Vonage Business Review

Vonage is one of the early providers of VoIP phone services for home, however, also the company has worked hard to get a business following with its recently enhance Vonage business cloud offering. The Vonage Business cloud services begin at £9 per month with VoIP features and additional facilities like video conferencing and online collaboration. 

The company has invested in its Nexmo Application Programming Interface (API) platform as well. And it has built a huge network of developers, meaning there are strong third-party and partner integrations in the pipeline. Vonage continues to be one of the best VoIP providers in the UK. While the company has an impressive list of features, however, the extra cost of these features is a bit disappointed.

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The Pricing  

Vonage offers three tiers in its pricing model. A mobile account with 2 to 20 phone lines starting at £9 per month, a mid-tier professional VoIP account with 2 to 20 phone lines at £12 per month, and an Ultimate plan at £16 per month including more features such as visual voicemail and call groups. At such prices, Vonage is not the cheapest choice, however, it provides a robust feature collection that is easier to configure and manage. The downside of this pricing model is the holdover from Vonage’s earlier offerings: users who pick a lot of persuasive options from the feature list can quickly work up a huge monthly bill. Furthermore, figuring out the pricing plan without calling the provider for a quote can be confusing since Vonage has published diverse pricing options. 

They have made some investments that make it clear that they want to win over small to midsize businesses (SMBs), whether they are looking at eliminating the old PBX hardware or users who lack any modern telephony facilities. By switching its hosted PBX infrastructure onto the amazon cloud, the company has the ability to scale infinitely and accomplish high levels of service. Also, it has allowed the company to bring facilities it offered to its bigger enterprise VoIP customers to smaller businesses. 

Conferencing and Collaboration

Vonage does well in the department of conference and collaboration since it now offers Amazon screen sharing and conferencing services for free with the business cloud. Meaning you will have access to the smartest collaborative features which allow alliance, including scheduling, meeting, and meeting recording for up to a hundred attendees. Further, Vonage also has its own software client, both mobile and desktop, which includes multiple important features. Vonage specialized in VoIP UK. For instance, the softphone is intuitive and allows users to manage calls intuitively, with the facility to send SMS from their desktop or mobile devices, such as when declining those phone calls. 

In addition, features like ‘Never Miss a call’ allow users to pick specific or all phone calls and can have them sent to voicemail or forwarded to a set phone number. Other than the browser-based softphone for the computers, iOS, and Android apps deliver Vonage business to users on tablets and mobile phones, offering reasonable flexibility. 

Overall, the new Vonage business cloud service is a competitive offering with much-enhanced management and reporting facilities over its previous iteration. But, while it has a huge array of available features is enticing, picking too many at once can incredibly increase your monthly tab. 

Apps and API Improvement

Aside from services, users can also order a range of plug-ins. A few are free like integration with ConnectWise, Clio, Microsoft Dynamics, Google G Suite, Zoho CRM, and Microsoft office 365. Other services have a monthly fee including Salesforce and Bullhorn. While customers can install any SIP phone, Vonage provides a reasonable range of hardware choices suited to those with limited financial budgets and those with specialized needs. The benefit of ordering these from Vonage is that the provider will configure the network for the devices, even though a partner or user can configure them easily too. 

Also, Vonage provides a rich operating option, which supervisors can access either from the Admin dashboard or the main console. The reports can cover any parameter or timeframes like company-wise usage or those of individual workers, and they can track all the inbound, intra-PBX, international, and outbound calls. A manager can also look at total phone calls, total talk time, average talk time, and missed calls and they can email, print, or download the reports as CSV or PDF. 

Final verdict

Vonage Business is a full-featured cloud PBX service office VoIP telephone and their best customers are small to midsized businesses. But its feature set is robust enough such that it can certainly service larger businesses too.  Ultimately, the Vonage is not worth it if you are interested in the baseline mobile plan. It all depends on your financial budget, the size of your business, and the features which matter to you and your employees.


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