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  • Updated on October 20, 2021
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Purpose of Newsletters

Although more modern forms of digital communication have become very popular in recent years, many traditional marketing and information-sharing mediums and options remain viable. These include television and radio, press releases, and newsletters. The great thing about newsletters is that one often voluntarily signs up to receive updates or news, therefore, it means that they are interested in the subject matter. Marketers today still use newsletters to regularly engage and inform their audiences on relevant and consequential developments. When one considers financial or money-related newsletters, for example, they remain popular because of the invaluable knowledge they impart on a topic that everyone can relate to. Moreover, in light of the global phenomenon that is trading, newsletters can be one of the most direct ways of sharing information about forex and US Dollars, which are concepts that remain of interest in this day and age for those looking for ways to invest in their future.

The Wall Street Journal Six-Week Money Challenge, The Myth of Money, and I Will Teach You to Be Rich are just some of the most acclaimed personal finance newsletters of 2021, according to reports. Of these, The Wall Street Journal Six-Week Money Challenge is ideal for those that are looking to challenge themselves and practice easy money exercises that will prove beneficial in the long run. Said to be written by Bourree Lam and Julia Carpenter, the newsletter spans six consecutive weeks where audiences receive prompts, in the form of challenges, each week to encourage them to review, assess, and really scrutinize their own money habits. This is all to encourage them to take personal inventory and identify possible areas of improvement to reach their financial goals.

Creating Valuable Newsletters

While there is always room for personalization and differentiating your communication from your competitors, there are certain guidelines to follow to ensure that your newsletters provide value to your audience. Some of the advised steps have been listed below:

Focus on Your Niche

Finances and money can be covered from various angles, but the main thing when creating your newsletter is to remember that at the core of each one must be the financial aspect. People subscribe to the newsletter expecting to receive certain information, which is why the focus must remain consistent throughout.

Share Industry Insights

Another way of providing valuable content is to share industry-related insights; this may be in the form of written interviews with financial advisors and experts, statistics on common finance matters, or even guidance on how to attain financial freedom, amongst other things.

Provide Relatable Content

One sure way of keeping your audience hooked and coming back to consume your newsletters is to give them content that resonates with them and that they can relate to. It is very rare for one to voluntarily read up on things that do not speak to them in one way or another. Your audience should always be able to see how what you are sharing can improve their lives, as well as how it ties in with either their past or current experiences.


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