The Benefits of SMS Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

You are aware that a lot depends on your connections with customers, whether you are just starting in the real estate industry or are an established expert. 

You may ensure that potential customers won’t seek out another real estate agent by getting along well with them. Having positive interactions with your current and former clients may influence them to refer you to their friends, coworkers, and family. 

Many try to run advertising campaigns, as well as communicate with customers through email, or social networks. However, such methods are now used by everyone.  

Text messages are now one of the best ways to communicate with your prospects. Cell phones are used by more than 90% of the world’s population. They’re always available. SMS advertising for real estate is so worthwhile. 

The advantages of text marketing for the real estate sector will be discussed. We’ll also go through how to rapidly and simply conduct SMS marketing campaigns.


Every real estate expert is always seeking methods to enhance their marketing initiatives. Often, many rely on expensive advertising campaigns, both traditional and digital. However, this method is not always effective.  

You need something effective and also inexpensive. You will find SMS marketing to be such a great solution. You’ll discover that it is quick, cheap, and efficient. 

Let’s examine the major advantages of this type of marketing. 

It is Not Expensive  

Various digital marketing methods are out of reach for many beginners due to their cost. You need to spend time researching your target audience, looking for different distribution channels, and then exploring options for advertising campaigns. Many social networks offer a variety of advertising campaign tools, but they rarely fit into your budget.  

Even if you send bulk text messages to your potential customers, this option is much more profitable than all the others. You just need to look at how much ads cost on popular social networks.  

It Can be Automated  

If you have a large list of potential clients, then you don’t want to waste time manually sending each client a text message. When they couldn’t send SMS automatically through software, professionals used to send them manually. 

All you have to do is use the right text messaging platform. You may contact dozens or even hundreds of prospective customers with only a few clicks. In addition, depending on what you want to share with your clients, you have the chance to run different text marketing campaigns. 

Fast Informing  

Let’s say you have a new listing, prices for some homes have been updated, or you want to host a customer event. This is usually reported by real estate agents either through a phone call or by sending an email.  

However, your email can be lost in a sea of others and your phone call might go unanswered if the customer is busy. Take into account that your efforts can be futile. 

Short text messages greatly do their job. Additionally, a phone is always nearby. Your message will definitely get across to your customers this way. 

High Conversion Rates  

Professionals use various digital marketing tools. However, when choosing a strategy, they rely on conversion rates. If you are set to run ads on Facebook, then the conversion rate will be just over 9%. If you are doing email marketing, then the conversion rate is just over 3%. These figures will not please any realtor.  

SMS for real estate marketing shows incredible results. The conversion rate reaches almost 30%. So, if you are looking for the most effective and inexpensive tool, then this is what you need.  

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The Best Text Marketing Software  

Once you learn about the benefits of this type of marketing, you will want to take action immediately. However, first, you need to find the best tool on the market today if you don’t want to manually send text messages to every client.  

Today, there are many different software and tools. All of them have both advantages and disadvantages. However, many of them differ in that they are expensive and also difficult to use.  

Smarter Contact  

Take advantage of Smarter Contact. Numerous real estate brokers trust it since it offers an unmatched SMS marketing service. Its appeal is due to how affordable and simple it is to use. 

Here are the benefits of this platform:  

  • Simplicity. Many applications are challenging to use, particularly for new users. They offer a huge number of advanced features, but the process of learning how to use the program can take a long time. Smarter Contact was created exclusively for the needs of specialists. Once you start using the program, you will enjoy the user-friendly interface and easy navigation.  
  • Built-in CRM system. Usually, using various business software, specialists have to manually enter customer data into their CRM system. It’s long and inconvenient. Smarter Contact has a built-in CRM system. All customer data will be recorded in your database automatically when you communicate with them via crm text messaging
  • Quick start. There are only a few easy actions you need to do to start running a marketing campaign. A list of your potential and present clients must be uploaded first. The second step is to develop a marketing plan, which entails writing a message for the mailing list and choosing a group of recipients. You only need to click on the button to start sending.  
  • Search for phone numbers. Smarter Contact offers you the opportunity to find customer phone numbers if they are not in your customer database. You may download and obtain potential clients’ mobile phone numbers quickly if you know their names and addresses. An outcome of 90% is expected. 
  • Marketing reports. Use reporting tools to see whether you are heading on the correct path. You can find all the resources you need for this in Smarter Contact. You may create reports when running SMS marketing campaigns to assess the success of your advertising activities. 


Everything in real estate hinges on how well you can interact with potential customers. What strategies you employ to turn prospects into customers also counts. In the real estate sector, SMS marketing is producing excellent results. To achieve new heights, all you want is a strong text messaging platform, which Smarter Contact is.


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