spent 60 to 70 percent of its time on repetitive, transactional tasks.

“We had to take a step back and see that there was clearly a problem with service delivery. How can we entirely transform the employee and staff experience?” says Tourigny. “We came up with the notion of turning off the phones and turning off the emails; we need to entirely revamp the way we work. We required a partner who understands. Because, to be honest, most businesses had no idea what I was talking about when we were looking at alternative technological options”. Tourigny was introduced to ServiceNow by Magellan’s IT liaison with HR. ServiceNow is a software platform firm that enables businesses to automate regular operations, consumerize the employee service experience, and even use AI for making decisions. Magellan Health created a gateway that offers employees a Google-like customer experience within twelve weeks of building a vision with ServiceNow. Simply write in your query, which may be anything from “How could I get W2 form?” to “Where could I learn about the development of leadership?” — Predictive text, on the other hand, guides you to the right answers. “We intended to provide staff with a consumer experience,” says Tourigny, “as if you were Googling something.” The system’s name is Virtual Employee Resource Network (VERN), and it has “no HR in it,” according to Tourigny. It’s a consumer-facing moniker, and “VERN” (and his emoji) quickly became the HR team’s most well-known name. At least 80% of employee questions are now answered via self-service — Employees’ personal mobile devices can be accessed at any time of day. That percentage continues to rise as tricky queries that must be answered by highly trained HR specialists yield responses that are saved in the system for future use.


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